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'Anna Nicole' Opera -- The Fat Lady May Sue

2/17/2011 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead says Anna Nicole Smith's Estate is threatening legal action over the opera titled "Anna Nicole" ... TMZ has learned.

Anna Nicole Opera Musical

The opera --- playing now at the Royal Opera House in London -- is about Anna's life, and features a very large woman with big boobs loosely resembling Anna.

Larry tells TMZ the producers never contacted Anna's estate or him.  They also didn't offer Larry an advance screening.  Larry says the opera is like "a sleazy tabloid."

Birkhead says the estate is now weighing its legal option.

And, Larry adds, "If [the producers] are not careful, they'll get more than diet pills in the mail."



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I think some of the people leaving comments don't realize that London isn't in the United States.

1322 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

Don't know much about the guy, but in every picture I've seen, Birkhead seems to be wearing about an inch of foundation.

1322 days ago


He's the father and guardian of her surviving child. Yes, the estate and Birkhead have an interest in unauthorized use of her name and image.

And most of the posters have no idea of what they're talking about, but what else is new?

1322 days ago


England has different laws than here dummies. Poor Anna still people making her the butt of jokes
she only wanted to make her way out of Mejia, Texas where there were no sunny skies and green lights, only more of nothing.

Anna is our Lady Diana and you don't have to like it but you better show some respect for her bc some of us stil miss her and always will. She never had a chance but she became a household name all over the world. If she had lived she would have entertain us for years but because of some greedy 'Care-givers" who didn't care it seems at all she is gone from this realm but she's still out there being beautiful somewhere.

If this show is mean to her then i won't go to see it if it comes to LA, if they are sweet like she was sweet then i'll go and dress up like her for kicks, so ...

1322 days ago


So lets me try get this straight. This guy was lucky enough to knock anna nicole smith up and now he’s calling the shots?? Boy did this guy hit the jackpot

1322 days ago


Ha - actually saw this tonight at the Royal Opera House - I think Larry will be somewhat disappointed - there's nothing here that isn't in the public domain, together with constant reference to no-one actually knowing the truth about things, but instead relying on what others put out there claiming to be the "truth". Great opera btw - first time I've heard the C-bomb dropped on that stage, not to mention "ass-wipe" and "*** bucket".

1322 days ago


Well,I see topix is alive and still mooing right fred,I half way expect Verige to show for the opening,all botox up,after all,the PITY POT face at LAX did not impress the jury,and Vergie so loved to put Anna down,this is right up her alley.

1322 days ago


That hypocrite Jerkhead should get a job and support his kid WITHOUT $elling photos and photo ops of his poor, exploited child. As far as the play, it's the cold hard truth, and what she deserves. That picture of the fat, drugged Anna trying to fleece her dying billionaire husband is the truth. He didn't want her in his will, and she did everything to get in, then spent the rest of her drugged life trying to get at his money. She doesn't have a good reputation, everyone seen what a drugged out mess she was, and the revolting creeps she hung around like $tern.

1322 days ago


Those two creeps from hell, $tern and Jerkhead. If it weren't for the "sleazy tabloids" these hypocrites are complaining about, no one would buy the staged photo ops of his exploited child that Jerkhead lines his pocket with. The same with the revolting $tern. When he was filming a drugged out Anna in a clown face saying "THESE ARE WORTH A LOT OF MONEY", he KNEW he wasn't going to be selling them to the New York Times, because they don't buy his and Jerkhead's TRASH, ONLY the "sleazy tabloids" do. Everyone can see how low these 2 are, and no one else in Hollywood wants anything to do with them, unsurprisingly.

1322 days ago


Anna is our Lady Diana and you don't have to like it but you better show some respect.
Little Lou- Lou

Um.........back away from the computer........put your head in the toilet.............FLUSH!! How dare you even make a comparison of those two women.

ANS was a JOKE, hooker, stripper, pap junkie, addict, fat assed freakin embarassment. She got what she had coming from the billionaire who screwed her out of being in his will. Jerkhead is the same type of animal still trying to live off someone else instead of making his own living.

She is NO Princess Diana.

1322 days ago

Palin Rules    

Advanced "SCREENING" of an opera? Really? Does the writer of this piece even know what an opera is?

1322 days ago


Different laws for images and rights of BRITISH CITIZENS, dummies yourselves.

1321 days ago


Anna Nicole's gold-digging legacy lives on. Larry Birkhead is looking to turn a profit here, no doubt about it.

1320 days ago


Seriously?! It's time for this guy to get a job that does not rely on exploiting his daughter and her mother's memory. After participating in the debauchery, he's now claiming to be offended by it?

1318 days ago
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