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Gabriel Aubry -- My Wild Life with Nahla

2/17/2011 8:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Despite the legal war raging behind-the-scenes ... Halle Berry's baby daddy had a super-cute moment with his daughter Nahla at the L.A. Zoo today.

Gabriel Aubry

The day after a judge ruled that Halle could take Nahla to NYC while she shoots her new movie -- Gabriel Aubry got in some quality father-daughter time with the 2-year-old in the company of lions and tigers and bears.

Oh my.


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Lovely Rita    

How nice of Halle Berry to give birth to a child who she will no doubt raise to be just like her - a failure at relationships. These hollywood idiots are out of touch with reality.

1341 days ago

Khate sucks    

That poor little girl! Cursed with a psycho mother! I PRAY the father wins custodyy so she has some hope! Poisonous Berry is a whack job!

1341 days ago


It's VERY clear she loves her daddy. He's a GREAT dad.

I hope she gets lots of time with him. It's clear she doesn't fear him as Halle says.

1341 days ago

Room Monitor    

The problem with Halle that she tries to embrace the black in her although she knows nothing of her father, he rejected her. And what does she do? ...she rejects the white in her daughter.

You stupid c/ u.nt Halle.

Gabriel is an excellent father. You two have a beautiful almost white daughter. Get off ur black horse. STFU.

Gab sue for full custody. Dumb bitches like Halle don't deserve this young child and guess what Halle, I could bust you out for your tantrun in Danville, CA. Remember that Halle. You drunk psycho. Halle can't keep a good man. Once they see her colors, they want to run. Dumb beyotch.

1341 days ago


I am sure Nahla has cried when leaving her mom, she is only 2 1/2 and doesn't understand the back and forth with her parents. It doesn't mean her dad is being abusive. Anyone with young children has seen this, and some kids have separate anxiety for years.

I would guess that Nahla has dad wrapped around her little finger pretty tight and Halle knows it, which is another reason for her smear campaign.

1341 days ago


That little girl looks absolutely terrified!!!!!

1341 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

wonder if she got what it takes to get into harvard??!

1341 days ago


I love how so many here use a single photograph to try and claim that Hallie is making things up. Just because things look ok at that moment doesn't mean he is a great father. So far the judge has been on her side, and he has more of the facts than any of us do.

1341 days ago


I love how people like to lump hollywood people all together...
Some of you making comments like "they should not have kids", "all their kids end up in rehab", "they never stay together", etc.

I am 46 years old and live in middle america. I have seen plenty of people divorce, know some people who have kids who should have never had them and know a few people who have been in some type of rehab. None of these people ever worked in hollywood, most of them do ordinary middle class jobs and seem like your average american on the surface. Not all hollywood people divorce, not all of them screw up their kids and not all of them end up in rehab...kind of like everyone else in America.

They have careers that pay them a lot of money and require them to be in the spotlight. I wonder how many of you would like your dirty laundry aired for everyone in the world to see. I am betting that everyone posting on here including myself has made mistakes in their lives, the only difference between us and hollywood people is the press is not reporting on our mistakes.

BTW, Halle and her soon to be ex should just share custody. I also know a couple of divorced couples who shared responsibilities in the raising of their children and their kids turned out just fine. Divorce is not the end of the world for a child if it is handled properly and sometimes two people who do not get along are doing the best for their child by divorcing.

1341 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...what a photogenic family, can tell what a loving daddy he is..and mom loves her little girl too..stinks when you can't get along for the childs best interest..oh well..they will work it out..I just hope they don't bad talk each other in front of the daughter as she grows older..if they don't resolve this issue..gorgeous little girl..and i looooooove her jacket!

1341 days ago

bring back recent posts    

..good true..

1341 days ago


The fact that GA had to file a paternity action to establish custody says that it was Halle who would NOT allow him to sign the voluntary acknowledgement of paternity; SHE has to sign it FIRST. So #1: we know that HB did not want GA to be Nahla's legal father.

If GA wanted money, he would have disappeared. Please, don't anyone think she has NOT offered him money to disappear. So #2: the fact that he's in the picture, putting up with the smear campaign, says that he can place his daughter's interest over his own.

1341 days ago


boYttom line they do not have a formal custody agreement, note he dropped his custody petition. Why? I think their is a little ugliness on both sides, I just hope they both get it together and be good parents to that adorable little girl

1341 days ago


"She is just adorable! A colored mother, and a white father, made the cutest little baby!"

If you get to call black people colored, I get to call white people pastey.

1341 days ago

benice adorable. Work it out guys!

1341 days ago
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