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Lady Gaga


2/17/2011 10:59 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Here's Lady Gaga in a latex condom inspired outfit on "Good Morning America" on Thursday (left) -- and Sally Field as Sister Bertrille in the '60s TV series "The Flying Nun" (right).

Lawd have mercy.

We're just sayin'.



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94 comments and 93 think Lady Gag Gag doesn't have a change to make it an additional day, why does the media flirt with such a fake. Talent is something you acquire by hard work, I like Sally Fields, Lady Gag Gag looks like shes have a bad trip

1307 days ago


i cant stand gaga and i finally had to comment on this article about her. She sucks at singing. If you took away all the electronic beats she puts in and had her just harmonize she probably couldn't do it. Why do you think she wears such outragous outfits..she knows she cant sing and the only way for her to get attention is dress like she is tripping on acid. People think o gaga speaks her mind and is so flash she copies so many artists its ridiculous. I wish she would go away..I HATE her music and how this generation thinks that by dressing crazy your a true artist. Music should be about the voice not about these crazy getups...enough said.

1307 days ago


She's extremely ugly and everyone knows ugly chicks cannot be pop stars. She figured if she had a gimmick, possibly something more distracting than her manlike face, people might not care about her looks and just go for the gimmick. It worked.

She's famous now, though, so there's no need to continue hiring all these stylists to come up with new and outlandish looks for her. She could just try to be a bit more tasteful. I see nothing wrong with a gimmick, or with being weird, the problem is that what she wears now just makes her look fatter and uglier than she already is. At least at the start of all this she wore a lot of headpieces.

As for her music, well...I like the music, which is written by someone else, the lyrics are stupid, though also probably written by someone else, and her autotune singing is catchy, though I would never sit through seeing her sing live because she is atrocious.

1307 days ago


i love the show the flying nun it was so cute and then gaga has to go and steal another idea from someone eles she is running out of ideas for her "CREATIVE" side lol

1307 days ago


she looks... wow. she used to be over the top but interesting but now she just looks like she is trying to hard and looks like a fool

1307 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

ok TMZ is really lacking in the headline writing department... "lady gaga's greatest looks"???

NOTHING this fashion retard ever has on is a great look... it's a disgraceful bid for attention and shock value...

she needs to be put in a room with all the other celebrity ****s who think they're cool by looking or acting stupid like this.

oh and bieber can go along with them, i am tired of this moron making canada look bad

1307 days ago


I have had just about enough of this crazy person, shouldn't her music just be good enough for her career and not try and be a complete idiot. She is a wonderful singer she most certainly does not have to be a whack job!

1307 days ago


I'm still trying to figure out if those things in her face are permanent or attached with spirit gum...

1306 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Lady Gag Gag is Nuts! Why does she want to look like a Moron? She belongs in a Psycho Ward. I bet her parents are so proud. NOT!!!

1305 days ago


The "flying nun" look, not so much. However, she really reminds me a lot of Elton John especially in his early years. She is an entertainer folks, lighten up.

1304 days ago


Remember back in '08 when her biggest gimmick was going onstage with a transparent plastic bubble dress?? I miss that Lady Gaga.

1248 days ago
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