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Ex 'Celebrity Rehab' Rocker Nabbed in Drug Bust

2/18/2011 4:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike Starr -- the former bassist for Alice In Chains -- was busted for alleged drug possession in Salt Lake City, and TMZ has his mug shot.


Starr was arrested and booked on suspicion of felony possession of a controlled substance early Thursday ... according to Salt Lake City PD arrest documents.

Starr was a patient on the third season of "Celebrity Rehab" back in 2009. He also appeared on the most recent season as an example of a celeb who got clean after appearing on the show.

It's unclear at this point what drug -- or drugs -- Star allegedly had at the time of his arrest. He is still behind bars ... held on a $20,000 bond.


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people who truly know him will tell you he's had few, if any,truly sober days since he left rehab. He's had a long string of mess ups right along here. More than a few were surprised to see he was actually on the recent show as a success story, because he was messed up in public the night before that filming. He's been using right along...

1351 days ago


To all of you that think he should get it over with, or that he shouldn't have gotten obviously have no clue what you are talking about. Addiction is a mental illness, the drug takes over, you have no idea how it commands your body once you start on it, it takes over all of your positive receptors with devastating effects. He needs help and support, he will always be an addict, he just needs to be trained to stay away from it. It never goes away. Best of luck to him, I wish him the best.

1351 days ago


He should be in outpatient counseling for atleast a year an a half after he got out of treatment. He was in very bad shape on the show. This may be a wake call for him, that he needs more counseling,meeting etc. He was doing so good. I hope he can get back on the right path

1351 days ago

yall need to stop hatin on this man everybody has problums!..and who are you to pass judgment!
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1351 days ago


TO: Posted at 7:04 AM on Feb 18, 2011 by NickSunset

No I am not, I just believe in facts before making any judgment. This morning the information was updated to say he was found with prescription drugs with no label that were not prescribed to him. This doesn't say anything about it in his system. Facts speak for themselves and that is why I never jump to any conclusion without them . I only go based off of facts and solid evidence. The evidence in this case are the drugs found on him. Evidence of a relapse would be drugs in his system. The evidence of a relapse is not here. The probability is high but not proven yet.

1351 days ago


ha ha

1351 days ago


Im legitimatly surprised. he looked good on the Reunion show! thought he had cleaned up his act.

I cant believe he puled the "Dont you Know Who I Am?" bit. If I was known for having done a Rehab show I sure wouldnt be telling them who i am! Id be keepin my head low and hope they thought I was just an ordinary Joe Six-Pack!

1351 days ago


Its only a Relapse, He will be ok

1351 days ago


I'm sorry this happened, but judging from some of the comments above, many people really have the wrong idea about Addiction and Treatment. Most people think Addiction is the same thing as Dependence and end up treating it wrong. Abstinence is NOT a simple choice; it is LEARNED by training and FINE-TUNING. This may not be Mike's last relapse, but if he keeps trying, he'll get better at it (kinda like learning to play a guitar better). How many of us can control serious phobias, compulsions, depression, or anxiety simply by WILL POWER? Instead, it takes work, failure, and re-work. The majority of people in the world don't have the genetic component of the Disease of Addiction and once detoxed, they can stay away from using if they CHOOSE to. Not so for Addiction, but it really can be LEARNED with practice. We should be encouraging Mike to keep at it. Keep rockin', not usin'. Thanks, mm - a (hopefully not too intolerant) Drug Counselor in Salt Lake, with a pretty good music scene.

1351 days ago


Mike was actually the passenger in a good friend of mine's van when the arrest took place. Mike was not in possession of any herion, he is being charged with possession of 2 pharmacueticals for which he did not have a prescription. 1 of them was an anti-anxiety medication and the other was a pain killer.

1350 days ago

jim tiger    

i will dismiss all you people who are calling him a loser and hoping he dies. You just dont know what its like and that is understandable. I have type 1 diabetes and i cant expect anyone to know what that is like unless they have it themselves. I am also a lifelong addict who has gone through numerous "recoveries" and "relapses". I am currently using xanax for anxiety and narcotics for a crushed spinal cord. Diabetes is destroying my body one piece at a time and the pain from my back is unbearable. I have never used heroin but have used and abused just about every other drug. I cant expect any healthy person to understand what this is like but you shouldn't pass judgement on anyone. Leave that to God. Every human life is worthy and sacred. Some just don't make it. I don't know enough about Mike but I wish him the best and there is still hope he can pull out of it. Don't be hateful people- you may find yourself or a loved one in these same shoes some day.

1347 days ago


Dr. Drew was just commenting on the success rate of AA. What is your success rate, mate? Me thinks not so much.

1334 days ago


I guess him splitting a heroin score with Layne Staley only to find him dead a day or two later wasn't enough motivation. I am glad I never tried drugs because it looks like heroin wins more often than not. If he really is no longer sober I hope he pulls his head out of his has been rear and keeps trying.

1334 days ago


and now he is dead........

1333 days ago

Marti Kirby    

R.I.P Mike. Maybe now you will believe that you were not to blame when you talk face to face with him! My heart goes out to those who were truely your friend in your lifetime and your mom and sister. I will always remember the good times. Plus all the stories from my brother.

1333 days ago
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