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Dr. Conrad Murray -- 'I'm NOT Guilty'

2/18/2011 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray was in L.A. last night ... rehearsing the three magic words he and his defense team will utter over and over again once the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial begins ... "I'm not guilty."


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you would think he would lay low since he is in court.

1306 days ago


What happened to Michael Jackson is one of the pitfalls of VIP medicine. One has to stop for a moment and ask, "What kind of doctor would rather be someone's personal physician than practice medicine in a hospital or clinic?" Greedy, fame seeking quacks.

1306 days ago


OH, OK U ARE A COMPLETE SOCIOPATH, u hurt ur patients, and the women in ur miserable life....SHUT THE F....UP!

1306 days ago

Master Po    

We know you are innocent. Dont let these evil rabids bring you down.

1306 days ago


"I'm not guilty" is actually 4 words not 3. Why hasn't this idiot got the sense to shut up? Why isn't his legal team telling him to shut up? To keep on and on and on and on and on and a sure sign of guilt and he's hoping that if he utters those 4 words often enough, somebody will be stupid enough to believe him.

1306 days ago


Yes, Conrad, we know.

1306 days ago


"For those who do not think, it is best at least to rearrange their prejudices once in a while." Great quote, and I´d bet, those, who judge Dr. Murray even before the first trial date took place, did the same some years ago!

1306 days ago


Wow TMZ, your cameraman is saying that alot people feel Murray is not guilty. What load of crap is that?

I think we all know this man is guilty as hell. Why you are sucking up to murderers TMZ? What have you got to win?

This man murdered a king, and has been getting away with it for almost two years already. Put the bitch in jail. And convict him for SECOND DEGREE MURDER.

1306 days ago


Keep your head up Dr. Murray! Dont let the crazy psychopathic deranged rabid MJ fans get you down! Everybody knows they are crazy and dont have a single working functioning brain cell! You are innocent! And the world knows it! JUSTICE AND MERCY FOR DR. MURRAY!

1306 days ago


TO: No. 11. [Marius] who wrote:
“Wow TMZ, your cameraman is saying that a lot people feel Murray is not guilty. What load of crap is that?
I think we all know this man is guilty as hell…”


They said the same thing about O.J. that kept O.J. for doing time for murdering Nicole and Ron.

Where is O.J. now? Doing 9 to life in a Nevada Prison for yet another crime.

If they let this guy go, he’s going to end up hurting someone else, and he’ll end up like O.J. too.

1306 days ago


If Michael Jackson is dead, then this guy is guilty.

Like they said, you DON'T use anesthetics to cure insomnia, and you DON'T administer Propofol ANYWHERE except in a hospital.

Being stupid is no defense.

1306 days ago


Italia yes indeed.
And apparantly, Michael Jackson was not his first victim. Did you read the article yesterday? He killed a man in 2007, by tearing wide open a hole in his heart, for him to die a gruesome death six days later. The number of the devil!

Stupid idiots like TMZ cameramen, who keep sucking up to killers like they are gonna party together, keeps murderes out on the street.

When you finally manage to confront an accused murderer, and are supposed to do journalism, it looks really really bad when you are not critical.

I think TMZ forgets the entire world reads their site.

1306 days ago


Maybe if Murray keeps saying it to himself - he may actually start to believe it. Too bad however, the truth is just the opposite. He committed Murder- period - Your GUILTY!!!

1306 days ago


History is full of stories of people dying due to the incompentencies of their "personal" physcian.
Abe Lincoln's doctor shoved a probe 5 inches into his cranial bullet wound. George Washington was bloodletted to death. At these times, medical knowledge had progressed to the points where the later was considered archaic. Elvis died of untreated constipation, partially caused by all the pain killers he was perscribed.

1306 days ago


Well of course he is going to say not guilty! Duh!

The fact remains that he is guilty of reckless and negligent behavior in his care of a patient. He admission to giving Propofol outside a hospital surgery setting alone shows guilt. The evidence presented at the Prelim shows his guilt. He may have not intended to kill his patient, but he sure has hell did not try to save him either!

1306 days ago
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