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Dr. Conrad Murray -- 'I'm NOT Guilty'

2/18/2011 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray was in L.A. last night ... rehearsing the three magic words he and his defense team will utter over and over again once the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial begins ... "I'm not guilty."


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Thank you for Posting Phantom of the Opera.Wie immer wunder schoen habe mich sehr gefreud.

1311 days ago


God Bless and Protect the Innocent Doc Conrad Murray.

1311 days ago


who are the many people who feel his isn;t guilty TMZ?

He IS guilty!

1311 days ago


Lets escape to a Make Believe World, where there is no sorrows and no worries. A little world of perfect Dreams, with cotten candy and sugar Fairies. A world so lost, no one will find it. Only you and I, now its hidden Treasures of Peace and salvaton. A world to escape to, a Dream come true. A world of little Trolls and Fairies, No one dares to enter Unless they are a child from the Heart. I love and miss you Michael Jackson.

1311 days ago

get it right    

***Man, I just KNOW this is a waste of time... but wth, I could use the laugh that this place is always worth if nothing else LOL ***


Whats her face OPENS with, "IT destroyed her brother, and Janet Jackson says it could just as easily been her"

...immediately cuts to Janet, in which SHE expounds ...

"I'm so fortunate [sic] I didn't resort to all that: The drugs, and the drinking..."

"... so, food was YOUR addiction" (IN RELATIVE COMPARISONS of what, MORON? ADDICTION.)

Janet: "mmm hmm, mm hmm"

So, YEAH... SHE damn well IS saying that MJ was a lost cause junkie, and did this to himself. and USES MJ AGAIN to launch her hawking of new book and upcoming world tour.

Oh and LOVE in another segment where she said "music isn't that important to me" well then b*tch what EXACTLY is this interview RIGHT NOW of all times about then, that it couldn't wait another 2 months... TRANSPARENT AS HELL.

Why TALK about him at all AT THIS TIME, can't wait until after the trial... naw.. CAN'T wait got a new book, new tour, and new younger billionaire boyfriend to "shyly" bat her eyes about ... AS USUAL using "beloved brother MJ" as the springboard into discussion of ANY thing of herself, AS SHE HAS HER ENTIRE LIFE INCLUDING HER CAREER - AS THEY ALL DO.

Exactly as MJ had said, "Great artists don't have to DO that..." when he was talking to Geraldo about Em using HIM in his fcuktard video to make or boost for his sales. "Great artists do NOT resort to exploiting ANYONE ..."

Janet's "talent" is of MJ's DOING. She MIMICS him, but she has the right too, right MORON? SHE had his back? PLEEAAZZEEE your damn self! Make up her mind for her then.. they were close, or weren't they? Run her mouth NOW? Smacks of an all inclusive SELF promotion and get back at MJ for the "stuck with me" BITTERNESS of MJ and other brothers ribbing her for her fat azz 'way back when'.

Man you twist ANYTHING these losers have to say/do to make yourself believe the polar opposite of what is TRUE of these peoples character. That's your business and you're welcome to it, but I've told you before DON'T be coming at ME with your delusional BS. Plenty of other ppl here that LIVE here, just like you do to waste your empty life hours on whirring around in your personal delusion vortex.

Not gonna ask "what else ya got" cuz for a LONG time now anytime that I have swung by here you're all over the place making it crystal clear it'll be some delusional tripped out BS you'll spew out about how ALL Jackson's have their legit excuses to sh*t all over each other, and COLLECTIVELY do so to MJ AND HIS KIDS (Yeah, KJ) If they didn't have the book of excuses already written ...why, there YOU are with your own ready FOR them. LMAO!

Don't address me again, CHYLE, you'd be better off just sticking with the dumb azzed questions of "uh, why didn't BW bring on the family member that told her that there's fighting in the family over Michaels $$$" YEAH.. GEE... WONDER WHY.

AS IF they ALL don't contradict the HELL out of every damn thing ANY of them have EVER said over the years, up to this day of their own accord in their own various interviews. AND YES, even MJ himself contradicts the hell out of himself about whether or not he even KNOWS Blanket's mother.

Same waste of time asking YOU, WTH YOU are on.

"LOLx100000" ... "Pleeaaazze", CHOKE ON IT.

LMAO. Thank ya!

1310 days ago


He can say it as often as he likes but it won't change the fact THAT HE IS !!

1310 days ago


I hope you don't have to say this often, mymjj5. give me a bottle of viagra, maybe that will help. But when it comes to MJ, I don't blame the DA. It is not a common taste doing it with a "shemale"!
Posted at 10:27 PM on Feb 19, 2011 by duilama

Does anyone know what this chick is talking about?

btw: murray has no defense. I'll say it until the trial is over.

1310 days ago



1310 days ago


yes conrad you are innocent...
Remember Randy said michael was afraid of the powers that be..
please connect the dots.
Try to open your eyes you might learn something, maybe...
there is so MUCH more to this story...
This is NOT it

1309 days ago



Typo or no typo, you still make no sense.


1309 days ago


Dr Death is guilty.. He was negligent.

1309 days ago

mary contrary    

It ia amazing that people find excuses for drug addicts.
Mjs mother ,wife and Faye all agree he was an addict. Weight loss, a regimen of drugs, 6 boxes of drugs miss-labeled as children stuff in the house, what more does anyone need?

The trial will prove his addictions ( past and or present) and will enlighten the rabid fans who deny all.

When one considers his actions( little boys, facial surgeries, kid out the window, grabbing his crotch,wearing PJs to Court, one knows he was mentally unstable and on drugs, not the actions of a normal person.
This is not about the media, each of these has been in pictures and stated by family members!
Mary Contrary.

1309 days ago


There is a insert attached to each bottle of propofol..It states the manufacturers instructions on what when and ,how there products to be used. It clearly states the most serious reaction to this drug is the restriction of the air passages It is not the amount of the dose or the weight of the patient that causes this to happen ,and there is no known antidote .That is why it is imperative to have a trained professional present at all times to clear the restriction . It does not matter what other drugs were given or how much or how little propofol was administered or if he gave CPR on the bed or the floor. An Over Dose should not be a factor in determining Dr Murray's guilt or innocence .If the initial cause of MJs death was due to a restriction of air followed by a heart attack. MJs death was a direct cause of Dr Murray's intentionally and wilfully disregarding the manufacture intentions for use of their product and failing to follow the safety procedures clearly stated. Who is not doing their homework? It isn't that difficult to find . There is no reason for all the witnesses or any of the other useless information . It couldn't be that the more dirt they drag up on poor MJ the longer they can drag this trial out and that spells MONEY

1309 days ago


Michael please come back .......

1308 days ago

Robyn Hope    

Italia said:"you don't use anesthetics to cure insomnia and you don't administer Propofol anywhere except a hospital." I'll add this to your comment: if Dr. Murray had refused the Propofol that MJ demanded, he'd have been fired; and another doctor would have to face trial.

1308 days ago
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