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Frankie Muniz 911 Call

'I'm a Celebrity'

2/18/2011 7:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made the night Frankie Muniz and his girlfriend got into a huge argument ... during which Frankie can be heard telling the dispatcher, "I don't want to make a big deal because I am a celebrity."

Frankie Muniz 911 Call
As TMZ first reported, Frankie and his girlfriend got into a crazy fight -- during which she claims Frankie punched her and held a gun to his own head.

In the 911 call, Frankie can be heard telling the dispatcher that his girlfriend is "trashing the house" and "she's hitting me in the face."

When the dispatcher asks Frankie for his name, he tells the woman, "I don't want to make a big deal because I am a celebrity. I don't want there to be a big deal."

His girlfriend can be heard yelling in the background, "You just hit me!" Frankie yells back, "I did not hit you. You punched me in the face."

Frankie eventually gave his name. No arrests were made.


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Frankie officially retired from acting a few years ago so he could concentrate on his passion - carracing. You dopes shoudn;t comment on calling him a has-been you don't know what you;re talking about.

1278 days ago


@#69 LMAO! I want to hate you so much right now but that was actually kind of funny. I didn't like his show when I was a kid, but looking at the reruns I really like it.

I was wondering what he was up to now, and he really is doing AMAZINGLY well! He's worth at least $20 million. I know there are richer people in the world but let's be honest, that is a boatload of cash. And he's smart enough to invest it in those high interest accounts so he'll never be broke. I respect that his family didn't screw him over and he didn't blow all his money on a drug habit, that's all.

1277 days ago


If he's a celebrity, so is my hairdresser.

1277 days ago


I'm a celebrity? This argument must have happened 6 years ago!

1277 days ago


There is no such thing as "used to be a celebrity." A celebrity is someone who is well know. The fact that TMZ is posting this story proves that he is, in fact, a celebrity. Don't blame Frankie for you guys lack of knowledge when it comes to the English language.

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* flabbergast
* aplomb

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1277 days ago


Midget Muniz has one of the weirdest shaped heads I've ever seen. Huge Alien Dome shape, and ears almost low-leveled to his shoulders. I think his 15 minutes are about up!

1277 days ago

TMZ is a friggin joke..All you so called correspondants are a bunch of s***bags and losers. That gapped toothed loser that leads this group of misfits is a bigger douchebag than Ryan Seacrest

1277 days ago


wow.. poor kid I been there befor Bi**** be tripping.. lol drop that girl you said she 30 somethin go get a 21 yr old

1274 days ago

Frankie Supporter    

#9 He KNOWS he's a has-been, and he admitted it.
But... I don't know if Elycia is a psycopath or not, I just know... he was desperate, he didn't know what to do that night, and even if he is a has-been, medias and journalists are going to kill him with this kind of news. I mean they ALWAYS want some has-beens to do something they could tell to people, because they know people like to listen to news about has-beens, so people can say "Oh, that guy from Malcolm in the Middle... child actors always go to end up like this, Frankie Muniz = an idiot". I support him when - on the call - he says he doesn't "want to make a big deal". Has-been or not, he was and still is a celebrity, because if he wasn't, no one was going to read and listen to this. Also, I hate it when people say he did this because he needed to get people's attention, because he is not that kind of person. Also this wasn't a good excuse to get people's support. If you read the police report, you could read that one of the police officer said Elycia showed signs of alcoholism. Maybe they are still together because he forgave her since he knew she was drunk (every drunk person I met in my life always told a lot of big, enormous lies). He's a teetotal, and Elycia and Frankie and all of their friends always mention it.
No, I'm not his lawyer. I just want you to think correctly.

1273 days ago
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