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J.Lo Breaks Down Crying Over Contestant Dismissal

2/19/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources on the set tell TMZ ... Jennifer Lopez began crying when it came time to send Chris Medina packing on an episode of "American Idol" that airs on Thursday.


We're told J.Lo became so overwhelmed with emotion, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler had to talk her through it. According to our sources, once J.Lo composed herself, hair and makeup had to swoop in to give her a little touch-up.

Medina was the contestant who brought along his disabled fiancée to the audition. We're told she was not there for the elimination.


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Diabled fiancee is the wrong terminology. Fiancee with a disability would be showing more respect to her and to the all people who have disabilities. You have to put the person first. Come on TMZ. You can do better than that.

1306 days ago


Why do so many people even CARE if someone else is gay or not? SERIOUSLY. Who cares? Other people's sex lives are none of your business! Why even THINK about it? Weird. The only sex life I care about is my own....

1306 days ago


since when is it a crime to be sensitive? apparently some of you think disabilities are a joke and are to be laughed at rather than to have COMPASSION you imbicile! #1, 4 oh hell all of you are insensitive jackoffs. keep your comments to yourselves or when admiring yourself in your two way mirror.

1306 days ago


J.Lo has tear ducts?

Posted at 2:05 AM on Feb 19, 2011 by Jorial


1306 days ago


A spoiler alert might have been nice.

1306 days ago


he didn't leave...he is still in the cmpetition...

1306 days ago


Please. J-Lo can wipe away her tears with the $13 million she's being paid to be on the show this season. If she really felt so bad, don't you think she'd do something to help the boy out? It's not like she couldn't get him in touch with her label to help start a career for him, much less donate to the foundation set up to help Medina with his fiancees medical expenses. I'm sure all the money she spends being made to look like a talentless diva could do an incredible amount of help for the guy.

1306 days ago


To #15 Mandy "...She is funny, intelligent, thought-provoking and has better ratings then Oprah so people are NOT upset that Ellen is GAY; her show appeals to EVERYONE, except bigots like you who are filled with hate and are just plain stupid"...

Ellen does NOT appeal to everyone but sheep. "Oh look, she's dancing, I'll dance too...", "how sweet, she's married to another woman, I wish I could do that", "she's in her 50's and acting like a 20 something, I hope I can do that...I'm so happy to be a sheep".
Please don't paintbrush EVERYONE to make a presumptuous statement. Ellen appeals to those who have to be lead by the hand and spoon fed what to like and dislike. Same with Oprah, the head sheep.
BTW, I'm not bigoted, I just don't care for some who think they can speak for me and media numbers really don't mean squat in the grander scheme of things.

1306 days ago


"Diabled fiancee is the wrong terminology. Fiancee with a disability would be showing more respect to her and to the all people who have disabilities."

Oh good lord. Please find something more important to worry about than this kind of semantics BS.

1306 days ago


I believe J.Lo is sincere in her judging and does have a kind heart. I truly do. I bet this will be her first and last season of doing this. I just don't see it in the cards for her.

1306 days ago


i think j-lo should actually have to sing live every time before she votes for a contestant so we can first realize her vote doesnt matter anyway

1306 days ago


#24 Brenda

Just curious. How does Ellen "act like a 20 something?" The only "young" thing she does on her show is dance a little. So what...u can't do that past your 20's?

1306 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

#15 Mandy: Pipe down little girl, Keith's wife was being SARCASTIC. Look that up in the dictionary, see what it means, or shut your pie hole before you make it seem American's are more stupid than everyone already thinks they are.

#12 Keith's Wife: Don't worry, I got your back. You can thank me by letting me sleep with Keith. He must be a great lay if you completely subsume your identity by only being known as "Keith's Wife". Don't you have an identity of your own?

1306 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Oops, I meant to write Americans not American's. Need to correct that since I am Canadian know...educated.

1306 days ago

Charles Swartwout    

All for effect.....ratings, ratings, ratings....more she crys more she thinks people will tune in....allot of good talent this year, so lets get to it....cut the whinning and crying..

1306 days ago
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