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Justin Bieber


on 'CSI'

2/18/2011 2:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber took at least four shots to the chest in an epic battle with cops last night ... but fear not Biebettes -- it was all part of a scene on "CSI."021811_justin_bieber_video

Fortunately, Bieb's hair was undamaged in the shooting.

Justin Bieber CSI


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Justin Bieber...Why all the craze over this kid?? This kid's songs are so boring...They have no good beat or rhythm to them...Just silly lyrics...

1287 days ago

Lindsay Lohan    

comercial break here at TMZ;


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Although initially welcomed with nothing but sneers from the folks at TMZ, especially since Lohan is no stranger to streaked, orange fake tans, tweaked jitterly delusinal decisions. The product is now garnering raving reviews by Bikers, Celebrity bottle rats, and porn stars. The Hollywood d-listed elite are hailing it the new must have nite life product.

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1287 days ago


Hey, this guy just sort of grows on you!

1287 days ago


Actually, this kid was incredibly good at acting. I've never heard him sing and he does make silly remarks about health insurance but he did do one heck of an acting job.

1287 days ago


Do you people hear yourself. "I wish this were real" "I'd like to shoot him" "His death makes me smile" ??? Since when is this okay. There is absolutely NO way you could hate someone, (who's done nothing wrong), enough to wish them dead. It's disgusting the hate this kid receives.

1287 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

I never understood why he was on a previous episode but to bring him back again just shows how out of touch the CSI producers are.

This idiot can not act.

1287 days ago


Feburary sweeps for TV. Then May sweeps. Ratings = money. It's alwasy been that simple.

1287 days ago

Michael Whitmire

1287 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Wow. That was so over-exaggerated acting. He looked more like electrical shock than bullet fire. Give it up, kid.

1287 days ago


i thought he did a pretty good job. he did kinda glance back when taking the bullets to make sure he landed where he was supposed to. not a bieber fan but i'm not a heter like these other people. i can't believe the nasty things they say about a 16 year old kid. judgement day!!!

1287 days ago


this gay is very bad actor

1287 days ago


Four Shots? About as many shots as he is giving Selena every day he can. Its good to be a teen.

1287 days ago


It's ****ty acting and ****ty editing. In the first scene where he gets shot(back view) both his hands are flailing wildly in the air,with no gun. In the second scene(side view) he has the gun in his hand but his hands don't go flailing wildly. And his acting sucks,damn,kid can't even die right.

1287 days ago


Alright! I just got a new favorite screensaver.

1287 days ago



1287 days ago
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