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Lindsay Lohan -- Late Night Hookup w/ Sam Ronson

2/18/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan had a SUPER-LATE night at a Hollywood hotel -- and she didn't leave alone.

Lohan hit the Roosevelt Hotel around 1:45 AM this morning ... where her ex-GF Samantha Ronson was hanging out.

Just 45 minutes later, the twosome ... who arrived in separate cars ... were seen leaving in the same ride.

Lohan has insisted the two are just good friends ... nothing more, nothing less.

You buyin' it?

UPDATE: Before you answer that last question ... check out what Sam tweeted early this morning.



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samantha is so FUGLY.
yikes.. you know how badly lindsey treats her.. she will allways want to be with lindsey cause shes the celeb and better looking one..
you know she prolly takes great joy in knowing her lindsey life is like crap .so she can be there for her.. if lindsey life was going good for her.. samantha would never see her and prolly have to eat the ***** of a really ugly butch lesbo like her.

1345 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Unfortunately Lindsay's sexuality would keep her from being a leading lady type star in Hollywood. That and her lack of talent.

1345 days ago


Sam Ronson must want to be back in the pap's flashbulb glare again.

1345 days ago


Lindsay is over who cares about her or her personal life.

1345 days ago



I want to be the first to tell you that our daughter, Big Hollywood Movie Star Lindsey Lohan and Samantha Rossum are back on again! Lindsey told me that they enjoyed the most romantic dinner at Sam's just last night. No booze or coke -- not for Lindsey anyways. Thank the Sweet Jesus for any minimal relief we pray she is able to get by taking merely Xanax and Adderal. Darn this pesky probation. When will this persecution end so she can just focus on her craft?!

I am giving you the first scoop here now that shortly following the dinner with Sam, poor Lindsey had to make a mad dash back to her place to use her own facilities because Samantha made her swear that if she took her back, Lindsey was never ever to use any commode in Sam's house. Sam says that Lindsay's poop is extraordinarily malodorous, which I happen to know for a fact is a damn lie!

We are so confident that everyone loves Lindsey’s crap as much as we do, that Team Lohan has decided to make Lindsey Lohan's star**** available to the public! Michael and I personally guarantee the authenticity of each unit sold. No 2 are alike. One in particular looks like a duck!

Lindsey created the brilliant package design for these keepsakes -- pretty pink plastic ziplock baggies adorned with delicate aubergene petunias, smiley faces, unicorns, and dolphins, with “Leave Lindsey Aloooooooone” daintily scrolled on the front and a Free Lindsey™ flag emblazoned across the back.

Michael will hold at least one press conference later today, maybe more, and another tomorrow, as will I, and again the next day, and each day thereafter because we know what we have to say matters and we love publishing our meanderings or giving interviews about one thing or the other. It fills a terrific void in our lives, and lets us think we are important because we are the parents of the Big Hollywood Movie Star, Lindsey Lohen. We take very seriously our duty to keep the world apprised of whatever notions we may have concerning what our daughter may or may not be doing at any given moment.

Our latest venture, Lindseypoo®, keeps you up to date on the color, size, texture, and scent of her stool, thereby allowing you to speculate on the state of Lindsey's health as well as her state of mind. However, still expect to hear from us daily, if not hourly, offering our musings and opinions to all our fans.

See the future in a bag of Lindseypoo®. Luxuriate in holding your very own sack of bonafide star****. Get lost in the fragrance and pretend you are there as it works its way out of the hiney of the very famous movie star, Lindsey Lohan. Or imagine you and Big Hollywood Movie Star Lindsey Lohan, smiling on a beach in the warm spring sun -- best friends -- or maybe...even ...lovahs. $55 an ounce only on eBay.

1345 days ago


Well, LiLoHo just lost the "Wholesome Family" crowd... Oh wait, she lost it quite some time ago!

So who cares now, right? There is always a career in porn, and of course those parties with Charlie when he has his mojo workin'...

1344 days ago


Live Lindsay L. alone, if she wants to do of her life a flower shop that is her option, the rest does not matter.

1342 days ago
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