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'Celeb Rehab' Rocker -- Busted with Prescription Pills

2/18/2011 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr was carrying an unmarked bottle of prescription drugs when cops arrested him in Utah last night ... this according to police documents obtained by TMZ.


Cops say Starr -- who appeared on "Celebrity Rehab" in 2009 -- was in possession of 6 pills of a painkiller called Opana and 6 pills of Xanax ... an anti-anxiety drug.

According to the documents, Starr didn't have a prescription for either drug -- and was arrested on 2 felony counts of possession of a controlled substance.

Starr was taken to a nearby police station ... where he is still being held on $20,000 bail.

UPDATE: According to the police report, Mike tried to pull the whole "Do you know who I am?" card -- saying"

"[Mike] stated 'Hey officer, have you heard of Alice in Chains? I used to be the base [sic] guitarist for them. We are down here in Utah. Me and Travis are putting together a new band.'"


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Out of all of them I always routed for him I hope he gets immediate help! Keep your head up mike you can beat this ! To all the haters judge yourself and not home this is an addiction that is hard to beat!

1310 days ago


I tried to pull the whole "Do you know who I am? one time,I told the cop i scored six touch downs against Pope H.S,He responded by whipping my ass.

1310 days ago



1310 days ago

Frank Mondana    

I have to wonder about a cop who can't spell "bass".

1310 days ago


I don't know whats more funny....

This guy


The TMZ writer wrote...

""[Mike] stated 'Hey officer, have you heard of Alice in Chains? I used to be the base [sic] guitarist for them. We are down here in Utah. Me and Travis are putting together a new band.'"

It's not a "base" guitar. It's a BASS GUITAR!!!


1310 days ago

truth and mercy    

The truth is that using/abusing drugs and alcohol cause a person to STAY stunted mentally/emotionally/maturity/developmentally to the age when they first became addicted. Mike probably loved drinking and drugging and being in a band initially and so he has remained living in the past and has not grown and matured for 20 years. Rip van winkle... I still have HOPE and prayers for Mike, relapse is part of this disease and he is as deserving of a good life as everybody else on this planet.

1310 days ago


Come on TMZ, BASS GUITARIST not base lmfao.

1310 days ago

Sad sad    

Sic – generally inside square brackets, [sic], and occasionally parentheses, (sic) – when added just after a quote or reprinted text, indicates that the passage is just as it appears from its original source. The usual purpose is to inform readers that any errors or apparent errors in the copied material are not from transcription – i.e. that they are reproduced exactly from the original writer or printer. Bracketed sics have also been used in humorous comments and for ridicule, typically by drawing attention to the original writer's mistakes.


1310 days ago


Some of you need to get your facts straight. First, Mike WAS with Alice In Chains when they broke big with their album "Facelift". He was fired after but that was a HUGE album. Second, "Alice" never "officially" broke up. Even at the time Lane died though they were doing other projects the band still existed. Last, "Alice" was mainly the creation of Jerry Cantrell who wrote all the songs and is touring and writing AIC tunes as we speak they just have a new singer. Lane was pretty much out of the picture for most of the 90's after "Dirt". He sang on the albums but he couldn't tour. Mike screwed up and got the boot right in their prime but he was a big part of their sound and breakthrough album so he does have relevance just as AIC has major relevance as a monster band over a period of time with multiple Platinum albums and millions of fans to this day. When people hear the name "Alice In Chains" they think of Lane Staley or Jerry Cantrell, not Mike Starr but that's common in a lot of big bands. He does have a place in a huge band but he blew it. Even if he had stayed, would anyone but die hard fans know the name of the bass player anyway? No.... Yeah that's his claim to fame but a lot of bass players and drummers are in huge bands right now and no one knows who they are. Cut the guy some slack. BTW 6 Xanax and 6 painkillers is hardly worth the bust. Thats nothin. Really sucks for him. Even if he is forming a new band unless he finds another great singer and great songwriter he won't make it. There's a million great bass players out there. His only chance to regain anything would be to re-join AIC and I don't see that ever happening. I admit, in my eye's when Lane died so did AIC but they still sound great. It's just not Lane. Good luck Mike. You won't die a legend like Lane did no matter what, you will just be dead so give it up and move on. Move on and have a life.

1310 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

Mike Starr = Has been that never was.

1310 days ago


Makes me sad. AIC is my favorite band. Doesn't he see what drugs did to Layne?

I just don't understand it....

1310 days ago


Opana is a really strong drug . Since it is time release drug drinking while taking it could kill him. Hopefully he hasnt been taking this very long because the withdraw would be horrible. He is in big trouble because of the class of drug it is. Alot of pharmacys dont even carry it because its such a strong drug.

1310 days ago


Damn Mike, come on you saw what happened to Layne. You have so much talent, dont waste it. RIP Layne-best vocalist ever!

1310 days ago


IMDB says he has a son he's never met, feel so bad that this is what the kid can see of his father.

1310 days ago


Awww Mike, dude what's up with this crap! I been pulling for you since CR. Im not sure what Utah's law's are but you are in some serious sh*t. Hopefully with no more than you had they will be easy on you. Everyone has a couple of stashed pills, but why were you carrying them on your person. Mike your a good person, and I personally would hate to see you lose to your demoms. Stay strong and fight em!!!

1310 days ago
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