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Bball 'Wife' Whistled for Boredom -- Getting Bounced?

2/19/2011 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the stars on VH1's "Basketball Wives" is learning the hard way -- go completely off the hinges and be crazy ... or face losing your job.

Sources close to the reality show tell TMZ, Royce Reed's BW days are numbered -- and it's all because of the ongoing legal battle with her Orlando Magic baby daddy Dwight Howard.

As we previously reported, Royce can't talk about Dwight in the media because of a 2009 gag order. That injunction SEVERELY inhibits her ability to participate in the show ... aka ... she's boring.

We're told producers believe Royce needs to be replaced ASAP ... but haven't found anyone up to snuff yet.

Royce tells TMZ she has other options and, "If they are indeed searching for a replacement for me it is what it is. It all seems petty and immature to me"

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why does anyone give 2 $|-|IT$ about what these women do? this show ****ing blows huge balls

1288 days ago

Chuck the Chairman    

Shaunie and the other two are the worse. Shaunie divorced shaq so she needs to change her name from O'Neil back to whatever it was. She still living off of shaq's name. The only wife on the show is the one married to Eric Williams. The rest of them are lonely jumpoffs with no future. I don't like Royce either she was just some dum young chick that got pregnant by Dwight Howard and he would never marry her. So her purpose for being on the show was for not as well. This show stinks, the only thing I'm glad about is the fact the Shaunie's new BF is trying to smash royce and is using Shaunie's money (Shaq's Money) to do so. That's what she gets ha ha. I heard shaq and that whore hoopz are starting a new show what a waste.

1288 days ago


I don't know why they call this show "Basketball Wives". All I have seen on this show is baby mamas, ex-fiancee's, and ex-girlfriends. If they want to call it this, get some real WIVES.

1288 days ago


I'dtagthat, I knew there'd be one of those things like N.O.Lady commenting, but man you told her! LOL sad there's always some lowlife on each post trying to run down anyone that's not white - especially since they PROVE with their own existence what a lowlife really is...

I do have to agree with one of the above comments - at first I thought Shaunie was going to be so likeable, but now she wants to act as if her shi t don't stink.

1288 days ago

Timmy the timekeeper    

@ 21 and the Wizard Oh and yall forgot they'll do the family horse too, Mr Ed if you will and they are really disgusting not to mention they smell really bad when they get wet like gremlins.

1288 days ago

Willy the Wizard    

@21. wow lol but soooooooooooo tru. Couldn't agree more.

1288 days ago

the truth    

now this definitely tells us how FAKEEEEE reality shows are.they have Kim kardashian chewing gum now .she never did that before. when the big fight broke out with Kim,Scott and khloe...khloe made me lmfao! she suppose to be this big girl who can fight but when the others were arguing khloe looked scared as hell and didn't stand up for Kim.she just talked about how scared Kim is! lol ....these girls are definitely California girls and not NY girls.Scott got into the fight and didnt back down but then again that could have all been fake also just to make Scott look like THE GOOD MAN again.REAILTY SHOWS ARE FAKE.THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE CAMERA TELL U WHAT TO DO !!! why dont they get rid of the kardashions because i had enough of them.now khloe and lamar suppose to have a show?? ughhhhh to much for me! i read in a magazine and it said whos in and whos out this yr.they said the kardashions r out but will see.i also read an article about Dash in ny .they had a spy in the store and u have to pay $10 for a water. the spy said its not what everyone thinks it is.two ladies walked in the store and the spy said y did u walk out empty handed? they said they could get the same stuff at k mart for the same price. i gotta look for the article again it was pretty interesting.

1288 days ago

tracy davis    

Royce is a favorite on the show -she's the most real and down to earth and fun of the bunch. I'm sure it has nothing to do with her being boring. As others have mentioned, Shaunie is jealous because her man was interested in Royce. Once I heard that, I knew Royce's days were numbered. Come on Shaunie, if you are a real producer, you will put aside your personal feelings and keep Royce on the show. Keep Royce and get rid of that psycho Tami -she takes the show down to a new level of low.

1288 days ago

keeping it real    

Cancel the SHOW! It sucks anyways! Same two Guard dogs causing stuff for the cameras!
All the ladies look like men! and they where the ugliest clothes! They where to many moo moos. If that's South Beach Style, Keep it in South Beach!

Royce Im just tired of your stupid as* on the show!

It is what it is! 4 REALZ! PEACE HONEEEEEY

1288 days ago


#21> You stop by tmz.com prior to filing your unemployment check?

1288 days ago


This is one of the worst shows and watching these no talent women whose only claim to fame was screwing a BBPL is so sad.

1288 days ago


All women that do these type's of reaility shows, white ro black have some project/getto in'em!
Let's be real!

1288 days ago


Hmmm.. I love hearing all these racist whites.. As I do that neck rolling thing we do. Unbelievable!

1288 days ago


NO LADY! Name says all. Pig.

1288 days ago

Made it Past 27    

I thought that was Lisa Turtle from Saved by the Bell, both are beautiful.

1287 days ago
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