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Bball 'Wife' Whistled for Boredom -- Getting Bounced?

2/19/2011 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the stars on VH1's "Basketball Wives" is learning the hard way -- go completely off the hinges and be crazy ... or face losing your job.

Sources close to the reality show tell TMZ, Royce Reed's BW days are numbered -- and it's all because of the ongoing legal battle with her Orlando Magic baby daddy Dwight Howard.

As we previously reported, Royce can't talk about Dwight in the media because of a 2009 gag order. That injunction SEVERELY inhibits her ability to participate in the show ... aka ... she's boring.

We're told producers believe Royce needs to be replaced ASAP ... but haven't found anyone up to snuff yet.

Royce tells TMZ she has other options and, "If they are indeed searching for a replacement for me it is what it is. It all seems petty and immature to me"

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I like Royce the best, but I was hoping she was smart enuf not to fall for any of the non sense on the show. Pictures leaking, shes not supposed to talk about Dwight, now he froze all of her assets. Duh--- she still getting child support which is for quite a long time. The worst castmate is that damn TAMMIE.she tries WAY TOO HARD. She acts like she is crazy. I guess she needed the money. She is always ready to fight and curse someone out. I guess they needed more drama. I r e member her with Kenny Anderson- but he is irrelevant just like she is.

1327 days ago


if your a basketball wife shouldnt you be married? I dont watch it but i do know more than half are just baby mammas... really stop living off your ex and woman up and start doing you!!

1327 days ago


@ Mikey maybe you should go back and research the history for the ratings of "good" black shows and you would know that shows with majority casts do have the possibility to succeed and we are not just talking about The Cosby Show... hell the season premiere of The Game on BET shows that black shows can get good ratings if the content is good... I personally don't consider shows such as RHOA and Basketball Wives to be good shows nor are they an indication of what it means to be Black/African American whichever you prefer. Black people don't tune into to these trashy black reality shows because they aren't worthy to be watched... The Cosby Show and A Different World were the #1 and #3 were top ranking television shows in their time in the country, not just with the black audience... Family Matters, Fresh Prince, Sister, Sister, and lots of other shows has successful ratings... so before you run your mouth, bring facts

1326 days ago


I saw the finality of Basketball Wives and it was a sad thing to see these Women Evelyn and Tammi fighting like children about a Man who did not care about Tammi then and don't care about her today so why fight? if it was not Evelyn it probably was someone else.I think that all of these Women have no morals being married or single but then again this is how producers and writers get rich they do it on the backs of black folks ignorance and as long as we the viewers buy into this they will continue to do shows like this with no class.I don't think the show should be cancel but let be about classy black ladies please no more drama.

1326 days ago


Everyone keeps posting how trashy this show and the ATL housewives is because the cast is black. What about the Housewives of Organge County or New York. They are just as trashy. What about Jersey Shores? Need I say more. As for Royce, she is boring and two-faced. I just watch the reunion show. She had alot to say during the reunion, but did not have SH*t to say during the show. She needs to go.

1322 days ago


get her whinning ass of this show asap. love tami, shauni, evelyn & Jen ** da rest can go, boring as bitches.

1321 days ago



1321 days ago


"Yeah if it's anything like the ghetto talking "women" on Real Housewives of Atlanta I don't need to see it. They say whatever they want about whites and there's no uproar. Of course whites aren't as goofy so there wouldn't be an uproar."

To N.O.Lady: You just HAD to bring race into it, didn't you? Wow, what a REALLY ignorant comment! Goofy is Goofy, and TRUST me, no one race is more goofy that the other. Prime example: Can we say Charlie Sheen?!

1321 days ago



Royce is not who she appears to be, please re-watch the first season for a sneak peak of who she really is (shaking her butt on the stage). I agree with producers that she is boring and sneaky. Also wife means married to someone, it has nothing to do with the woman's character just what the marriage certificate states. These women are being themselves in front of millions...just imagine if you had a camera following you around 24/7. How "perfect" would you appear. What separates these women from Housewives of NJ or any reality show? If you don't enjoy the drama then don't watch it!

1320 days ago


That Evelyn is a "season ho" at best. She thinks she is the S@4% and has the worst attitude and the filthiest mouth. She is so quick to call some one a jump off or a bitch and that's EXACTLY what she is. Ocho(stoopid)cinco is straight ignorant to give that trick an opportunity to spend his money. Like Tammy said "she F#$! for handbags.

1320 days ago


I feel that the name need to be changed, because they are not basketball wives are the divorcee's and other women who jock the pro athletics. Jennifer is the only basket wives and she is getting divorce. I think they are ghetto to the 99th power and this is a form of money can not buy you class. Royce do not belittle yourself and engaged in the drama with the others and give Dwight a break because you choose to have his child so now you must deal with the consequence.

1320 days ago


Royce just playing them heffas like they ought to be played. Who the heck are they Evelyn trash,Tami trash,Shawneused and washed up. I mean really wouldn't you? Royce do ya thing cause it's about that paper make money off these goofies.Suzie actually was the decent 1. Evelyn and Jen are too scary to see that Shawnee is not there friend, she 2 faced as ever. Shawnee is the reason Tami was going to get in everyones glammer, yeah she always breaking it up. Yeah!!!!!and Royce is playing both sides.

1320 days ago

Monett a Murphy    

I think Royce is far from boring and it would be an injustice to take her off the show. what class the show does have is based on her being on there. She was given such a hard time when she first came on the scene cause these so call ladies Evelyn and Jennifer where trying to teach her to be a lady and not embarrassing in the spot life but low and behold...Evelyn is trashy and ghetto so how dare she come off on her like that.

All these women have a problem with starting S*** and talk about each other but I still like Royce and she is beautiful and I actually dont want to hear about Dewayne. She has her own identity and she makes the show interesting cause she doesnt take no mess from none of them. She is not a follower and dont care about circles and who is in and who isnt in and I like that about her. Royce has more class in her feet than Elevlyn anyday.

1319 days ago


To : Royce stay in and get paid off these goofies.
To: Jen thanks for leaving that gorilla
To Tami: You not bout it bout it, you try too hard. Not scared at all boo.
To Evelyn: Go duche you are what we call a "sketel" in JA
To Shawnee:Can you go get some real housewives, not groupies and some actually literate females my gosh you picked these broads up from a las vegas corner or something.. Tami needs to go she is not entertaining, at least Evelyn is.
I can give you some ideas too like Carmellos wife LA LA,Khloe K,Juanita J,etc.

1319 days ago

G. Abraham    

PLEASE GET ROYCE OFF THE SHOW. Why is she making who Evelyn sleeps with her business talking about until your legs can touch your ear you don't have anything to say to me. Girl get a life it seem that Royce is jealous of Evelyn.Where is the man that was buying her a ring from the look on his face he was not going to spent that money on the ring that she wanted. Hey for what ever it is worth Evelyn is wearing a rock you go figure it out Royce.

1316 days ago
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