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Gabriel Aubry -- Mum on Custody Battle

2/19/2011 5:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's a reasonable question .... whether fathers usually get shafted in custody battles -- but Halle Berry's baby daddy Gabriel Aubry had no response this morning in New York.

Who knows, maybe he'll catch another flight back to JFK in a couple weeks to visit his daughter ... while Halle shoots scenes for her new movie "New Year's Eve" -- then again ... maybe not.


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And the reason why it rings false is if I was black and the mother/father of my child sad racist remarks I'd be hell no and demand that if he wants visitation he'd have to speak to a therapist or someone to work on why he's saying these things. Just my thoughts

1309 days ago


@poster 29

I agree - Gabriel Aubrey is classy. Given all he's been through in the last few days he certainly has a reason to use the press and yet he declines. He's clearly in this for Nahla and his love for her.

Trouble is, Halle is all to free in the press and eventually, he or his lawyer will have to kick her back a bit. I do think her behavior has really exposed who she truly is and perhaps that's the best outcome anyway.

1309 days ago


JLS: Great posts!
Ever since her hit and run accident hell-e showed her true despicable colors!
She's a lying maipulative controlling nutcase! This poor guy only wants to be a dad to his daughter but is given the run around by crazy helle. Gabriel is caught in her endless smear campaign. It will be an endless dirty campaign as she pushes for less and less time with his daughter. God knows **** she's dreaming up next to accuse him of. Hb is not a well lady! He's not fighting to see his daughter beause he wants her money. There is something as simple as being there for your child to nurture and to love and that's commendable when absent fathers are so common place!

I'm Boycotting all movies and products - perfume, revlon etc .. She's not even a decent actress! She isn't! The Oscar was hers due to her half black! They had to give it to her! Show more tits helle..that maybe her only salvation from now on..just get naked! .. Men like you that way! Bleeeech

1309 days ago



Since you are in Halle's pocket why should he talk to you, did a lot of checking, found a lot of comments and information and believe you me all this rubbish that TMZ spills out is mostly lies given by Halle. Gabriel has been working took some time off after she had the baby like Halle. If you look under Gabriel Aubry Model you will find a lot of information. Very impressive. Halle has been spewing lies everywhere. Nasty woman, used to like her, no more. And the obove article nasty. Not posted on this site for years until I found out that TMZ are the one's started with rubbish

1309 days ago


This courtcase was only for her to take the baby to NYC. Gabriel has only changed his case from Custody to Paternity because paternity is behind closed doors and not for TMZ to tell lies about. Court do***ents show that Gabriel and Halle signed a VOLUNTARY DECLARATION OF PATERNITY. He only wants access to his daughter. I think they fell out and Gabriel realised that Halle would not give him access voluntarily and he reacted without thinking.

1309 days ago


14 & 18

Stop talking a lot of rubbish, do your homework before you say anything it doesn't take brains to check up facts with all the knowledge on the NET. And TMZ is not God they only tell you what Halle tells them. Gabriel already had his restaurant when he met Halle she says so herself, and he has being working. They both kept a low profile, he never did like the limelight, Halle's word again. Great father caring boyfriend. His partner has nothing but good things to say about him. There was a fall oout over the business and now he changes his tactics. Friends like that you can do without.

1309 days ago


Gabriel...stay stronger.

1309 days ago


would you guys just leave him alone

he's trying to be classy and reserve all comments for the court room where the case belongs

he's not adding fuel to the fire like Halle is with her inflammatory comments and insinuations trying to desperately get the public on her side and sway the court

if she were confident in the truth and facts on her side of the "story" she wouldn't have to do that!

1309 days ago



Gabriel had already change from Custody to Paternity a week before the court date, 8th actually, stop followoing TMZ like sheep, have a mind of your own and check facts. Do***ents on Radar online. All the dates and facts on there.

1309 days ago


TMZ IS on Ms. Berry's payroll ... BIG TIME!
all your pro-hellle articles are not to be believed!
Puhlease! It's so obvious berry is perpetuating her lies and exaggerations through her many sources.
TMZ you should write articles encouraging your girl to seek therapy pronto! She's got major issues .. Jealousy, vindictive, controlling, manipulative ... and just stop telling lies!

1309 days ago

Davey Boy    

If I were Gabriel, I'd keep my mouth shut too. His ex Poison Berry will eventually open hers and make her out to be the idiot she is. Kind of what Mel is doing. Let Poison Berry continue to make a fool out of herself. Gabriel knows the truth.

1309 days ago


Why doesn't TMZ do a little investigative reporting? Instead of harassment reporting?Here is a link to an article given by Halle Berry's Half sister. Here she states that the father never laid a hand on them. Halle likes to lie. And that they never had any problems with racism. A charge Halle made. Halle has not spoken to them in years. Typical behavior of a malignant narcissist. She tried to call her after she won the Academy award. And would love to get to know Nahla.

1309 days ago


I feel sorry for him and I think he is doing the right thing by not talking about it.
I think he was used. Ms. Berry wanted a baby and now she is doing her best to get rid of (in her own words) the "donor".
The baby should be able to stay with him in his home while she is in NY - afterall he is the father, not a nanny to pack up and come with her. Not to mention the fact that he does have a life and should not be expected to pick up and go whenever she feels like it.
I hope he sticks it out and finds a way to protect his rights because it's pretty clear from photos that he and his daugher love each other.

1309 days ago

boo's mom     

Women in their late 30's with high paying jobs are prime targets for younger men that are gold diggers. Women want to have a baby before it is too late. The gold diggers profess their love, their wanting to have babies with them. I know, I had one lie about his education, never went to the colleges he claimed. Never was an Army Ranger, never was a Green Beret. He even had his family going along with the scam. He thought he had married on to easy street. Only thing was he couldn't hide his nasty temper. I got out with my children. Funny thing is I hurt my back and am on disability, so now the jerk has to pay me child support. What a big shocker. I never ever put his name on my house dispite his pleas that it would make him feel like more of a man to be on the deed. No way, go buy your own house Mr. Fraud.

Gabriel is a Gold Digger. I will advise my daughters to get prenups ( I will pay for them my self) or use a sperm donors.

1309 days ago


Stop whining about fathers getting the shaft TMZ the woman only wanted to take the baby for a week for Gods sake so she can work, tell me he hasn't gone a week without seeing her before.

This story so far isnt about fathers rights its about silly spite

1309 days ago
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