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Gabriel Aubry -- Mum on Custody Battle

2/19/2011 5:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's a reasonable question .... whether fathers usually get shafted in custody battles -- but Halle Berry's baby daddy Gabriel Aubry had no response this morning in New York.

Who knows, maybe he'll catch another flight back to JFK in a couple weeks to visit his daughter ... while Halle shoots scenes for her new movie "New Year's Eve" -- then again ... maybe not.


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He is probably more upset he didn't get palamony. Only a leach would sue for support. If he was just suing for custody I would applaud him. Don't his "good looks" bring in the money anymore? Why should Halle have to pay him to be with his own daughter and pay the bill for him to visit his sperm donation. Any dedicated father would move heaven and earth to be with their child and not give in so easily. Halle must have had some real sh**t on him for him to drop it so fast or maybe he just didn't care because he wasn't getting a pay day.

1339 days ago


If she is working than who is watching the kid? A nanny? If its only for a while then he should have the kid until she's finished. Celebs need to give kids a permenant place. I know that some have to work but put the kids first!!

1339 days ago


Since I don't personally know either of them it is hard to know who to believe. But when you look at what has been said publicly on one said (Halle) and the silence coming from the other side (Gabriel) you have to wonder who really is trying to do what is best for their child.

As a mother I can tell you that kids need their fathers! And more than just once in awhile. For Halle to try to limit Nahla's interaction with her father is wrong. Halle is throwing everything out there in her accusations to see what sticks. In taking this public route any respect I had for her has vanished.

1339 days ago


Thanks once again Kelly for stating the facts. I have also done some researching also, and as I said before he is a models and models only make money when they are working. Plus both side put stuff out there (such as source or friend, also a spy). So give me a break when you say that Halle is the only one who putting out information. Because they both did, and now someone is saying that Halle is paying TMZ to say stuff about Gabriel. Give me a break this is the real world, and both people aren’t perfect and neither are we. Also whoever keeps talking about her car accident this has nothing to do with what is going on now. Where you there at the accident and do you know what really happen there, no you don’t. Until you know all the fact stop bring up the car accident. Plus once the media add there wild inaccuracies and speculation into the mixed what do you have? In fact none of us knows what happen behind closed doors. Because as I have said before there are two sides of a story, and we don’t know what the true story is?

1339 days ago



Just because you found a loser doesn't mean he is, have you spoken to him or Halle, no. You must be an mind reader than. BLAISE
Gabriel stopped the custody a week ago, wants most likely to stop the media frenzie so he is going for paternit which is behind closed doors, which it should have been from the beginning. Halle started this and he retaliated, which was his only mistake, but at least he has learned. But as GMFUHLMAN says we do not know all the story. Saying that I stick with TMZ being well and truely payed by her manager. A few people have made that remark.

1339 days ago


Why is he seeking child support? Halle's the primary caregiver so he should be paying her child support. Both parents have to contribute to the financial upbringing of a child. He's well paid as a model even if he works part time. It's not like he's making minimum wage. What would he do if Halle worked at McDonalds or Walmart? Britney Spears paid Federline but he was the primary caregiver at that point. I don't know how the laws in the USA work with child support payments but where I live the father pays a specified amount every month unless he's the primary caregiver and then the mother must pay him something based on her income.

1339 days ago



On the court Do***ents is says Custody not shared Custody, so if he got custody he would therefor ask for support of Minor. I think, but of course this is just my opinion. They had a fall our she said she would go for full custody, that' s why all the smear campaign and he counteracted by doing the same. On the 8th he changed from custody to paternity because that is held behind closed doors. I think he wanted to stop the media frenzie. The court appearance this time was not about custody or paternity but about him looking after the little girl while she went to NYC without having to follow her. While he lost that, he did gain access, so both got what they wanted really. Nobody should have the right to separate father and daughter, what went on behind closed doors we obviously don't know. But don't make the father out to be a child abuser if he is not. Put yourself in Gabriels shoe and see how you would feel.

1339 days ago


He wanted her to leave their child with him. She waited a long time to have this child, and why would she leave their child with him. What she said was extended times. This to me means he can have her for very short period of times and he is okay. No one said anything about him being abuser that,is what everyone assumed that she said. I do believe that he does need to be in his daughter life if that what he wants. But he shouldn’t have to be paid to be with her as he has been in the past. Halle has taken care of everything for such a long time and what she wanted from him is to do his share and that never happen. So than I would have to say that he paid Radaronline to take his side, give me a break already. When you have (source, friends and spy) what do you have not the facts. As I have said before the media add there wild inaccuracies and speculation into the mixed what do you have? In fact none of us knows what happen behind closed doors. Because as I have said before there are two sides of a story, and we don’t know what the true story is?

1339 days ago



I agree with most of what you say, but it is a proven fact that people like TMZ and also Radar get information from celebrities, here in England and it is no different in the US. it is how the portray the information is interesting. TMZ is always nasty and rude more often because they have been payed to do so. Also how do you know she paid for everything, have you inside information on her Bank details. Like you said we do not know what goes on behind closed doors but we do know who started this war. My son-in-law is black, nices man you could ever meet, but he would be angry if anybody called his childen black, they are mixed race, because he acknowledges his children mother is also part of them.

1339 days ago


I don't know what the hell Halle saw in this guy!

1337 days ago
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