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'Nelson' Twin Sued for Trash-Talking Nightclub

2/19/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former '90s glam rocker Gunnar Nelson just got sued by a smalltown Virginia club owner ... who claims the singer blasted him in the press for no reason ... and destroyed his business in the process.

It's all over an interview Nelson gave on last August -- two years after performing at Jaxx nightclub in Springfield, VA -- in which the singer calls the venue the "lowpoint" of his career ... and insists the owner still owes him $8,000 for his performance.

Now, club owner Jay Nedry is firing back -- suing Nelson for over $25,000 ... claiming the singer's "irrational, untrue, and slanderous diatribe" in the interview is not only entirely false ... it's completely defamatory.

According to the lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court this month, Nelson's allegations "have had a great negative impact upon Nedry's personal and business reputation, as well as that of Jaxx Nightclub by deterring persons from dealing with him individually and the club."

Nedry is also suing the reporter who wrote the article containing the interview -- claiming she never checked her facts.


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Right... a one hit wonder from the early 90s is capable of single handedly ruining a business.

1339 days ago


100,000 people live in greater Springfield and there are 2.6 million people in Northern Virginia. I wouldn't really call it a 'small town'.

1339 days ago


Umm I live in Springfield and we are definitely not a "small town". We are a major suburb like 10 mins outside of Washington Dc. Jaxx is a small club in a strip mall type area but "small town Va" makes us sound like hicks. Northern VA is nothing like the rest of Virginia.

1339 days ago


If you think Springfield is full of rednecks, you clearly don't know the area.

Jaxx is a "low point" of anyone's career. I use to work there ages ago and Jaxx is where metal comes to die; or any genre for that matter. Jaxx's reputation as well as Jay Nedry's is notorious without anyone reporting it in the press. I know a lot of local bands who refuse to play there based on Nedry's shady practices and the fact that he is famous for not paying and going back on his word. He's the same way with his employees. I don't see how he believes that Nelson is responsible for damaging the reputation of what was already a hole-in-the-wall dive night club to begin with.

1339 days ago

nobody in particular    

haha. anyone who's ever played at jaxx knows that it is Jay Nedry himself that sank his own reputation. nobody that's ever worked with him would voluntarily do so again. his sleaziness is legendary around here. take my word for i. we unfortunately made the mistake of putting our band on the Jaxx stage.

1339 days ago


Hey Anni:

Nelson hits:

"I Can't Life Without Your Love and Affection" was Nelson's #1 hit and they also had 3 other top Billboard hits: "After the Rain", "Only Time Will Tell", "More Than Ever"

And also, their new album "Lightning Strikes Twice" was just released a couple days ago.

Oh, btw, Ricky Nelson's "Garden Party" was #6 on Billboard. His #1 hit was "Poor Little Fool". His other Billboard hits were:

Believe What You Say" (Hot 100 number 4), "I Got A Feeling" (Hot 100 number 10), "My Bucket's Got A Hole In It" (Hot 100 number 12), "Hello Mary Lou" (Hot 100 number 9), "It's Late" (Hot 100 number 9), "Stood Up" (Hot 100 number 2), "Waitin' In School" (Hot 100 number 18), "Be-Bop Baby" (Hot 100 number 3), and "Just A Little Too Much" (Hot 100 number 9), his smooth, calm voice made him a natural to sing ballads. He had major success with "Travelin' Man" (Hot 100 number 1), "A Teenager's Romance" (Hot 100 number 2), "Poor Little Fool" (Hot 100 number 1), "Young World" (Hot 100 number 5), "Lonesome Town" (Hot 100 number 7), "Never Be Anyone Else But You" (Hot 100 number 6), "Sweeter Than You" (Hot 100 number 9), "It's Up To You" (Hot 100 number 6), and "Teenage Idol" (Hot 100 number 5). (Source: Wikipedia)

Needless to say, Ricky Nelson AND his twin sons were and are totally legit.

1339 days ago

Lord H.    

no one likes jaxx. period. especially local acts. F jaxx.

1339 days ago


Oh yes, the Nelsons...they did the hit song, "mmm Bop" right? they're coked up, gay, cant make a hit anymore and the last survivors of what once was truly an All American Family. Blame Tom Harmon the super athlete from Michigan, his daughter is their Mother.

mmmbop, mmmbop..ditty ditty doo doo mmbop.

1339 days ago


Looks to me like the club owner is proving that Gunnar Nelson was right, Nedry is a thieving dishonest money-grubber. [ And according to what I just read, plenty of people here unfortunately have the experience to prove it;-( ]

1339 days ago


Er, quick hints and tips for people who think Nelson did MMMBop -- three people versus two.

1339 days ago


This owner is destroying his business by doing this. He needs musicians to come perform at his place to pay the bills, but after reading how he is treating Gunnar, who will want to perform at his place. Gunnar Nelson has to be one of the nicest, most down-to-earth, honest guys in the industry. I hope this owner can see how he is destroying his own business before it is too late.

1339 days ago


if they guys business was ruined by an article it could not have been all that to begin with. 2nd the nelsons made money in their day- and their dad was very popular. they tour playing tribute to him and there are not just 'bluehairs" there. I have worked at a few and trust me it is a wide age range that show up.

1339 days ago


What's funny about this is that Gunnar said the club already owed him money...and now THEY are trying to get money from HIM. Quite ironic.

1339 days ago


#24 Musiclover:

Thank you!! You just saved me the time of looking up their hits and that of their awesome dad...their brother Sam is a very good alt-rock singer, too. They have stayed consistent in the music field for years now. They stay out of trouble. I don't know why people are ragging on them...I guess because unlike these guys no one on here is part of an acting and musical dynasty and it brings out petty jealousies.

They ARE music history by being the only family to have 3 generations of singers with Number One records, too. For all their family dramas and what they put up with after their father's death (especially finding out the way they did: on the radio/tv) they have dealt with things pretty admirably.

For your listening pleasure:

1338 days ago

Sean Scott    

any Va. reader knew what club this was before even reading! You can bet your bottom dollar Nelson did NOT get paid. He could easily find dozens and DOZENS of bands that could testify to that fact. Jaxx gets great acts...but they run a suck club!
Nedry ..the owner has even got as far as to host BENEFIT events, to only turn around and take the door money. This is a federal crime..a crime of RACKETEERING! You can NOT advertise an event for charity, then keep the money! Sue his sorry self...cause he sure deserves it. With stealing from charity..he actually belongs in prison.

1338 days ago
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