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Michael Lohan's Ex:

He Won't Stop Harassing Me!

2/19/2011 5:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan's ex -fiancee Kate Major just filed a criminal complaint against Lindsay's dad -- claiming MiLo's been harassing her constantly ... calling her non-stop and even threatening her.

It all started a few weeks ago when the on-again off-again couple split ... yet again. We're told Kate tried to pack up all her stuff from their New York apartment ... but Michael got in the way ... and the argument went nuclear.

Sources close to the ex-couple tell us, Kate fled to her family's home in Florida -- where Michael called so much, Kate asked Verizon to permanently block his number ... at which point Michael allegedly threatened to do "something bad."

She filed the criminal complaint yesterday with police in Florida -- and we're told, she plans to seek a restraining order on Monday.

Michael tells TMZ, "She has done this many times before, and the allegations always prove to be false."


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1309 days ago


what a bunch of screwed up white people

Posted at 2:46 PM on Feb 19, 2011 by shuckz

you're hell bent on having the entire world know you're a racist...

1309 days ago


Coming to E! Jon and Michael plus a psycho grosskey attention grubbing BE-OTCH

1309 days ago

t jam     

thats what happens when you sleep your way up to fame / opps public eye ,must stink when the 3 minutes are up ,,you run into freaks ,,bet she was not complaining when things were good ,,and he was paying her bills

1309 days ago


You know after I've bashed their spawn, I have taken to reflection...why WOULDN'T Linds be messed up in the mind. Both her parents are certifiable.

1309 days ago

Lisa I googled this Kate Major chick because I had remembered that she also dated Jon Gosselin (also a loser), but was really grossed out that there are topless photos of her while she is SLEEPING that someone took and posted all over the internetz. They are disgusting! Apparently, she has accused Michael Lohan of leaking the photos! She has to be mortified. Dear Gawd...I hope this girl finally realizes that if you lie down with dogs you get fleas!!!

1308 days ago


Li-Lo and Dina just don't want him back and as far as I'm concerned Jesus doesn't like families who hate each other and where there's no love be together in his name.

1308 days ago


I believe it.. he seems to always be in the news for sticking his nose where it doesnt belong primarily in his daughters business and making a complete ass out of himself... he probably feel's because of his daughters success he can get whatever he wants..not so mr fact no one likes you... lol

1308 days ago

go home!    

I DESPISE these two losers. Especially Kate Major. TMZ, please do not cover them and their unhealthy, most likely fake drama. They are not celebrities, they are not even reality stars. Please. Spencer and Heidi would be better than these two.

1308 days ago


#56 Go Home! - I like your suggestion! Yes put these four, Spencer, Heidi, Mike and Kate on an island. In less then 24 hours the chicks will find a way off the island leaving the two head douches to examine tiny heads. Yup, that works!

1308 days ago


This guy makes Buttafuoco look respectable! What a white trash family! Proud now Michael and Dina? Please leave Long Island and New York for that matter. Go live in a trailer in the Ozarks where you belong! You are an embarrassment to everyone. We need to thin the herd of people like you.

1308 days ago


#58 - I think Lindsay is scared of Michael. I have thought for a long time that really bad things went down in that family - worse things than have been published. I have a feeling that one day when Lindsay is older that she will come out with stories of abuse. Just a gut feeling I have.

1308 days ago


Gee maybe he and Lindsey can be in adjoining cells!

1308 days ago

Sad sad    

Lisa God I hope not. I don't think Dina would have ever let him close to her at all if that was the case. What kind of religious man post naked photos of your partner (x) out of spite? You had to laugh at his "open" letter to Billy. I really do think he's having a mental breakdown. This is the type of thing that causes Lindsay's behavior. It's got to be horrible reading all these comments/stories about your parents almost daily. Can't imagine what she's going through emotionally. She is trying to stay on the straight right before court and here both are all over the tabloids. What type of chit is that? Dina didn't say anything bad but it really wasn't necessary to go on a show right now imo. It's like can you poor some lemon juice on my cut please?

1308 days ago

Lori girls as young as his daughters? anyone else see the GREEK TRAGEDY in all this?

Hey A HOLE...crawl back under your rock, shut your pie hole and stop harassing little girls...


1308 days ago
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