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'Survivor' Snitch Exposed -- The Email Evidence

2/19/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Survivor: Redemption Island" contestant Russell Hantz claims he NEVER leaked secrets about the reality series to a fan blog site -- but TMZ has obtained emails between Russell and the fan who posted the show spoilers.


TMZ spoke with Jim Early who admits publishing spoilers about "Survivor: Samoa," and "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains" -- which both featured Russell. Some of the leaks include how Russell found an immunity idol -- and revealing Russell made the final 3 ... before the episode aired.

The emails -- from September and October 2009 when "Survivor: Samoa" was airing -- were sent  between "The Game" (Jim) and "Hantztankering" (Russell). Hantztankering is the name of a water tank company Russell owns.

Jim says he initially met Russell through a "Survivor" fan site ... and after that "he just started telling me what happened on the show."

Jim claims he's coming forward with the emails because he's angry Russell has falsely accused innocent cast members of being the snitch.

Remember, Russell is on the current season of "Survivor" which premiered this week. Calls to Russell and "Survivor" reps were not returned.


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Nobody likes a snitch.

1350 days ago


Wow Im a fan of Russell on FB and this is a shock but then again its Russell so it's really not.
Ive posted His recent Facebook posts below....interesting.

Russell Hantz "Before thinking that someone like my wife would spoil any season is insane. She is 10 X's honorable than I could ever wish to be, so you out there that think that ,can just as well suck my ass! Thank you and have a good night."
January 23 at 11:02pm

Russell Hantz "If you love the game, you won't go to spoiler sites. Like who really wants to know who wins the superbowl before you watch it play out? Don' t be a retard, lol just watch it play out and you will like what you see."
January 23 at 10:49pm

Russell Hantz "What do you have better to do in your life than to spoil anything, whether Survivor, Amazing Race or etc? If you need help on some game besides typing on your keyboard in your whitey tighties, then inbox me because I can help you on that part."
January 23 at 10:42pm

Russell Hantz "Please respect me as I respect my fans. I will NOT talk about season 22 so please don't ask until it's over. I respect the show and the people involved in it and the people who try to spoil the show can suck my ass."
January 23 at 8:52pm

1350 days ago


On the letter dated October 8, TMZ didn't black out the email address.

Harvey... hire me as a copy editor?

1350 days ago


He sure seems to have a fixation on people sucking his a$$.

1350 days ago


im so sick of this russell guy he is so over rated..he has made it to the finals 3 times but he never wins because his cast mates wont vote for him because he is a douche.he sucks at the game getting to the final is only part of the game.assembling a jury to vote for you is part of it also.

1350 days ago


Survivor Sucks is a message board not a blog site. They're two completely different animals.

I remember people either accused Jim of being Russell's wife or Russell himself because everything was told from his POV. Russell is so self centred he couldn't even spoil right.

1350 days ago


Those correspondence read like total troll crap. each and every bit of information in there could of been deducted from Next time on survivor previews that have the worst edits I've ever seen. much like next week on RI, where Russell masterminds the voting off of Ralph.

I love Russell as much as those who hate him but, with a combination of Google, some lovely black bars and someone with a bone to pick would have not problem whats so ever making these "emails" look real. Sorry TMZ I do hope you have it in your budget to buy crappy fake news stories. Weekly World News you are not, because that's where this story belongs. on the heat sheets.

1350 days ago


I think its funy, they black out the last part of the email address but yet dont block out the "yahoo" links directly under the email. EPIC! Hey TMZ, i will work for you guys to make sure stuff like this doesn't happen!

1350 days ago

Max Smart    

They're both nutters. That spoiler jim is a massive egomaniac jerk & it's creepy how obsessed he is with survivor and russell hantz. I'd be getting a restraining order if I was hantz.

Anyone with some web training can fake the "from" field when they send an email. It's baby stuff - almost as easy as it is to fake a printed email. Not saying that hantz is innocent though - but emails aren't proof of **** unless you chase back IP addresses to where the emails came from.

CBS would be loving TMZ trying to sweep up a controversy. That show is real good this year BTW.

1350 days ago

There's a problem here    

I think this guy is probably as despicable a human in real life as he is as a contestant on Survivor. Except, he seems to have a serious a** s**king fetish doesn't he? What's up with that?

1349 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Who honestly gives a ****?

1349 days ago


He should not win. If he did, he forfeits the money and is never allowed on any reality tv again.
He is such an a*swipe... probably not watching anymore, b/c I cannot stand the site of him. I will wait til there are 2 shows left and PRAY that he is not still there.

1349 days ago


I am a BIG fan of survivior and I have never liked Russell I dont understand why bring him of all people back he is a bully and braggard and DIRTY in every way he is gross but i dont have any say in the show so go ahead and piss us all off again

1349 days ago


He is the reason I'm not watching this season.
Two times is enough!
Cant't stand this creep.

1349 days ago


Team Russell all the way!

1349 days ago
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