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Ex-Dream Teamer -- Hall of Fame SCREWED Reggie

2/20/2011 5:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Original Dream Teamer Chris Mullin thinks it's a travesty that 3-point legend Reggie Miller got snubbed by the Basketball Hall of Fame this year -- but tells us justice will be served.


Speaking of justice -- Mullin also weighed in on Justin Bieber making basketball history. Or maybe that was the travesty part?

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1340 days ago

Colin in the DMV    

Uh, no. Reggie had a few iconic moments but the stats and accomplishments aren't there. He did one thing great: shoot 3 pointers. And even there, it was a struggle as he couldn't create his own shot and they'd have to send him through multiple screens to get open. Average defender at best, horrible passer, horrible rebounder. It's insane that his little **** measuring contest with Spike Lee has hyped him up as such.

Dennis Rodman should be a 1st balloter though.

(And ftr, I'm a Wizards fan. That removes me almost as far as possible from anything HOF worthy so I definitely don't have any bias on this matter.)

1340 days ago

Colin in the DMV    

I should have said "I'm a Wizards fan so that removes me almost as far as possiblke from anything HOF worthy UNLESS YOU CONSIDER A PLAYER BEING ABSOLUTELY ROBBED OF HIS SLAM DUNK CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE BY LA DOUCHES AND DUMBASS FAN VOTING TO BE HOF WORTHY."

Sorry. I just had to note the latest great travesty in sports.

Javale McGee: The REAL Slam Dunk Champ

1340 days ago


Mullin should have kept his drunken mouth shut. The guy is somehow invited to this event and chooses to lenghten his stay by making comments in which he absolutely no control. He thinks Miller is a 1st ballot HOF'er, but it's not his decision. Mullin is not a Hall of Famer and therefore should keep the mouth shut on such issues.

1340 days ago

JR Jake    

RU kidding me, Reggie was not included?! One of the greatest offensive players to every play in the NBA. He didn't have the flash and dribble like some of the greats, his defense was lacking........BUT to accomplish what he did when he couldn't drive the hoop, battle for the rebound or otherwise scrap it out makes it even more impressive. He found a way to avoid the defenders and drained it! Chris is right, Reggie should have been included.

1340 days ago

JR Jake    

And besides Reggie maybe the best free thrower shooter of all time. He and Calvin Murphy were the best especially when clutch time. HOF'er fer sure. Gervin and Erving were first timers and Reggie is right up their with them.

1340 days ago


Dang, he looks like Mickey Rourke in Sin City--"Shot and a brew, Shelley, and keep 'em coming!"

1340 days ago


Reggie did get dogged. He was a solid player his whole career. Great free throw shooter, consisent clutch player, great leader, and spent his whole time on a crappy team. He could've left, but that shows how loyal he was, even when the city hated him when he first got there. That dude's got some serious class.

1340 days ago


Further proof that professional sports are soap operas for men, maybe?

1340 days ago

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