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Tourette's Guy on 'Idol': I Wrote Songs About 'Whores'

2/20/2011 5:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

James Durbin -- the Tourette's-suffering guy on "American Idol" last week -- wasn't joking when he said he turned his life around ... because just last year, he claimed to love singing about "sex" and "whores."

It was all part of an interview he gave with his band "The Hollywood Scars" -- they were competing in a local battle of the bands in Santa Cruz last April ... and during the interview, Durbin says his favorite things to write songs about are "having sex with women ... whores ... [and] having a good time."

It's pretty ironic considering how Durbin was portrayed on his "Idol" episode -- as a kind, genuine 21-year-old father of a new baby ... who suffers from Tourette's ... and can barely make ends meet.

0218_idol_audition_mini_launchCheck out the "Idol" clip if you missed the episode. So far, calls to James haven't been returned.


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I have worked personally with a child with exactly what he has been diagnosed with. The thing is music is this kids life too.
Someone out there is jealous of him and wanted dirt dug up.
The guy wants to sing it's not about what he's written about.
The contest isn't about his past it's about how well he does on this show.

1340 days ago


"Tourettes IS NOT uncontrollable cursing, Tourettes is having ticks. My friend has tourettes, and everytime he comes to a door, he has to stomp his feet 3 times before he can open it, that is Tourettes."
No, that is not Tourette's. That is obsessive-compulsive disorder. Tourette's occurs without your control and not because you see a door before you. You can't just "summon" a certain Tourette's behavior.

1340 days ago


When you are in a rock band you need an image. That was his image. Also, he was probably just making ends meet too. Being in a local rock band doesn't get you the big bucks being in Aerosmith or the Rolling Stones gets you.

1340 days ago


Reminds me of a low rent cheap imitation of Adam Lambert

1340 days ago


is he a guy or a gay?

1340 days ago


People he has Aspergers too!!! If you don't like the way he sings then you are free to express it, but talking bad because of the way he "acts" then that is bull because he has a disability... We have too many ignorant people as it is, we don't need anymore bull**** comments!!!!

1340 days ago


What is the big deal? He said he writes about whatever is on his mind - what else would be on the mind of a kid that age. Tourette's or no Tourette's, I can't get mad at him for being completely normal in that respect. He'll grow up.

1340 days ago


I know James and he is an incredibly sweet kid. He also has multiple severe disabilities. TMZ and those posting rude comments should be seriously embarrassed by their actions, and should look inward as to why they would feel compelled to attack a disabled kid who is working so hard to follow his dreams.

P.S. - His emotions on AI are REAL, and no - he isn't able to control them. He does indeed have a heavy case of tourettes and is AUTISTIC, yet some people on here are making fun of him?? Makes me sad. A little love and empathy here people?

1340 days ago


Again for those of you that don't know, this guy is on the Autism spectrum, he has Asperger's along with Tourettes. For anyone that knows anything about Asperger's, they tend to be socially inappropriate and not by their own choice. They have a hard time reading people's emotions, will say what is on their minds without realizing whether or not it is appropritate, they are extremely sensitive (hence all the crying). I did not watch the video as I just feel to make fun of someone on the spectrum is unforgivable and just plain bullying. I have a 9yr old with Aspergers, he does not have a shy bone in his body. He will sing, dance, tell never-ending stories and thinks he is the greatest in the world at all things (to me, he is ;))...but point being is they have to overcome alot in this world to just make it through each day, do they really need the public ridicule. The best thing that could happen then is for him to be voted off if it means his staying will make for more of these types of comments that can destroy him completely. I personally think he has a great talent, and kudos to him for getting out there and believing in himself, I just hate to see him get shot down because of the insensitivities of others. Give him a break!

1340 days ago


And TMZ, you should be ashamed of yourselves for making fun of someone on the Autism Spectrum, this is a new low for you guys. I think for all concerned the video should be removed from your site.

1340 days ago

truth and mercy    

People change... Thank God this guy changed for the better. God bless him, I hope he has a successful life and a POSITIVE future. I wish his band members Love Peace and success, too. +

1340 days ago

Mrs. Mathers    

every1 has a sad sob story, dont mean we gotta like him! still sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1340 days ago


I dont watch this stupid show anymore but If this kid has several severe disabilities then as far as im concerned he doesnt belong in the entertainment industry/public eye. He is just setting himself up to be publicly ridiculed which in turn will hurt his feelings, etc.

1340 days ago


TMZ, come on. Don't try to pretend you've never heard of a persona and image. You darn well know most stars are deeply insecure, just as he is.

1340 days ago


Anyone who wants to have a rock band should refrain from dressing like Papa Roach, and calling themselves "Hollywood Scars." There is already "Scars on Broadway." "Hollywood Scars" sounds like a complete rip-off.

1340 days ago
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