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Tourette's Guy on 'Idol': I Wrote Songs About 'Whores'

2/20/2011 5:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

James Durbin -- the Tourette's-suffering guy on "American Idol" last week -- wasn't joking when he said he turned his life around ... because just last year, he claimed to love singing about "sex" and "whores."

It was all part of an interview he gave with his band "The Hollywood Scars" -- they were competing in a local battle of the bands in Santa Cruz last April ... and during the interview, Durbin says his favorite things to write songs about are "having sex with women ... whores ... [and] having a good time."

It's pretty ironic considering how Durbin was portrayed on his "Idol" episode -- as a kind, genuine 21-year-old father of a new baby ... who suffers from Tourette's ... and can barely make ends meet.

0218_idol_audition_mini_launchCheck out the "Idol" clip if you missed the episode. So far, calls to James haven't been returned.


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What is wrong with some of you people? He has disabilities, and really who cares what he has done in his past he is only 21. I'm sure some of you have done stupid things in your youth that perhaps you are ashamed to admit. I have a 10 year old who has Tourettes,ADHD and OCD and he gets picked on daily from kids his age and it's hurt full for me to have this happen to my child. but why should it be in the media too? It should never happen anyone. Are we not all adults here? It saddens me that you would put this guy down for his disabilities. I think he's has had enough bullying in his life don't you think? If you don't like him don't watch and mostly keep your negative comments to yourself, and as for TMZ why post these kinds of stories? aren't we all trying to stop bullying now? by posting this you are bullying him. he doesn't need this from you or anyone else. We love him in our house as well as everyone else. I think it's great for someone who has disabilities to make it or even get shot at being on tv.

1306 days ago


"impulse control problem" is too general and not specific enough. It might leave people with the impression that people with Tourette's have general impulse control problems when Tourette's is actually much more specific. Specifically, tics- involuntary movements and vocalizations. I have Tourette's and for anything that isn't a tic I'm pretty much the opposite of impulsive, I tend to overthink everything!

And exactly why is making songs about sex, whores, and having a good time being talked of as a "mistake". You guys are puritans. This is not the 50s. Why is singing about natural human inclinations, things we should embrace rather than be ashamed of a bad thing?

1306 days ago


The only reason I watch Amerc Idol is cause of Steven Tyler JLo's a old washed up hag now but some of these stories are so cornballish yuck pleez isn't it supposed to be about talent.He hasn't got what it takes so cry me a river too bad its the bizz and not to often do unattractive ppl make it big come on now

1306 days ago


lollllllllllll. this guy really sucks. they only let him through because he has tourettes. i hope he loses.

1306 days ago

Queen Europa    

TMZ is a pain in the ass! Why do you like destroying people so much? James is a hard rock/heavy metal dude....he was "playing the part." What a lyricist writes about doesn't necessarily mirror his actual life style. Besides most hard rock,heavy metal songs are about loose women,sex,booze and drugs.If it wasn't for those 4 things TMZ wouldn't have anything to report.....SO BACK OFF!!!

As for James being another Adam Lambert....that's bull****! Just cause a singer wails(hits the high notes) doesn't mean he is another Adam Lambert.He so different than Adam.

Also you have to take in consideration that he is very young and maybe doesn't make the best choices at times.We all have done/said things when we were young that we wish we could forget.That's how you grow up and mature.You learn from your mistakes.
This world needs more love,kindness,compassion and PEACE.....none of which TMZ is contributing.

1304 days ago


wow, what a great image for an AI winner. Singing about whores, should be an interesting first album.
He's not a great singer, he WILL NOT become an icon in the rock business, he should probably just quite before he becomes a joke.
Also it really upsets me that people are lauding him as the next Adam because this guy has no control to any of his notes, nor is his tone in anyway pleasing. I could deal with Adam's "screams" because he knew how to use his voice, this kid is painful.

1304 days ago

B. Womack    

You know TMZ, you guys are horrible. What rock band hasn't written a song about sex? Have you heard any popular song today? But, that's not the point. The point is, this guy is inspirational. Sure, he isn't the world's greatest singer. But he had the guts to go and pursue his dream. Meanwhile, you lot at TMZ procede to take a job in which you post glorified and "enhanced" gossip in hopes of taking someone down a notch. Tourette's Syndrome is not a laughing matter, despite what most media outlets (like yours) portray it to be. As a 16-year-old girl who has lived with and suffered from Tourette's my entire life, I am actually appalled at the content of these comments. Believe me, I've heard it all. But this? This is terrible. Not only does Mr. Durbin have Tourette's Syndrome, but he also sufferes from a disorder than is a relative and varied form of Autism, called Asperger's Syndrome. It is absolutely amazing that Mr. Durbin has made the decision to not only pursue his musical career, but to do so on Television. The majority of people do not realize exactly how common Tourette's is. Approximately 1 in 150 Americans have been diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome, and an estimated 1 in 35 Americans have *some form* of an undiagnosed tic or anxiety disorder. So, to those who poke fun at Tourette's, think to yourself: does your eye blink a little too often, do you have an odd habit of looking upwards when looking at an object? Most likely, you too, have nervous tics. Also, out of every single person with Tourette's Syndrome worldwide, only a mere 8% have coprolalia; the tic in which one has the uncontrollable compulsion to speak obscenities. Seeing as most of the negative commenters are considered legal adults, I find it quite interesting that you all lack the simple skill of common sense. Common Sense would surely inform you that, one does not judge or tease those who are different. Sadly, at my young age, even I understand this. I mean, if he was a minority with this disorder, not as many people would post negative comments. That is because most of us were raised to not judge those who are unique and different.

I hope you guys evolve at some point, otherwise, I am fearful of the future.

1302 days ago


This guy has amazing talent. He sounds like he has an five octave range. He knows how to hold a note and stay in tune. The fact that he can cover Queen and pull it off is pure talent. I've seen him perform Queen I would love to see this guy do some Led Zeppelin. Blues and rockin' 'n' roll! That's where it's at! This kid will make it far in this business. I'm 62 and I've seen a lot he's got "IT". The guy that played the bass on stage is different but just as talented. I'm ROOTING for these guys.

1302 days ago


UNBELIEVABLE!! Try listening to what he says again....he says "sex with women." THEN as an after thought says whores. Seems it's okay for your average Joe, and every other singer/rap star to call women bitches and whores, but you put a KID with Tourettes/Aspergers in front of a camera with a band he is obvioulsy trying hard to fit in with (not easy for someone with those issues) and this is what you're gonna get. Maybe he meant it, maybe he didn't. Seemed to me he was awkward and saying whatever would help him fit better...look at his body language. As far as his singing ability, check him out on Youtube, he's MUCH better then the whiny Lambert. To say his actions were horrible, etc. can ANY of you say you've never made a mistake, or mis-spoken? How he lives his life NOW is what matters. And I'll trust the Judges opinions over a bunch of nobody's who obvioulsy know nothing about music.

1299 days ago

Nick Djinn    

I am friends with James Durbin. I really dont appreciate this smear campaign against him. I posted something about him in my blog.

First of all, James most certainly does NOT sleep with whores or mistreat women. He is a young father who is 100% faithful and hard working. He was making a JOKE!

Were you there when he said that? I was, and he was laughing about it because its so NOT what he does with his time. Maybe the joke was in bad taste, but James really is the nice guy they portrayed in the show afterall.

And so what if he said or even did something stupid when he was only 19 years old? He is older now, still really young, but who doesnt make mistakes in their youth? I think a lot of people dont realize how young we was and also that he was joking.

I was friends with his wife Heidi first and then met James, and James has been nothing but awesome.

James Durbin drove me to the hospital when I was sick, several times. He helped me and my girlfriend when our daughter was born. James is a guy who puts his friends before himself even, is a great friend, and never asks for reward or compensation when he helps others.

You have no idea what you are talking about. All you know is some TV or media sensationalism taken out of context, then RE-taken out of context even further.

Its also not accurate. He said he liked to sign SONGS about those things, not that he actually did them. And so what if he did when he was 19? Does that make him a bad person at 22, a young hard working father who is 100% committed? You dont know what you are talking about.

1297 days ago


I don't like him because he is a heterosexual.

1293 days ago


Adam Lambert is not the first singer to scream. Just because he was on Idol and now this screamer is, it does not mean he is trying to be Lambert.

1289 days ago


the freak blows,he is history next week anyway,go to a doctor and fix the dumbo ears as well

1287 days ago


first of all, how many of you writing the ignorant comments have bought or listened to music about sex or whores? Let me guess?
James said that BEFORE he met his fiance and had his son, it was all about him. He was a teen boy/young man, um hello? He is growing up! He is only 22! He had said in another interview that he had tried out for AI 2 years ago, when he was doing it for all of the wrong reasons, and now it is about Heidi and Hunter and doing what he loves and is obviously gifted with. My 9 yr old son also has Aspergers and you dolts obviously don't have the first clue what they deal with and go through. James is one HE** of a performer, and I am sure will go to do great things and what he loves, unlike all of you hateful losers. :) ROCK ON JAMES!

1282 days ago


He really does SUCK--He thinks he's HOT $#@$^&. Take the ear-ring out of his ear and put it in his nose. Then he'd have something to cry about--it's time to GOOOOOOOO HOME DUMMY!!!!
By the way =comb your hair it also SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

1261 days ago
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