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MJ's Kids -- Murray Couldn't Have Killed Our Dad

2/21/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's children refused to believe their dad died of a heart attack -- because MJ used to RAVE that Dr. Murray was the BEST doctor on EARTH ... TMZ has learned.

MJ's former nanny, Grace Rwaramba, spoke with LAPD investigators in the months after Michael died  ... and explained how Murray became a "regular" around the house when the singer lived in Vegas ... coming by at least two times a week.

Grace told investigators Michael would constantly brag about Murray in front of the kids -- and that's why after he died, the kids would say, "There's no way daddy could have died of a heart attack because Dr. Murray is the best doctor in the whole world."

Grace also said Michael first met Murray through a member of MJ's security team ... and explained  MJ felt he could trust Murray, because the security guy claimed he had some sort of mysterious leverage over the doc.

Grace offered no further explanation about the mysterious leverage.

And here's another bombshell -- Grace says that during a family trip to Florida, the kids called 911 when they discovered MJ "passed out" in their hotel room. It's unclear when the incident took place.



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I never figured you to be a cry baby.

Oh Poor Tellsit got cloned. Did they say something nasty and hurt your widdle feelings?

Bad, bad cloner.

1339 days ago


Not so funny when it's done to you now is it???

1339 days ago


It was Crownprince Frederik!! He was there with his then-girlfriend, Maria Montell (Danish singer).

Posted at 4:08 PM on Feb 22, 2011 by Siggisiss

I read about her. I subscribe to "Majesty", a royalty magazine. They talked about their affair before. Queen Margrethe didn't approve of it, so life goes on. Amazing u met him. Good for u.

1339 days ago


So, Daph, I´ve actually TOUCHED Frederik! ;-)

Posted at 4:08 PM on Feb 22, 2011 by Siggisiss

Yeah, it must be a big deal for you, but I have a similar experience, and it was MJ. I sat through a movie with MJ, and I actually kissed him on his lips when I fell over on him.

Posted at 4:17 PM on Feb 22, 2011 by Daphne

Siggisis, I didn't write the above post. Cloners abound. Wish it was true that I had met MJ. Never went to his concert. I'm jealous of Kim. Heard that she attended the Bad Tour. Amazing. Wish I were there.

1339 days ago


EP mothers death caused him to choose LMP...
and also later to lose her.

Posted at 4:43 PM on Feb 22, 2011 by Tellit

U meant to say Priscilla Presley (PP) not Lisa Marie Presley (LMP). Right?

1339 days ago


The man was born beautiful inside and out....
EP NEVER got over the death of his Mother.
Like RC it left an emptiness within that nothing could replace.

EPs mothers death caused him to choose PP...
and also later to lose her.

Posted at 4:43 PM on Feb 22, 2011 by Tellit

Thanks for noticing the error

1339 days ago


God gives me the drive and determination not to give up on my king Michael.......and I never will.

Posted at 5:13 PM on Feb 22, 2011 by mymjj5

I'm proud of u, mymjj5. Everyone should live with a sense of religious belief. May I ask, what denomination u belong to. I'm Roman Catholic.

1339 days ago


First of all, the children were not quoted as saying that. And, Grace Rwaramba's interview(s) were so long ago. This is referring to when Michael was still here, and had lived Las Vegas. Who knows what the children feel about Murray now. And, Michael did first meet Murray while in Las Vegas, but not through his security, but through his father Joe Jackson, when his children had bad colds, and Murray treated them as well as treated Michael who had gotten sick from his children. And plus, they were too young to know how they felt about Murray. If anything, the children were probably saying what they heard their father say out of appreciation for the treatment he gave to them at that time.

1339 days ago


When I read the title caption, I said: Wow, Bombshell. Truly, at the end of it, TMZ agreed. Ha!

Dirty laundry number 3. I have no faith I can keep the count for long, because they come like torpedoes, I am sure I will lose count very soon.

Oh, mymjj5, you asked how come no body came out to speak against MJ or now come no body go to the authority (paraphrasing), wait and see, with the money that MJ paid for silence (to the tune of $400 millions in depth and countless millions before the debts), do you understand why now?

Dr. Murray finds a defense: MJ said he was the best doctor in the world!!!

Posted at 1:25 AM on Feb 20, 2011 by duilama


First of all, the children were not quoted as saying that. And, Grace Rwaramba's interview(s) were so long ago. This is referring to when Michael was still here, and had lived Las Vegas. Who knows what the children feel about Murray now. And, Michael did first meet Murray while in Las Vegas, but not through his security, but through his father Joe Jackson, when his children had bad colds, and Murray treated them as well as treated Michael who had gotten sick from his children. And plus, they were too young to know how they felt about Murray. If anything, the children were probably saying what they heard their father say out of appreciation for the treatment he gave to them at that time.

And, Murray still has no defense.

1339 days ago


TMZ is always lying on MJ's kids.

I hope TMZ is aware of the fact that MJ's 2 oldest children will soon be 18 in a very few years.

1339 days ago


With L.O.V.E., Love - Pt 2........
-#144: Hey MiMi! Thanks so much for providing the article on the defense's failure to disclose any of their statements or evidence. Not surprised at all. First, they started out by LYING, claiming that the Prosecution never turned over all of their Discovery until Judge Pastor calls them out on it, and now they're trying to keep all of their evidence a secret--which is NOT the way it's done....they HAVE to share all of their dicovery with the Prosecution, the same way the Prosecution shared with them. What law school did Chernoff and Flanagan get their degrees from, ONLINE?
I personally do NOT believe they have 91 witnesses. I think they LIED, once again, when they saw all of the evidence the Prosecution had against Murray. So glad this will all be televised so the WHOLE WORLD will be able to see them drown in a SEA of LIES....
-#159: Hey SaraJane! You are SO right about Grace. She only told those lies to Daphne Barak because Michael had FIRED her for the last time and she KNEW it. Thing is, Grace wanted to be his wife and the mother of PPB--having been so close to Michael AS AN EMPLOYEE for years, she KNEW the potential of being his wife, which means she would be in control of his EMPIRE--not that she didn't already come close to it....she was technically his Personal Assistant and assumed some mgmt duties once Evvy Tavasci was fired....wouldn't be surprised if that was Grace ot Tohme's doing because Evvy has been loyal to Michael even to this day....thank God somebody is. The only thing I could find against Evvy is that she somehow got caught in the middle of that SCAM WEBSITE that Randy J. and Karen Faye had during the 2005 Trial, but I think her only connection was that she was Michael's Personal Asst. so she was AWARE of it and probably did nothing about it....
-#207: Trish, I was very sorry to hear of your loss. Although we don't know each other and are often at odds, I pray that you and your family will be able to feel God's peace which transcends all understanding.....
-#223: Bryony, I understand what you're saying, but we have to remember that Grace lied about MANY things. That whole story about her sleeping at the foot of Michael's bed came from the same set of lies she told about having his stomach pumped....ALL OF IT CAME FROM A TABLOID!!!
Thing is, Grace wanted to get back at Michael for firing her and she also had trouble with the Jackson sisters before she got fired in Vegas because of her DELUDED sense of control. She wanted to paint this picture of Michael being an addict, but why didn't she give any detailed PROOF? Everything she said was purely based on HER word alone, and noone else corroborated it. The LAPD had to find out about that PO BOX in her name where she was receiving meds, she NEVER volunteered that info....why?
And we still don't know what the meds were that she was receiving at the PO Box, or if any of them were ever found in Michael's room. We DO know that the meds besides the Propofol and Benzos found there, were prescription and the usage was either up to date, or he was NOT abusing these meds. And remember, the Coroner stated there was NO SIGNS OF DRUG ABUSE found in his system.....
As for the staff keeping their mouths shut, they more likely did that to protect THEMSELVES, not Michael. The DEA had investigated the NOI Security Group who supplied the Security for Michael in the past and from what I understand it was for a Prescription Drug Ring. I admit I don't have the details on this but I think they may have been using Michael's credit to get Prescription Drugs which may account for how he could have a $1 Mil bill for one could one person use that many drugs and live as long as he did? Answer is: THEY CAN'T. And the Security Staff were always the ones picking up the least until Murray came into the picture. Of course, some of these meds they picked up WERE for Michael to treat his Lupus, Vitligo, etc., but the Staff traded on Michael's celebrity and got what they wanted. We KNOW they're not above even taking his PANTS and trying to sell them (Faheem Muhammad,) and Grace was doing the same thing. As Michael's Assistant in Bahrain, she was given money to put into an account which is what she used for that PO Box....question is, what happened to that account?
I say, put Grace, Tohme, Michael Amir, Faheem Muhammad, Sister Rose (Nanny #2) and Roberto Alvarez on the stand and see what turns up.....
-#260...: Hey Kathy40! Excellent Post! Matter of fact, you just made me realize something....the fact that after Grace was fired she INTENTIONALLY went to LONDON--the very place where Michael was to have his concerts and spewed that TRASH about him having a drug addiction and being a bad father. That's EXTREMELY LOW....even for her.....
-#265: Aq, we know, we know....YOU LOVE MICHAEL so much you just can't get enough of him!!!
-#267: iknoweverything, you're also ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE for something: having the SENSE not to believe EVERYTHING the MEDIA feeds you. Before you waste our time posting again, riddle me this: What PROOF do you have that Michael ever asked for or took Propofol prior to the fatal dosage Murray gave him on 6/25?
If your answer begins with, "Because Murray said....", remember, Murray is the DEFENDANT in this case, so his word means NADA. If it begins with "everybody knows he was an addict....", remember, "Everybody" wasn't there to KNOW anything....there is NO PROOF other than HEARSAY that he abused any Meds after the Mid-90's. I maintain my CHALLENGE to anyone who can prove otherwise....
All of this TALK, and NO BASIS IN FACT!!!
-#284: omg, LOVED that post! Thank God we do have people with SENSE on this site. Looking forward to reading more from you!
-#297, 298, et al: SO funny how all of the other personalities MATERIALIZE to defend their NO.1 Personality....I admonish you ALL to take each other to the nearest EXORCIST....a shrink would be redundant at this point....PLEASE GET HELP!!
-#363: Hey Becca! I understand how it can seem like some people look at Michael as a saint, but they're only trying to convey how much they LOVE him. Speaking for myself, there is something about Michael that makes you want to protect and defend him.....he had the heart of a child and soul of a thousand years, but make no mistake, he was as SHARP as a nail--something most people don't realize...most GENIUSES share this contradiction. Thing is, later in life he had changed quite a bit. He had matured, but I think he still knew how to harness his inner child--thanks to PPB, his children and best friends. With their unconditional LOVE behind him, he had become a RENAISSANCE MAN, who now knew what he wanted for his future and how to get it....and he would have, if he hadn't been side-tracked by AEG'S concert SCAM...
This is why I feel the need to defend him--because all of his life, it seems someone was standing in the wings waiting to build him up, then tear him down. Yes, he fought them, but he's only a man...he couldn't fight SONY, AEG, TOHME, COLONY CAPITAL by himself....I personally think that's one reason he left the stage for as long as he did because he knew that the LEECHES would come back and suck him dry...and that's EXACTLY what they did.....
Bottom line, I defend Michael because I've loved him for almost 40 yrs....there's NO other artist or anyone outside of my family that I love like that. I enjoy many other artists due to my love for music, but NONE of them are in my heart like first LOVE. Not sure when you became a fan/supporter, but that may be why you feel the way you do. The one thing people don't seem to realize is that Michael has many LEVELS of Fan/Supporter....a person who supported him since the days of J-5 is going to go a lot deeper than one that joined the Bandwagon after "Thriller", or "Dangerous"....much less than someone who just jumped on board since he passed--this person has no frame of reference for him outside of what they can read about him online or hear in his music.....
BTW: I don't know hardly anyone who considers Katherine a saint anymore ever since she had PPB on OPRAH....and let's not even talk about Joe...a SAINT? What an OXYMORON....
And forgive me for saying it, but Keith Richards was NO MICHAEL JACKSON!!!
With love, L.O.V.E.......
-#388: katie 10, thanks for the heads up on Celine's tribute to Michael! Would LOVE to go to Vegas to see it....
-#422: Hey Mymjj5! Great questions, but I think our best chance to get the answers is to wait for the Trial. Murray and most of the other USUAL SUSPECTS are going to tell the Truth, Michael's no longer here, so the only other person who may be able to provide some FACTS is Prince. I hate to see him being put under that kind of scrutiny, but we may as well get used to the idea because it's probably going to happen...
BTW: The DA may already have these records and if they do, they defense is fully aware....
-#436: Becky, I don't think they ever proved that Murray was at the Hofbrau's beyond a certain hour that night. As far as I know, a waitress at the club claims she saw Murray, but it was during the night, remember, Michael didn't finish rehearsals until midnight....Her story was posted by several news sites besides TMZ....
As for Kai, I think she may have made a mistake. On LKL and in her testimony, she said that Murray never came down that morning until he was in a panic and yelling for Prince to come upstairs.....
Of course, we'll probably have to wait for the trial in order to get the real TRUTH as sadly, you can't depend on the Media to report the True color of the sky, let alone anything regarding MICHAEL.....
-#451: juan lopez, I know all about the stories Michael and DiLeo planted with the Media, because he wrote about them himself! Thing is, he did it as a joke on the media, when it was done in the mid-late 80's, do you REALLY think he needed to create buzz? He WAS the buzz, dude. At that point he OWNED the Music Industry and that's why they decided to take him down--they couldn't stand the idea of a young BLACK man running their business.....
As for whether or not he owned those things....WHAT OF IT? It was his money to use or waste. He also gave MILLIONS to charity, remember that?
Bottom line, I would love to wallow in FANTASY with you and think Michael is alive, but that's just NOT TRUE. Please do yourself a favor and accept this asap......
BTW: The Duggard girl incident was simply GOD'S JUSTICE showing up the CA Justice System for the HYPOCRITES they are.....
-#463: Hey Marie! We all know that if anyone even THOUGHT about calling 911 in relation to Michael Jackson, it would've been on every news outlet known to man.....
I wouldn't believe a word of it, unless they show PROOF. There are so many unanswered questions because there is so much UNPROVEN GOSSIP!!!

1338 days ago


well Kids cause he may have been a nice man and im sure was very nice working for what a 100 k a week but any docter with ethiics would have said Michael I really am concernd you know this is like playing Russian rulette I just must refuse your offer.he did it for what he could get and I beleave he gave him this dose as usual its just ruteen hel be ok and went and drake wine and talked on phone went into check and found out tried to get his heart back cause any docter should know you put the petient on the floor to do CPR so he was in a panic Michael had died had he never gave it period or was their by his side at best hed probely its time these docters I mean one gets in pian they they get depended on these extreem addicting pills even with legitimet reasons then one day just cut the person off leaving them to resort to hell or crime.Very few real good doctors to-day Micheal forget the worlds greates intertainer he was a father son and human being with an extourdinary life to live and this all started when we for those that blame the petient its the durg dealer or the one buying the dealer hes taking advantage of someone who for the lack of better understanding one day thought yeah ill try this once or get sick and get perscribed a substance..

1338 days ago


Propofol is not intended for a long sleep(7-8 hours). The short sleep would not suit Michael. (it's clear reason) For this goal there are other means. Even if Michael became demonic for this idea to sleep under propofol , he would consult at first with his anesthesiologist instead of admiting nonprofessional level of using. Even if he trusted to murray as his careful doctor. History with propofol is a fake!
After all he might call on towards the hypnotist. But it seems that except murray nobody knew about his sleep problem. Whether it was in general??? Usually with all his problems over health he would go to the corresponding experts. And what with sleep ? Is it really other-wordly, something the secret one???
Never he accepted any drugs., who really is interested there whether he was the addict or not , long time ago already has it understood. The others foolishly repeat out-of-date data from a yellow press. These people simply are not able to analyze and perceive the objective information. People with narrow мировозрением. Except the information from a yellow press of nothing not the perceiving one, in connection with a lack of brains and surplus of envy
MJ could not keep a bottles with propofol at his bedroom or a bath where they have been found after his passing. Towards him his children went upstairs everyday, they would have seen them. And also they might take and even to try. Why hasn't the police immediately taken an interest, whether children saw any vials in a room of their father ever? Couldn't 12 vials have been thrown by CM when he was hiding one proofs? So that all have thought that MJ regularly used propofol. Though it is absurd way . Itself MJ without the second person never could make it, because propofol is anesthesia. The person is cut down as a dead at once. Therefore storing in a bath has no sense. But nevertheless there have been found about 12 vials. What for they were there? The answer- as to create illusion of using and of dependence with propofol.

1338 days ago


Typo in 525)
People with narrow world outlook.

1338 days ago


maybe mj called him the "best doctor on earth" because he was giving what he wanted.that doesn't mean he is not reseponsible for mj's fact it's the total opposite.anyway i hope mj and his family gets the justice they

1338 days ago
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