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MJ's Kids -- Murray Couldn't Have Killed Our Dad

2/21/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's children refused to believe their dad died of a heart attack -- because MJ used to RAVE that Dr. Murray was the BEST doctor on EARTH ... TMZ has learned.

MJ's former nanny, Grace Rwaramba, spoke with LAPD investigators in the months after Michael died  ... and explained how Murray became a "regular" around the house when the singer lived in Vegas ... coming by at least two times a week.

Grace told investigators Michael would constantly brag about Murray in front of the kids -- and that's why after he died, the kids would say, "There's no way daddy could have died of a heart attack because Dr. Murray is the best doctor in the whole world."

Grace also said Michael first met Murray through a member of MJ's security team ... and explained  MJ felt he could trust Murray, because the security guy claimed he had some sort of mysterious leverage over the doc.

Grace offered no further explanation about the mysterious leverage.

And here's another bombshell -- Grace says that during a family trip to Florida, the kids called 911 when they discovered MJ "passed out" in their hotel room. It's unclear when the incident took place.



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Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor called the strategy "a recipe for disaster."
He ordered attorneys to return on Monday, when potential evidence will be discussed again.

I come from a family with some as lawyers & I understand that this is the normal course of action. Murray's legal team should follow the procedure. Good that the judge ordered them to prepare reports & statement.

1338 days ago


Come on now, don't you know that Joseph's a bidniss man? Ummm let's not forget that he is a 'wonderful' Talent Manager who has a fairly new record label that he shamelessly promoted a couple of days after MJ's death. Also, remember on Oprah he introduced some woman as his producer for his reality show in Japan? I'm sure that brings in boatloads of money. Ain't no tellin' what else he's got his hands into...
Posted at 1:20 PM on Feb 24, 2011 by marcia
Hi Marcia!
I remember. it was a shameful plug but no one can even name the label. i forgot about it as soon as he said it. did he even say the name of the record label? anyhoo, papa joe has a work ethic gone mad. i hope he will settle down and enjoy his life instead of always trying to make a deal. yet he's over 80 and shows no sign of slowing down. gon' papa joe gon'

1338 days ago


LOS ANGELES (AP) — A judge overseeing the upcoming Michael Jackson trial has questioned defense attorneys about why they are not preparing reports and statements on possible witnesses.
Defense attorneys for Dr. Conrad Murray, who has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of Jackson, said at a hearing Thursday they don't plan to prepare any such reports before the trial scheduled to start in late March.
The defense is not preparing reports because they have nothing to prepare. Murray has no defence. There's absolutly NOTHING that will justify his actions or lack thereof.

1338 days ago


mymjj5, you are so good to put words in people's mouth. Have you read this post (below) now read and weep!!! Can you back up your statement that Murray has no defense? I don't think they will run to you and tell you what their defense is!!! I want an apology from you if you cannot back up your statement and show me where and when I said it was okay to molest a child as long as you marry him or her!
Kimbo you are a clone. You are not the backwoods buffoon that tried to play the dozen with me last year. I will not apologize for anything I've said to Kimbo or whomever you are. You can scroll through the old posts and look for it yourself. Then again if you were the same kimbo I talked to last year, you would know exactly what you said and this would not be an issue.
Again your post is not a defense for murray. Those child molestation allegations against michael are NOT a defense for murray either. I know team murray is not going to come to me with information regarding their defense strategy. Heck, I don't expect them to come to COURT with it either! LOL! Neither does the judge or prosecution ROTL!...
(LOL x a Trillion!!!)
But seriously folks: We'll just have to wait and see........
I can't wait for this mock trial to's sure to be "screamfest" of laughter at the so called defense.......murray's a jerk!!

1338 days ago


Murray's negligence killed MJ. How MJ got the overdose of Propofol in his system is the real issue. Murray claims he did not do this. But he gave MJ a ****tail of medication that did not induce any sleep. I am not buying the defense's position that MJ may have injected or ingested the Propofol himself. The court case will expose the truth, hopefully. Should be interesting.

1338 days ago


With L.O.V.E., Love - Pt.4....
-#562: Hey omg! You're welcome. EARTHQUAKE?! I'll pray God's protection for you and your area.....
-#563: Tellit, it's okay, I've always known how much you LOVED My Michael, but I'll tell you the same thing I told Mymjj5: You can love him from afar, but just know he was MINE!!! And what is THUNDER THIGHS? Are you breaking out yet ANOTHER nic? FYI--you say you don't use other nics, but the LAME nic that you and your other personalities gave me totally gives you away....LOL x 1000!!!
And thanks for the KUDOS on my Investigative skills, but there are a lot of others who have put in time and research....I can only ASPIRE to be THAT good.....
Uh-oh....this just in--are you THREATENING me, Tellit? Say it ain't so!! Don't make me hget Deb's FAUX attorneys after you, dear..especially when I just found out how much you REALLY LOVE Michael.....
And PLEASE don't tell me you're crying over me CALLING YOU OUT. And I'm supposed to be JEALOUS and OBSESSED? Riddle me this: YOU constantly trash MICHAEL and every Fan/Supporter on these boards. So that makes YOU JEALOUS and OBSESSED, right?
Bottom line, you say you'll give us another chance? How MAGNANIMOUS of you....but remember this: No matter what you and your kind come up with, I'll STILL be here FOR MICHAEL! I have GOD on my side, and HE ALWAYS TRIUMPHS....and I'll be keeping a copy of your threat on file....just in case....
BTW: Flanagan and co. can tempt fate by not sharing with their Discovery if they want....Judge Pastor stated that if they don't come up with the do***entation on their defense, they won't be able to use it nor CALL THE WITNESSES involved, so they can choose their own POISON....
I personally HOPE they do share their info because I know they must be hinging their ENTIRE case on this FLIMSY evidence by some Propofol Expert. Thing is, unless he can get Murray to take back hius statement that he gave Michael the Benzos and Propofol, they're done.....bringing up any other meds is a moot point when they weren't on the Tox Report.....
-#569: Hey Daphne! SO sorry about that, I wish you could've seen I realize why the CD's are so important to you. I know I've bellowed and fumed about fans buying the CD's and supporting Sony, but now I realize there may be more to it. Make no mistake, I STILL don't want to see Sony make money, but I will no longer fuss when you and others chat about the CD's....
And I'm SO GLAD you're getting to see his Cirque show! And in VEGAS?! I plan to see it in either Vegas or LA.....some friends got tix for both cities so I just need to determine which one I'm going to. The Vegas show is going to be HUGE it seems--everybody I know seems to want to go to THAT one.....
BTW: You are totally right about the legal procedure. Everybody knows that both sides have to provide full discovery, complete with a list of witnesses and their relevance to the case....
I thought this was well known ever since JOHN GRISHAM's books hit the Best Sellers' lists....
The "PERRY MASON" way of doing business in court was strictly TV's kind of like finding out Santa Claus isn't real, and your vote doesn't really elect the President....Oye.

No Peace till Justice!

1338 days ago


Stupid ones ,the not at all costing comments on these boards are. One chatter of clones with oneself. A cybernetic sediment! This is not this place where normal people can express the opinion and discuss on topic. Those who respect themselves and appreciates the time here will never waste for nothing, having a look on these boards and reading empty statements of cyberclones. there are plenty of cares at Katherine and her desire of justice really finds an embodiment. I am not against this site. It is really interesting sometimes , these videos, and also a photos with signatures at once after it are leading to certain reflections. Only here the leaving and staying of some comments are not some desire.

1337 days ago

Robyn Hope    

It's true about Elvis, but his story is not nearly as interesting as Michael Jackson's.
The King of Pop was a phenomenon and the most fascinating, alluring and captivating freak that ever moonwalked the earth --- and in addition to all his massive musical talents, he was a marketing genius --- that's why we're here talking about him 'round the clock.

1337 days ago

Robyn Hope    

Kimbo, I didn't appreciate your calling me HOPE-LESS. Making fun of my name is not okay.
If you have something to say about what I wrote, do so respectfully --- we're all entitled to our opinions.
So, you taught people how to raise their children --- I hope you also taught them to respect other people's opinions.

1337 days ago

Robyn Hope    

I agree with you, Kimbo: DR. MURRAY WAS A PAID SCAPEGOAT --- and by the way, one can be an MJ fan and not hate Dr. Murray. RH

1337 days ago


toutes ses infos ne peuvent être sur car le procé est en cour, toutes informations ne peuvent filtrées à l'exterieur qui peut provoquer une bavure policiére sur des ondis. alors croyer se que vous voulez mai attention il pourait y avoir d'iffamation dans l'histoire... eux enfin si celà est vrais biensur !!!!

1336 days ago


-#563: Tellit, it's okay, I've always known how much you LOVED My Michael, but I'll tell you the same thing I told Mymjj5: You can love him from afar, but just know he was MINE!!!
I missed this sly pot shot!!!! I TOLD YOU WOMAN, THAT I WOULD NEVER EVER SHARE HIM WITH YOU NOR ANYONE ELSE!!! You can't even begin to know him let alone have him.....pleaszzzzz! Michael was mine when I was seven, he's mine at 47 and he'll be mine for 777 and beyond. THERE'S NO PLACE FOR YOU chick!! He's mine all mine.
I will drop kick you into another GALAXy B4 I let him get away.
GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD WOMAN!!!!! Back OFF!!....and stop all that thinking about him too! Just stop it!!

LOL x forever and day!!

1336 days ago


LOL x forever and A day!!!!!!

He's my man! My man Cherwood! mine! all mine! every inch of him belongs to me and me alone!!! none for you!!


1336 days ago


Maybe this is part of a Bigger plan??? Maybe this info is put on here on purpose??? I wonder who owns tmz??? i dont beLIEve what ive seen or heard. use ur brain...connect the dots...

1335 days ago


i will tell you a lie and you will hear that lie,and repeat that lie until it becomes true:)i love you guys K.B.I.S.H

1334 days ago
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