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Charlie Sheen -- I Want My Exes Back!

2/21/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen wants both Brooke Mueller AND Denise Richards back in his life ... and he's willing to drop millions of dollars on real estate to make it happen ... TMZ has learned. 

Charlie tells TMZ, he's currently got his real estate agent on the job -- hunting for two mansions in his exclusive Mulholland Estates neighborhood in L.A. ... one for Brooke and one for Denise.

According to Charlie, he's willing to front the costs of the two houses, plus whatever moving expenses the women incur -- all in the hopes that the four children he sired with his two exes might grow up closer to their daddy ... and get to know their half-siblings.

So far, no word on whether Brooke and Denise are actually on board with the moving plans.


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No one wants to go to your website dude...and posting it on every story on TMZ smacks of desperation...not good media blitzing...spend some real money and get it out there...using TMZ as a stepping stone will cause most people to ignore you.

1279 days ago


Charlie is a boat without a rudder.

He has no idea what he's all about the flavor of the day.

He's ALWAYS looking outward to find satisfaction and inner peace. need to clean up the mess inside, and figure out who you are before anything outside can be more than just escapes/coping mechanisms.

Addendum: Didn't he hold a knife to Brooke's throat? I doubt she's interested in living within walking distance of Charlie's drunken, drugged-up spells....just sayin'........

1279 days ago


Aw, that's actually kind of sweet, in an odd disconnected sort of way. Doubt that Denise will go for it, though.

1279 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

He keeps spending money like he's gonna be making it like that forever. He's got a rude awakening coming when he finds himself broke.

1279 days ago


This sounds more like Charlie knows hes not going to be around much longer, and want to make sure his kinds dont grow up as strangers.

1279 days ago

Politico Pablo    

While he makes a lot of money, he also spends a lot too. Hope he don't end up like fellow actor Nicolas Cage.

1279 days ago


I'm sure Denise would jump right on it. She's a gold digger. Remember after his coke party bender how quick she was to drive in his house in an Escalade?

1279 days ago


Good to see Charlie being more realistic and down-sizing his dreams a little. He has gone from a "XXX family" to an "eX family" dream over the course of a couple weeks!

Rehab at work~! :P

1279 days ago


Sounds great until one of the kids decides to run over to daddy's house and happens upon all the porn stars naked and doing crack with their daddy!

1279 days ago


And when Charlie decides he wants to relapse his kids will be the first one to see their daddy acting like a total d**che. I mean maybe it would be a good thing, maybe by having all of them around it will keep him on the wagon a little longer. But it would mean bad news if and when he relapses.

1279 days ago


Sucks when you havta pay people to party with you AND pay your family to be anywhere near you. Shouldn't that give him any kind of clue??

1279 days ago


Here's another idea to perfect this idea:

Porn stars in the guest house. I know, it's genius!

1279 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

The best thing he can do for his"children" is to change their Names and Stay very far away from them, the rest of his life---They should never know that he was and still is a HORRIBLE MALE WHORE DEGENERATE, UN-HUMAN piece of trash!!!!

1279 days ago


Hopefully his x wifes make sure he is sober an clean for atleast 3 years before they make such a major move. You dont recover in 30 days. If he dont keep recovery 1 in his life he will relapse over time. There is no cure for addiction ,all it takes is 1 wrong decision to have a drink or something happens and he needs to take pain medicine which can lead to a full blown relapse. It can be a life time battle if he doesnt have a sponser, meetings and lots of support.

1279 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

#45 Rafaelle please. You are an idiot. So the man likes to party and have whores around. It's HIS life - as messed up as it is. I don't agree with the way Charlie lives his life but by all accounts he is GOOD to his kids & loves his kids. So many "good, hardworking people" beat and abuse their kids but Charlie doesn't. Of course his kids deserve to know their father who loves them.

Who the heII are you Rafaelle to tell anyone what to do? And of course Charlie is human as humans makes mistakes.

Honestly, Rafaelle, I hope YOU don't have kids...EVER. You sound like a horrible judgmental and harsh person who would damage your children far more than Charlie ever could.

1279 days ago
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