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Charlie Sheen's 'Married' -- Parties with MLB Legends

2/21/2011 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen tells TMZ ... "I'm married ... to baseball" ... and we now know which legendary MLB "spouses" he invited to party at his home on Friday ... and it's pretty damn impressive.

Charlie Sheen

Sheen tells us ... in addition to flying in SF Giants pitcher Brian "The Beard" Wilson on his jet from Arizona to L.A. ... Charlie also imported Kenny Lofton, Todd Zeile, Eddie Murray, Lenny Dykstra and others.

We're told Pete Rose was supposed to show ... but got stuck somewhere and couldn't make it.


Charlie says he assembled the crew to screen his classic flick, "Major League" ... and he even brought in the writer and director, David S. Ward, to give an introduction in Charlie's private theater.

During the party, Charlie let some of the guys try on Babe Ruth's 1927 World Series ring ... which Sheen purchased at an auction more than a decade ago.

Charlie called it, "The ultimate VIP baseball excursion."


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QUESTION: (reprint) How can TMZ report honestly on the stars and what they are doing and then have them on their show, like TMZ Live, like Charlie Sheen, and be absolutely star-struct. Today's conversation with Sheen and Mike and the others made me gag. It's obvious that TMZ Live cannot be objective and ask hard-hitting questions and stand their ground, because they don't want to offend the stars. TMZ is a rag and we want dirt. Give me a break.

What do you all think and where are the best sites for news and not kissing ass. Thanks.

I realize now that I will have to rely on "The National Inquirer, "RadaronLine," and "Page Six," for hard-hitting news and just the facts.

1308 days ago


HOLLY ****

how much is that ring worth

1308 days ago


that is some great film of them....how do you do it tmz.

1308 days ago


Pete Rose is in Cincinnati signing DVD copies of his movie
4192 The Crowning of the Hit King.

1308 days ago


Really? Why would these professional athletes even want to be seen with Charlie Sheen, this is why the guy "Never gets his whole addiction", because no one lets him hit rock bottom. Here is an example: Lindsay Lohan, justifiably is getting into some legal trouble with consequences that the judge backs up with a sentence. Charlie was OBVIOUSLY high when he went into the hospital that weekend, did he get tested? Probably not, but he should have been, then maybe he'd have some legal consequences, and maybe hit bottom at some point. His "reps" keep him afloat because he is their cash cow...And he's gonna probably die because of it, cause you can't be approaching 50 years old and live much longer after that if you are a habitual drug user....really .....

1308 days ago


Sometimes Oc***'s Razor is correct, the easiest and most plausible solution is usually the best in that.. yup.. Charlie's whack. I hope sincerely he outlives his money.

1307 days ago

marcus dinero    

where was kenny powers?

1307 days ago


Oh, I don't know what is wrong with you Charlie! The addiction is killing you. You gotta get a grip and grow up. It's hard, but you can do it. Your kids really only get one childhood. Don't let it pass by.

1307 days ago

Da Cubs    

Charlie is a self destructive wild man and its his life. Although I dont agree with his lifestyle, I think it would be awesome to hang out with guys you admire. He is looking into making a new movie, isnt that better than going on a binge? These are jocks, not porn stars.

1306 days ago


charlies a *****

1306 days ago


Charlie i wish u, invited me. YOUR THE MAN!

1305 days ago


He's starting to sound more and more like Charles Manson. Dude has lost it.

1300 days ago

Chipper Hall, Minianapolis for those of you in the carolinas    

Dir Sir/ Madame,
Charlie has the same thing I do,Hypomania.

After mastering Christianity which is my birthright, I studied all of the worlds religions.

I am the Great white make things happen around this neck of the woods.
If you stood up 1000 men we are only 2 of us with the blessed calling.
He is comfortable and could retire today, coulden't he?
I am the Grand Inspector General.
So is he.
Don't yu's guy's get it?

1300 days ago

Chipper Hall, Minianapolis for those of you in the carolinas    

Charlie's gotta get some salt that touched lithium.
Be careful, it will burst into flames if thrown into the water in it's pure form,
Then Zyprexa, then Nuerontin for the pain.
Chip Hall

1300 days ago


There's an old saying, "money can't buy you happiness, but it can ensure you comfort while you're looking for it." That is the path that Charlie Sheen has chosen. But at the end of the day, who is around him, his family, children, a loyal wife, REAL friends who respect him?. I heard a frightened, arrogant guy on TMZ Live today, who throws his money at strangers so he won't be alone. Anyone who spends their time with whores and drugs is pretty sad!Oh, I don't know what is wrong with you Charlie! The addiction is killing you. You gotta get a grip and grow up. It's hard, but you can do it. Your kids really only get one childhood. Don't let it pass by.
Charlie i wish u, invited me..........

1236 days ago
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