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Dina Lohan

Mama Has Arrived!

2/21/2011 6:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

All of Lindsay Lohan's problems are solved -- Dina Lohan has come to town.

Dina landed at LAX this afternoon with her other children: Ali, Michael Jr., and Cody. Lindsay hasn't seen them since she got out of rehab, so she's overdue for a little QT with the fam.

And if this whole necklace mess goes the wrong way, it might be the last time she sees them for a while ... again.


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If you're not already a comedy writter, theres a new career for you

1309 days ago


I feel sorry for Lindsay...I hope her life turns around, and things work out for her in the long haul!!!!!

1309 days ago


You people that keep comenting like she is a celebrity who gets away with it are only joking about the celebrity part,right? Americans don't really consider her to be a celebrity do they? Why do you say she is a celebrity? Over here that actually means in show business or a top of the line charity giving rich person. Is she either of these two things?

1309 days ago


Fabienne, surely you jest....after seeing the Lohan family in action the last four years, I thought everyone knew she was a "celebrity", just like our other favorite "celebrities" that do little but party and get their pics in the tabloid news. (sarcasm). But honestly, Hollywood doesn't really differentiate between good bad or ugly in terms of talent or behavior as long as they can make money from you. She is in show business, but not in demand, except as a side show, and definitely not a top of the line charity giving rich person. Heck she thinks she saved X number of Indian children by going over there, and Lord knows how many Haitians by tweeting about it.
Sorry you think celebrity implies having a certain "je ne se qua" and morality or goodness of character.
P.S. she's the one in 2007 who supposedly declared "I can't get in trouble. I'm a celebrity. I can do whatever the f*** I want." ------ Right before getting arrested for DUI.

1309 days ago


Bet the whole Lohan clan thinks everything's just Ducky now that Mama's here to enable Lindsay some more. Quack, Quack.

1309 days ago

Alan Carver    

@---/33: Lohan, needs DinaLing around so she can feed her lies to bolster her sagging ego (boobs). Just another inflation job really!

@Fabienne/31: No one on here, posting to these threads thinks of Lohan as a celebrity, with the exception of DELUSIONAL NICOLE.

However if we addressed her as the HAS BEEN THAT NEVER WAS OR EVER WILL BE - that would be the most representational of how Lohan is considered today.

@Nicole: And back to the beginning. Let it go Nicole! No one is buying your posts to any of the Lohan threads. This time around Lohan is going down for a GRAND THEFT FELONY! However, in her defense (my 1 for the year) she should have waited until after August 2011 to go to that jewelery store to be her KLEPTOMANIAC self, again. At least by then she would have been off FORMAL PROBATION! LOL!

1309 days ago


@FUTMZ you are my hero!

Michael Jr is there? I thought he had a job but it seems he's just a regular Lohan.

1309 days ago

john smith    

If you run a search for Lindsay on yahoo, there is an article by a Los Angeles defense attorney and he says the most likely deal that will be reached would include zero days in jail for Lindsay!!!!!!! I do find it very funny that Michael Lohan is in Florida talking to people at a rehab

1309 days ago

Rabinowitz The Hebe    

The reason that LiLo will skate again is that LiLo, is one of the few actresses who's name on a movie marquee means a box office bonanza.

LiLo is an international superstar. Her acting talents are recognized as the best in the business. As long as her name recognition continues to be box office gold, she will have the studios protecting her.

Back in 2007 LiLo got it right when she said "I'm an international celebrity and I can do what I want!!"

EAT IT LA DA. Your no match for LiLo and her army.

1309 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

So after swiping an engagement ring (priced under felony, I mean retail cost) from some other clueless jeweler, Dinial's heading straight over to Charlie's crack den to demand a powdery dowry to marry her #1 ho. Cracked out love at its' finest!

1309 days ago


Sorry to Fabienne for the confusuion. No she isn't a celebrity as you would think for doing good/artsy things. Maybe the word would be notorious thief,drunk,doper,lezbo at a moments notice then back porking guys, Tila Tequila could have been her teacher but strongly doubt Lindsay could afford to be the high caliber of the beautiful Tila. Lets think how can I explain this to you. Um. She does a bad crime, she doesn't do the jail time. Not because she is a celeb but because her lawyer seems to want to get her off. Most believe that her lawer wants of her case as its just getting so hard to come up with BS stories but still the lawyer is stuck. So maybe you could say she is a celebrity now because she has gotten away with more criminal acts then any other celebrity has. BINGO. Ok guys did I explain it right to Fabienne. She's a sneaky little so and so and many little underlings will take the fall for her. Evil person. But nope there wion't be any jail time. You'll see her shopping the next day after the hearing.

1309 days ago

Rabinowitz The Hebe    

LiLo's Army has just announced that they will be surrounding the courthouse Wednesday. The show of force by the million member Army will supposedly be done to intimidate the DA.

Only a star of LiLo's magnitude could assemble such a force. LiLo's Army is said to out number Tila's Army 10-1.

1309 days ago


I want to see this go to trial.
I want to see the assistant on the witness stand.
I want to see the assistant with two little steel balls like Humphrey Bogart in "The Caine Mutiny".
"I proved with...geometric logic...that there was a duplicate key to the strawberries!"

LOL - The assistant will fold like a cheap lawn chair.

1309 days ago


Hey Dina while you are in LA maybe you could pimp out your other kids too,they have to be worth something.Nice role model for your young kids tramp button up your shirt you harlet/bimbo you look gross.right John Smith??

1309 days ago


Dina and her kids have NEVER been at ANY of Lying Lindsays court apperances

NOW Grand Theitf Felony

We all know she is GUILTY!!

Danette Meyers knows she is GUILTY!

Shawn Holly knows she is GUILTY!!!

The DA hasnt released the video of her being GULITY!!

On 2/23/11 Lindsay Dee Lohan will be found GUILTY

and will be sent to PRISON for three years

Just like her Daddy and Uncles

The Lying Lohan road is at a DEAD END!!

Stick a fork in Lindsay Lohan she is DONE!!!

Bye Bye!!!

1309 days ago
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