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Eric Benet -- The 'Halle Scary' Mystery

2/22/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Back when Eric Benet dated Halle Berry -- there were rumblings that his friends had a "scary" nickname for the actress based on a side of her personality most people don't get to see ... and yesterday in Burbank, he didn't exactly deny it.



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She acts the way she does because of dealing with trifling-no-good
azz men like Eric and David Justice. Dealing with one cheater after another will make you crazy, no wonder she has trust issues.

1341 days ago


#30 Ur giving Halle a "pass" bc she says Eric cheated on her multiple times. Has it ever occurred to u that anything she says is truthful? She lied about adopting India. She lied about her & Eric co-parenting. Eric says she hasn't seen India since late 2003, yet in her Oprah interview in 05/2004 she said her & Eric will be co-parenting. She said in Essence interview in 2010 that Eric wasn't supportive of her & never around when filming Monster's Ball (2000) when in fact he had been per all the interviews she did following her 02/2000 car accident. He missed the 2000 Grammy's bc of her selfish azz. LIAR!!!

1341 days ago


Please this is the same PIG that couldn't keep it in his pants. Of course he would say she is crazy. Any woman in her right mind would kick this slob to the curb. He probably exposed her to all types of diseases. I am glad he couldn't get her money.

1341 days ago


Eric Benet "Lost in Time" CD is the bomp!!!Halle Scary PR machine is not going to win this time. They try to manipulate the press with lies. They know she's a crazy bitch, but as long as the money is rolling their way they would try to cover for her. She a looney tune and they know it!!! Eric Benet knows how crazy her ass is too!! He handle the pap with class!!

1341 days ago


Why is he dressed like a homeless man?

1341 days ago


You people are just too funny....posting as if you are privy to EVERYTHING about their relationship! One thing is a fact--and TMZ needs to confirm their sources because they commented on tv--Halle Berry NEVER ADOPTED Eric's daughter and apparently didn't feel close enough to maintain a relationship with her after she and Eric dissolved theirs. Notice I said 'apparently' because I don't want to speak with the same authority many do about their lives!

1341 days ago

Chris O.    

My bf was best friends with one of her ex hubs (wont say which one listed) any case...the 'ex' used to always tell my bf how CRAZY HALLE WAS...she NEVER WANTED TO HAVE S/EX and JEALOUS LIKE NO OTHER.
Sorry to break your rose colored glasses....

1341 days ago


Yep she is certified 'closet crazy'

Did you not see her acceptance speech at the Oscars?

She needs her meds

1341 days ago


We all have some type of issues!

1341 days ago


very very Beautiful women act that way I mean very very beautiful one's...

1341 days ago


I bet she is one witch...she obviously has problems in keeping men who appear to be nice. I think it is sad that she is giving the father of her child a custody fight. Everytime there are photos of the child and him, the child appears to be closer to the father than the mother and the child appears to adore the father and vice versa......sad she just can't let her ego go and accept the fact the child has a loving father

1341 days ago


Anyone who is decent knows that it was horrible for Halle to issue that statement trashing the father of her child to the media claiming she had serious concerns about him being with their child. That is harmful to their child. I totally believe she was lying about that. She is apparently not putting up a fight now about him seeing the child and the child looked like she loved her father in that picture that was released. Halle must have realized he had the goods on her with the crazy voicemails and emails she sent so she backed down with her lies which backfired on her since most people didn't believe her. She is a crazy bad person just like her hit and run proved and I wish Gabriel could get full custody.

1341 days ago


The rookie camera man is asking terrible questions about a very personal nature..Cheap shots and GOSSIP and he has the gall 2 say GOD BLESS..This man is in need of serious help..He is a sick slime bag..DO NOT bring GODS name into something SINFUL, dirty and ugly..I wish I could confront the slob and knock some sense into him

1341 days ago


Its amazing how people will believe Eric Benet stories but not
Aubreys ex!! I find it amazing how people are determined to hate on Halle.

1340 days ago


Typical. Bringing up HALLE's temper but not her ex? Everyone has a temper.

1340 days ago
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