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Ex-USC Star SLAMS Pete Carroll -- 'F**k You!'

2/21/2011 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former USC superstar running back LenDale White is PISSED at his former college and NFL coach Pete Carroll... and this weekend, he sent Pete a 4-letter message via TMZ ... "F*ck you."

White was leaving Voyeur nightclub in Hollywood with former USC teammate Dominique Byrd when we asked about reports that certain NBA players were complaining about a controversial sneaker ... and LenDale replied:

"If it ain't Chauncey Billups or Kobe Bryant ... f*ck 'em. Or if it ain't the Denver Broncos or Chris Johnson ... f*ck 'em. Or D-Byrd ... or the Trojans ... minus Pete Carroll -- f*ck you."

When our camera guy quipped, "You love the Trojans" ... LenDale continued, "Except for Pete Carroll. Minus Pete Carroll I have Trojan love."

FYI -- LenDale's been upset with Carroll ever since Pete cut him from the Seahawks last year.

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I see the problem here a black man is not allowed to say anything whether it is good or bad, because these bigots will come and make their cowardly comments because they are brave behind the computer. As far as them using thugs and bigots maybe they should hear the words honky, craker, redneck-bitch, peckerwood when a white athelete makes a commit about anything like that little peckerwood Tom Brady' or that cracker Big Ben.

1338 days ago

Ron Oldmiller    

'USC superstar running back'

hardly the superstar

1338 days ago


What an idiot jerk! That girl should be ashamed that she is with such a classless idiot jerk who not to mention SUCKS in the NFL! But then again she's just there to dig his pockets. He thought he was entitled to the Seattle's roster just because of Pete Carroll, well now it's confirmed they made the right decision! He was zero in Denver last year.

No heart in the game for this idiot

1338 days ago


world class jerk

1338 days ago

Toasty J    

Hmm. I wonder why he was cut?

Not because of the pot smoking.
Not because of the bad work ethic.
Not because he can't stop feeding his fat pie hole.

Of course, it's everyone else's fault.
Poor LenDale...

1338 days ago


if you *******s think he said cause he's a classless thug your a ****ing moron. he said that cause pete carroll turned his back on usc as soon as the heat came down douchebag

1337 days ago


Actually, TMZ, that was a SEVEN Letter message to Pete. I imagine LenDUMB also hates Jeff Fisher, ex-Titans head coach, who also cut LenDUMB. The ungrateful idiot should be happy that Pete even gave him another chance to play.

In fact, LenDUMB is really annoyed with Pete because Pete cut LenDUMB and kept Marshan Lynch, a UCal-Berkeley running back, who played PAC-10 football and proved he was much better, around the same time as LenDUMB did !!

1337 days ago


THeres more than 4 letters in "f**k you" -_-

1337 days ago


You got cut because you absolutly SUCK at football, not because Pete Carroll doesn't know wtf he's doing. He brought the Seahawks (however bad their record was) into the playoffs. It must be hard to accept the fact that you're only subpar in a profession that you've been training for years and years in. Have fun playing Arena Football or Canadian!

1337 days ago


Hey commentor #67, this has NOTHING to do with race you moron. This guy absolutly BLOWS at a professional level, enough said. And how dare you include Big Ben or Tom Brady's name with this idiot. I'm not a Steelers OR Patriots fan, and Ben is a less-than-stellar human being but at least they can play. Would it make you feel better if I commented on the fact that he was black? Or if I called him a "******"? Maybe then it would justify it to your NAACP over-using ass. Get a life, it's 2011, not 1811 you imbecile.

1337 days ago


fifthavenuekid, you must be a ******

1336 days ago
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