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Charles Manson's Attorney

Asks Obama For Help

2/22/2011 8:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charles Manson's lawyer has just sent a fax to President Obama, asking for mercy.

Barack Obama and Giovanni Di Stefano
Giovanni Di Stefano -- known as "The Devil's Advocate" -- tells TMZ, he wants the Prez to set Manson free.

Di Stefano -- who has also repped the likes of Saddam Hussein -- says Manson was nothing more than a cult leader, not a murderer -- Manson didn't do the killing.  Di Stefano says at worst, Manson is guilty of telling his followers to "do something witchy" -- never specifying murder.

Di Stefano complains, "Manson has been made out in America to be the Satan of the criminal justice system. He does not deserve the title."


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Yes, it's kind of a "technicality" to argue that he did not *actually* kill anyone and there is inadequate proof to say he EXPLICITLY instructed anyone do so - and I can see how that would not sit well with the voting public.

However, before one gets up in arms, let's not forget these two things: Firstly, what has he got to go back to? Constant Protests? Extremely angry residents (wherever he's housed) - supplying endless outrage-fueled soundbites to an eager media. Yep - prison might be safer at this point.

Secondly, the man is bat-**** insane. Anyone listed to his rants/music recorded from prison? It's quite evident he's missing more than a few screws. Chances of him being released anywhere other than some kind of secured psych ward are pretty slim.

Oh well. Won't happen anyhow - It's WAY too politically risky.

Such a pity though. It sure would've made for entertaining media reporting...possibly rehashing some of the good ol' moral panic around satanic cults. :P

1301 days ago


From what i read in that do***ent his rights were violated. I bet 9 of 10 posters didn`t even read the letter. Yes, let`s all listen to the media instead of the facts. Manson`s followers killed 8 people including one unborn child and he`s the devil? The US government murdered 76 people in Waco Texas at the Branch Davidian including more than 20 children. There was enough CS gas put into the building to saturate the gas masks, there were no gas masks to fit the children. Yes i believe Manson is evil and the US government is far far worse.

1301 days ago


Apparently, the lawyer is just as crazy as manson!

1301 days ago

Bob A    

Of course Obama will pardon this mass murderer. He supports Planned Parenthood, doesn't he?

1301 days ago


Excuse me......I believe he is Satan.

1301 days ago


do defense attorneys have souls?

1301 days ago

Yael Avroham    

Dear people, Charles Manson never killed anyone and never ordered anyone to commit crimes. He never received a fair trial because they knew he could prove he’s innocence. It is unbelievable that in a land what is called ‘a land of civilization’, a man is forbidden to show evidence or call witnesses allegedly because he so-called could hypnotize judges and juries.

Charles Manson was no cult leader, cult leaders are psychopaths who plan and highly structured organise: like the cult leader James Warren "Jim" Jones did.

Charles Manson is not a psychopath and suffer from no mental illness.
All antisocial disturbed people, have common symptoms: they are ‘anti-social’.

Charles Manson he’s stable long friendships with many, good citizens prove that he is a social person who has a great sense of what happens with our environment
The people that really know the person Charles Manson know that he is innocent and he is a social, supportive generous person with creative hobbies such as music and designing fine hand work of art

1301 days ago


I remember the 'horror' that Charles Manson INFLICTED on Sharon Tate & her 'unborn child'.. It wouldn't surprise me if OBAMA would pardon this INSANE CRIMINAL MURDERER!! They're 'two peas in a pod'

1301 days ago

Suzanne Hawk    

Hell yeah everyone knows we have a damn weak president so let's get all the murderer's lawyers to get Obummer to pardon them, he's weak, he'll do it. Look at the mess we're in with Iran!! No backbone only bowing to dictators and unions. He's such a joke of a President. Come on 2012 get his ass out!

1301 days ago


There are two main points in this matter that immediately come to my mind.

1. the extensive, slanderous, pre-trial publicity. The DA (vincent bugliosi) was speaking with reporters, telling him his theory of "Helter Skelter" which was a THEORY Bugliosi made up. Even before he had a pre-trial, Manson had been featured in the newspapers, magazines and evening news accross the country, all of it horrible slander, none of it based on fact. Manson was banned from talking to the media.

2. Denial of his Constitutional right to self-representation. It is argued that the court vacated Mansons' pro-per because of "outlandish" "nonsensical" motions/behavior. HOWEVER, by reading the complete pre-trial transcripts, you will clearly see that Manson was behaving respectfully and doing a fine job of representing himself. It was only AFTER his pro-per was taken away, among other stunts pulled by the district attorney and the court, that Manson began to act out. He had no choice. He had tried dealing with everything the correct way, and the only choice he had left was to act out in an attempt to bring some attention to what was going on in that courtroom.
There are many many other things about this case that are blatently unjust. But these two are some of the most obvious and pertinent.

Also, T.V. Manson is not anything like real-life Manson.

1301 days ago


You people who think Charles Manson is evil really should do some more research before you open your ****ing mouth. He is locked up in prison because he is a genius and he would have saved the world. He is actually a good person. Your minds still probably cannot understand Charles Manson and what he has done for the world, because you are still in that dumbed down sheep mode where you believe everything on tv, etc.. Charles Manson is my hero and all he does is speak truth. Keep listening to the distorted and corrupt media, can't you see the lies being spoon fed to you? Yes Charles Manson has done some things I do not agree with, but overall this man is not evil and he is doing good things and trying to save the world. He is the EPITOME of Creation in human form. Comparing this man to Hitler is completely assign in itself, and if you really compare Manson to Hitler, I have great pity for you and your mind that cannot comprehend reality on any tangible level. They kill kids and people every day by the tons, but you don't go after them you go after Charlie. Sad, sad world.

1301 days ago



1301 days ago


he was just a leader of a silly cult, LA is full of them. Some even have well known celebrities as members.

Posted at 4:59 PM on Feb 22, 2011 by jack

"silly cult" are you for real, this silly cult knifed and cut up people including Sharon Tate and her soon to be born baby..I think you are as sick as those that did this and Charles Manson. I dont think this is the time to be making cruel jokes, considering what these people done, you all should be totally ashamed of yourselves. I wonder how funny all of you would think it ,if you came face to face with Charles Manson.

1301 days ago


Since Obama himself is the devil's advocate, he'd probably like to. He likes our enemies and hates our friends - and us, the working, tax paying US citizens!

1301 days ago


If it would help boost his ratings, or help ram his communist agenda, Obama would do it without hesitation. He doesn't care one bit that people are out of work and suffering. He likes crises'. Gives him an excuse to lie and use them as a defense. Hey loonies, it's Bush's fault that Manson is in prison! Run with it! Your stupid enough to blame everything else on him!!

1301 days ago
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