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Charlie Sheen KISSES New Mystery Babe

2/22/2011 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen planted a big fat kiss on the mouth of a young hot blonde chick yesterday -- the kind of kiss that says, "I'm involved in a relationship with this person."

Sheen was at an office building in Calabasas, CA -- when the photog asked, "How ya been man?" Charlie kissed the babe ... and then responded, "Winning."

After taking some photos with fans, Charlie locked hands with the mystery lady and walked her to his $300,000 Maybach ... before the two drove off.

The PDA went down just hours before Charlie appeared on TMZ Live ... where he revealed he's got TWO "goddesses" in his life ... though we've yet to see what lucky lady #2 looks like.

Charlie hinted ... we'll find out soon enough.


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All you have to do is get knocked up, then knocked around, then you are set for life.

1246 days ago


I almost puked when I saw the photo of those two smokers kissing. Must have been a lovely taste, a combination of smoke and halitosis. I'm not knocking smokers, even they know their breath stinks.

1246 days ago


Charlies just living the life everybosy else only dreams about.
Go Charlie!

1246 days ago


Who would have guessed that Pete Rose would be the smart one of the group?Even he knows enough to stay away from Charlie the ass clown and his group of 'winners' if he is such a awesome guy and winning at everything why did he Lose 2 wives and two families??Loser is what he is just like the fancy watch he LOST,the next thing to lose is his life and I give him 2 years.

1246 days ago


Charlie, with is enormous ego want's us to think he's Joe Cool. He's far from it! All I do when I read a story about him is laugh. He's a joke, and he doesn't even know it!

1246 days ago


For some reason I love him. I think any woman who attempts a relationship with him is outta her mind. But he is likable. I really don't want to like him, but I do.

1246 days ago


How much money can I bury with my toothless body. Money is all that matters and I have the most so I win, right? My employees tell me I'm livin the dream. I'm killing myself with a pile of money. Livin the nightmare. But I still think people see me as Charlie Mansheen because I pay everyone to say so. I pay, therfore I am what I think I am. But I'm really the half man on the show I just killed. and that's a stretch.

1246 days ago

Preserve the Tiger    

Another stupid woman! STOP THE MADNESS WOMEN and GET A LIFE WITH SOMEONE WHO IS A DECENT HUMANBEING! He doesn't fall in the 'decent humanbeing' category!

1246 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

How much further could the TMZ cam guy have his head up Charlie's druggie loser ass. The TMZ cam guy is probably a fat guitar hero playing, poker stars TV watching idiot as anyone else who worships Charlie.

1246 days ago


So sick of Charlie and his "Winning" crap. He's just trying to be another Hugh Hefner. He's starting to look as old as Hugh lately.

1246 days ago


I wonder what type of STD this latest hooker/pornstar has.

1246 days ago


Charlie Sheen KISSES New Mystery PornStar!

2/22/2011 8:10 AM PST by TMZ Staff

1246 days ago


Yesterday this piece of s*ht said he wanted to get back with his ex- wife now he plants a "wet one" on someone strange girl. Don't be suprise if it's a noboby porn star. Charile Sheen is on borrowed time, the funny thing is he just doesn't it.

1246 days ago


Does he not realize how bad he looks? He looks dying-bad.

1246 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Skanky blonds full of self hatred are in huge supply here in SoCal. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a hot chick who has daddy issues. Women are all whores, they just have different rates.

1246 days ago
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