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Chris Brown

I'm Allowed to Go

Near Rihanna Now!!!

2/22/2011 8:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Award shows just got a little less awkward for Chris Brown and Rihanna ... because a judge just lifted the restraining order prohibiting him from going near her.

Chris Brown and Rihanna
Brown appeared in court moments ago in downtown L.A., where a judge replaced Rihanna's restraining order with a level one order -- meaning Chris and Rihanna can have contact as long as he does not harass, annoy, or molest her.

Rihanna was not in court -- but her attorney Donald Etra was ... and told the judge RiRi has no objection to the new order.


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What's up with those deep crevices in his forehead? They're as deep as the Grand Canyon. I thought he was a young kid, but he looks so old. I thought Black don't crack?

1304 days ago


That would be a good love song title... "Alowwwed to go near her now"

Posted at 6:06 PM on Feb 22, 2011 by Kabala
HA HA HA!! Very cute post! As I read it I actually sang it in my head "Alowwed to go neeeaaaarrr her noooowww" la la la la

1304 days ago

Ester Rondi    

Wow, you do not leave their lives in peace .. huh? We let the boy follow his life, because if he were a poor person was not successful no one would speak ill of him, and moreover would not even call that he was beaten in a woman and would not be judging him, more like you are ironic only know the famous people criticize and judge without knowing the real story of the event, get smart stallions because one day this event can happen to anyone with whom she is, then stop putting words into the mouth of Rihanna and Chris Brown because he is easy to judge is hard to prove that the guy has not only improved the theater will be because people think it? Because he is a handsome, rich, successful, envied, desired by any woman in the world! And because it is human being like any of us he deserves another chance it is human to make mistakes without any moments like we think in our daily lives.
So my final word is: Good luck Brown you are a brilliant person, a wonderful singer you are still young have a bright career ahead, and as always here in Brazil following the success snuggle with you!
Kisses, love you more! s2

1304 days ago


So glad this is over. Chris is so talented and I am so excited for the new album. Please Rihanna don't contact Chris, he is finally over you after you started that fight and got him in trouble.

1304 days ago

Javed Simpson    

u knw, i think they should go back 2gether, i love both of them, so haters get lost

1304 days ago


Why dont you two hook up at Ihop, Chucky Cheese or Denny's, you know, all the new hot spots for the likes of you all doing public beat downs on each other, and the innocent diners near you.

Uh, one of ya'll care to explain to the rest of us, the sudden surge in public violence in these 3 eateries? No wonder Denny's used to be discretionary on who they served...look on any You Tube video, and its always the same kind doing this nonsense.

Multiculturalism has been an utter failure and people like Brown and this dummy prove it. Chris, give her a good sock at Ihop to remind her how much she loves this kind of attention from you, and do please be sure to film it for the rest of our viewing pleasure. Add it to the treasure trove of other public beat downs filmed at Ihop, Chucky Cheeses, or Denny's.

1304 days ago


Good for him.

1304 days ago


YAH!!!!! Great job Chris....he has completed everything the court has asked of him in record time and if Chris and Rhianna want to put all this past them, they should be allowed to do so.

1304 days ago


Hopefully this is really all about award shows and it's not about hooking back up because that would be a mistake. I think prison would kill Chris' career so he needs to keep away from any situation or person that could even remotely cause him to have to appear before a judge again as the defendant

1304 days ago


Chris Brown So Loves C@ck and What a douche do

1304 days ago


This has NOTHING to do with RiRi wanting to be around him or with him, so all of you calling her idiotic are displaying your own ignorance.

All this does is let the two of them be in the same room. Since they work in the same industry, and sometimes might want to attend the same awards shows or parties or whatever, having the restraining order keeping them however many yards apart made it very difficult *for both of them*. Now, they can attend the same events. That doesn't mean they will ever even speak to each other, and it sure doesn't mean they'll resume a relationship. It just means they'll both be at the same shows sometimes.

1304 days ago


Guess what turd? There will be no more awards for Ri's big fat as@. Lilo and Riri both have sucked white **** since Last Thursday.

1304 days ago


Leave Chris alone....ARE YOU KIDDING he is a low down s*** bag

1304 days ago



1304 days ago


I bet Chris do her

1304 days ago
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