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Charlie Sheen -- Angry Over 'Major League' Snub

2/22/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's wish for another "Major League" movie isn't just a pipedream -- producers have been working on a script for more than a year. But TMZ has learned one key player's been cut from the flick ... and Charlie ain't too happy about it.


Sources close to the production tell TMZ ... an outline for ML4 was completed in 2010 ... and most of the original cast has already been contacted about roles ... except for Corbin Bernsen.

We're told Bernsen -- who famously played Roger Dorn in the first three "ML" movies -- contacted Morgan Creek productions when he heard the rumblings ... but was told there are currently no plans to include him in a 4th installment.

Bernsen's publicist tells us, “Corbin would LOVE to do another 'Major League' but it doesn’t look like he’s been written into the movie at this point.  We’re hopeful he gets written in by the time it’s finalized though."

0221_sheen_tmz_live_smallSheen -- on the other hand -- tells us he's pretty damn pissed about the snub ... adding, "I would love it for him to be in ... but I ain't the writer or director ... I'm a hired gun ... I'll do my best."


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Your nuts to say Corbin sucks, he's a great actor and very funny. He'd be a great addition to the film, I'm a woman and I'd watch if he was on!! I'd rather see Corbin 20 times over then pathetic Charlie Sheen who thinks he's god to everything walking!

1307 days ago


TMZ get it right- it's not a pipe dream for Charlie - IT'S A CRACK-PIPE DREAM!!!!!!!

1307 days ago


Probably because Corbin Bernsen said after Major League II, "If he ain't playing, then he ain't playing. Get it." However, he was in the "Back to the Minors" one as an owner, I think.

But, how are they going to pull this off...Charlie Sheen is 45 years old and he looks like 75 from all the drugs. Corbin Bernsen, who is 56, looks to be in better shape than him. Are they having an over-the-hill gang on the Cleveland Indians these days?

1307 days ago


What about Wesley Snipes?

1307 days ago


They may be in discussions over salary and the studio wants to make it sound like he won't be in it to have a stronger hand.

Alternately, they may make at least a bit part for him so it can be claimed the whole cast is in it.

1307 days ago


charlie peen just needs to od. today.

1307 days ago


All these actors are so old now.

This will be the laughing stock of hollyoowd like rocky 6 was.

1307 days ago


Forget about the curve ball, Ricky. Give him the heater!

1307 days ago


"... but Sheen considers that movie an "abortion" -- and doesn't think it should be counted with the rest of the series."

(regarding the Major League Baseball films)

I hope Charlie doesn't out another pathetic and disrespectful analogy and say Corbin's exclusion is considered "an abortion of Corbin Bernsen."

The Charlie Circus the past week makes it clear his "home rehab" is a farse and joke. His downward spiral continues....and is picking up speed.

Charlie has actually had amazing endurance and perseverance to stave off hitting bottom this long. It seems his physical and emotional faculties are steadily losing steam.....I predict the bottom will finally bit hit soon.

(Either he has ignorant physicians, or Charlie is in denial; he's self-medicating with destructive means.....does he have Bipolar Disorder?)

Charlie's dad, Martin Sheen, was interviewed at an airport yesterday. Martin looks tired, stressed, and preoccupied. How sad to watch a sun slowly kill himself. A sick individual suffers in their own way, as do those who care for him.

His children have a father who necessarily is emotionally distant. Showing up from time to time and buying them 'things' is no substitute for a father who is emotionally present. (Not even close). Those scars of abandonment will remain with them.

Sad all around.

Things will only get worse, before they have a change to get better. We are watching another human being steadily decline into bolivian right before our eyes in real time.

The only thing left is for him (like St. Paul) to be knocked off his high horse and onto his ass. He's blind, and cannot see his self-destruction and the harm he is also causing others who care for him.

Day after day on TMZ, we see ineffectual coping mechanisms and unhelpful distractions used by Charlie. We'll see more until he finally sputters out and disappears.

That post-hitting-bottom time period will be a life or death situation...the do or die moment.

REALITY hitting him smack between the eyes.........either he'll see it when at the bottom.........or he won't.

Only time will tell.

It always does.

1307 days ago


(Sorry I butchered my previous post with typos....I didn't have time to proof read it. Charlie is "steadily declining into bolivian"....I even laughed at that because a Bolivian is someone from Boliva - correction: oblivion.)

1307 days ago


Make it happen Charlie!

1307 days ago


Awww Charlie, The cyberbullies are out in full force again. Just ignore them. (We all know that they know excatly what they are talking about and have accomplished more than you ever will). Ha! Good luck to you and your family.

1307 days ago


Who cares what charlie sheen thinks??!!

1307 days ago


GO CHARLIE....... Bottom line, it's all about ratings & like him or love him, Charlie brings in the high ratings for his show !!!!!! I enjoy him & could care less about his personal life for enjoy the characters he plays in sitcoms & films......

1307 days ago


How about another HOT SHOTS? If we are gonna make more silly movies, make em all!

1307 days ago
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