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Bieber's Haircut -- Altering the Course of Humanity

2/22/2011 10:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

February 21, 2011 will forever be known as THE DAY JUSTIN BIEBER CUT HIS BEAUTIFUL HAIR. Life as we know it will NEVER be the same. Never. Ever, ever.

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You can clearly see that Justin is a BOY! so if you think he is a girl then there is clearly something wrong with you!!! Just because he has a good voice and has looks there is no need to be jealous

I bet most of you haters on here are from America not Canada.

1275 days ago

Eye Opener    

Can't you see it?!?!? HE'S HAVING A BRITNEY AND MILEY MOMENT!!! Too much too soon......(be careful what you wish for it just might come true...) ;(

Let this kid go to school and live a normal life... showbiz just RUINS anyone under 18!!! You can tell from even is interviews of late that he is becoming disgusted with this "bieber fever" CRAP!!! Let it go....I mean take this for example when was the last time you heard "Hannah Montana" or the "Jonas Brothers"??? For real...SHOWBIZ SUCKS!

1275 days ago


I know my life will never be the same. The Bible warned us that this one of the signs of the apocalypse. Repent NOW before he has his eyebrows shaped!!

1275 days ago

Fawn Hill     

My Favorite Justin moment CSI when they KILLED HIM :)

1275 days ago


The new girl on the show she's annoying trying to hard to be funny, she's weird looking like the regulars better

1275 days ago


c'mon TMZ can't you do better than this puke?

1275 days ago


NOOOOOOO!!!!! OMG!!!! :O i dont even care if you think im freaking out, this is frikken CRAZY! no more hair flip?! aaaaahhh!! 3 he shoulda just trim it, what was he thinking?! i LOVED that hair. I mean it. i think im gonna cry :'(

1275 days ago


He look weird now. He's hair was much better than this.

1275 days ago


People are dead and dying in Libya and New Zealand, and you're gonna post about this little biggot's haircut?! The world is never going to be the same because there are wars being raged by countries on their own people, and families lives are destroyed and torn apart across the globe because of devastating earthquakes. But oh... this is the biebs. never mind. Sorry, I forgot he's more important than human beings that actually MEAN something in this world.

This kid needs a kick back to kindgergarten where he can learn to stop spilling his hate against women and gays. About time he stopped having a focus. He's NOT important!!

1275 days ago


You guys need some new material. Commenting on some punk named Justin Bieber getting a haircut is just a stretch to give something newsworthy. I know you like to focus on celebs, so try to comment on Martin Sheen....the man out of control....I think he used to be a great actor, but now he is washed out. As, far as Bieber....he is just the flavor of the month (as they say in hollywood). TMZ can do guys are getting too comfortable in your jobs....give us some news worth the print. I watch you on TV and think you need to hire new writers for your show. What crap....I could come up with better celeb news while I sit on the toilet.

1275 days ago


Who are these tools complaining that this isn't real news? Nobody is THAT f*ckin' stupid... i mean really!? Are they?

Hint: You want NEWS? Then tear yourself away from reading ****-for-brains celebrity gossip sites like TMZ long enough to turn on the f*ckin' news, dumbasses.

TMZ doesn't cover the news. They publish rumors, gossip, and crap they just plain made up for fun and profit.

1275 days ago


i dont like him or really dislike him. but i think he just ruined his career.

the young girls lovedhim for the way he looked not for his "talent" now he looks like a wanna be.

1275 days ago


Wow, that haircut is really cute and kind of sexy! To bad his stylist didn't tell him it's usually 13 yr old girls wearing it.

This is sad. The poor boy was already manscaped to within an inch of his life and now they've stolen the last vestige of manliness from him.

So sad...

1275 days ago


dumbass your hair cut look bad wrong move kid

1275 days ago


The day the earth stood still: Justin Bieber AND Jennifer Aniston got new, "more mature" haircuts.

1275 days ago
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