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Kim Kardashian

I've Been Twitjacked!

2/22/2011 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian claims her Twitter account has been hacked by a cunning genius -- who even went so far as to tweet a fake "all clear" message with her account.

Kim says the "hacker" somehow blocked Kim from logging in from her home computer -- though she can still post messages from her cell phone.

So far, the mystery culprit hasn't posted anything malicious ... except for a message asking people to watch "Kourtney and Kim Take New York."

Oh wait, that one was real.


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Comment # 1: "what she hasn't been on the front page for a 2 days so she comes up with this crap- I was hoping the family went away."

Posted at 11:27 AM on Feb 22, 2011 by kp

Comment # 15: "tmz must have money invested in Kim K- why else would they promote this shank all the time. What is the going rate to advertise Kim's show?"

Posted at 1:34 PM on Feb 22, 2011 by kp

LOL kp...Your comments are HILARIOUS!!! :-D

1315 days ago


Kim is a brainless, ludicrous TRAMP!! And her whole family are a bunch of classless imbeciles!! Kris K. is a poor excuse for a mother...All the women in that family are so vulgar and disgusting/NASTY...
NONE of them have any manners, and they don't know how to act in public!! All they do is take up space and they should be rounded up and shipped off to Kuwait or somethin'...LOL!!

1315 days ago


Her ****s been what???

1315 days ago


oh,plz you guys are just some haters! jeesh .

1314 days ago


"oh,plz you guys are just some haters! jeesh ."

Posted at 5:08 AM on Feb 24, 2011 by moe

And you are an illiterate loser that can't write for ****!

1314 days ago


Lying Kim is now selling her stench in a perfume and lying about being Armenian. She was at the Glendale Galleria on the news yesterday and I thought OMG if she only knew what the true Armenians thought of her and her horrid family. Their claim to being "Armenian" is nothing but a marketing tool. Their father was Armenian but born in the USA. Her awful mother who pimps her out is an American and of Dutch descent.

Don't be fooled by these trashy thieves. The next time they show up anywhere, ignore them. Any interviewer with a microphone walk away when you see them coming. Grab someone else and if they descend on you, call for security. Same goes for more pictures of these dumb filthy tramps unless it is when they realize the public has had it with them and their trashy behavior.

What do Kris Jenner, Sante Kimes and Joran Van der Sloot all have in common? They are all of Dutch descent!

1314 days ago


this happened to me.... i just sent a new password request to my email?

1313 days ago


everybody who's on here calling her names & whatnot , why are you so worried about her if she's SO stupid & talentless ? if your that much against her then stay out of her business & what she does . don't you have a life of your own to be attending to ?! it's ridiculous how much time you can spend trashing & downing her when your the ones that are giving her the fame ! do you get it ? or are you at stupid as you guys THINK she is ? you don't know her life , so how can you judge her ?!

1294 days ago


I bet it was one of the ingenious hackers that also stole Vanessa Hudgens Naked pics who did it, I'm also perfectly sure the same "bastard" hacked Kim's video camera that had her uncensored sex tape with golden showers saved on it!

1289 days ago
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