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'Housewives of Miami'

Who'd You Rather?

2/22/2011 5:35 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

The latest batch of Bravo's heavily made up, middle-aged mamacitas -- "The Real Housewives of Miami" -- premieres tonight and introduces the world to Adriana De Moura, Alexia Echevarria, Lea Black, Cristy Rice and Marysol Patton.


Question is ...



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omg couldnt they pick better looking people atleast desent n humble people, they do not represent miami, they should have looked for local women who have like 3 to 5 kids shop at target, n cooks for her cheating husband lol or something wit drama u know..!!! real stuff,, theses bimbos are all retarded i hope the show dies off with 0 ratings lol no ratings dont watch people!.. lol

1339 days ago


They do look like Drag queens all the way.

1338 days ago

So Fl Native    

I love RH shows, and living in Miami I'm happy that the rest of the country now sees what we deal with, Spoiled Cuban *******s. I can't even go into a Marshalls without feeling like I am in another country. They are loud, messy, and complete jerks with a HUGE sense of entitlement. Did you (meaning American Citizens) know that when a Cuban arrives in this country they receive $10K and do not have to pay taxes for 10 years? Tell me that isn't F*ed up! That means you and I paid for the botox, collagen, and boob jobs on those Biatches!

1337 days ago


They look like a bunch of filthy ****roaches.

1337 days ago

Dedicated Viewer    

Audriana is a real pain in the ass. She loves herself so much, and she hogs and dominates the dialogue. Who gives a **** about all her bragging. What's with her 2 front teeth (they look different).

1337 days ago

Judy Cobb    


These women are the ugliest of all the "Housewives" yet!

What's up with the mom? I literally gasped out loud when I saw her face. I don't think I've ever seen a group of women with that much botox, plastic surgery, silicone and everything else you can inject into your body.
Where do they find these people!

1337 days ago


So happy to see that Lea black is on this show in Miami she is loved for all her charities and so laid back and normal and fun and also known for helping her friends and never patting herself on the back..

1337 days ago


The scary mom person looks like Lord Voldamort in drag!

1336 days ago


Scotty Pippin's wife (Larsa, I think?) is the only one of these ladies of air breathing worth.
Where'd she go? Oh right. Taking care of something besides herself.

1336 days ago


none of the above! I don't believe MHW will be succesful
I couldn't even watch it found it to be very boring and had no substance whatsoever!

1335 days ago


they make us miami women look HORRIBLE. I am ashamed.

1319 days ago


This is all they could find down in beautiful people land? these women are UGLY! Can you say plastic! Damn! well it is Miami.... and we all know whats MOST important in Miami! I moved away from there few years back couldnt stand the fakeness anymore or the feeling I was not in the U.S.A!!

1318 days ago


ohh myy godd!! where did they find these women..? i cannot believe that they even tried..! are these women the best that miami can offer? pathetic!!....

1311 days ago


did anybody bothered to tell elsa ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with the plastic surgeries?... and her daughter is certainly following her mother's footsteps....! in one episode, elsa says that 'I AM WITCH'... sorry, hon, you should have said that I LOOK LIKE A WITCH...........uff

1311 days ago


CRISTY is so full of herself.. she had the nerve to say that LEA should paying her for her attendance at the fundraiser? i have news for you, hon, first, LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH, THEN CONTINUE TO LEARN SPANISH..... YOU HAVE NOT MASTERED EITHER ONE OF THEM.......nobody understand your gibirish!! i speak both languages very well, but i cannot make heads or tails of what you say...

1311 days ago
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