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'Golden Voice' Ted Williams Scores REALITY SHOW

2/22/2011 2:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ted "Golden Voice" Williams has inked a deal to star in his very own reality show -- and he will begin shooting in two weeks ... TMZ has learned.

Ted Williams Reality Show

Ted's rep tells us the show will be called "Second Chances at Life" -- which will document how Mr. "Golden Voice" went from a promising radio career to living on the streets ... to becoming a YouTube sensation. The series will also follow Ted's life as he battles to rebuild his career and personal life. 

We're told the show will be shot in three different locations: Brooklyn (his hometown), Ohio (where he was homeless) and Los Angeles ... where he's been hanging out at expensive restaurants.

And that's not all: Ted's rep says they're already planning season two -- when they'll introduce other people who deserve a second chance.


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It's not that I don't wish him the best, it's that I see the writing on the wall.

A troubled soul suddenly hit with mass fame is NOT a good combination and rarely, if ever - turns out well.

I would like to see him go slow, retreat to the private sector and make sure he can stabilize himself before all of this happens for him.

1337 days ago

Davey Boy    

Wait, is this the famous, Ted "No Video" Williams. I guess video is OK as long as this loser is getting paid. Used to like Ted, but that ship has sailed.

1337 days ago


I wish this man only the best. Let's hear it for second chances.

1337 days ago


No one told Ted that reality show fame is like the kiss of death. It will eat you alive. Not many happy campers from reality tv shows. Mainly they are mean, angry and addicted to something bad. Run for you life Ted!

1337 days ago


If Mr. Williams can stay "clean and sober" long enough to get through season 1, then this may be a show worth watching. However, checking out of inpatient rehab doesn't bode well for his continued success. Good luck to him!!!

1337 days ago


Hey, if a losers like Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan can make the big bucks, shouldnt we nobodys get a chance at the big money?

1337 days ago


C'mon, enough of this guy already TMZ.

1337 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Its great that he got a 2nd chance and all but theres a reason this guy is perfect for radio, because he is tough to look at. He's got a great voice but nobody wants to look at a drugged out looking Obama with crooked teeth. And it'd be a better story if he worked to get where he is instead of being a youtube sensation and having stuff handed to him like has happened.

Nice idea but they should have did it before his 15 mins ran out. Now he's as memorable and the Numa Numa Kid and Chocolate Rain kid. Another 15 mins of fame thanks to this youtube generation we live in today.

1337 days ago


I just don't get what the big deal is about this man. And now he crops up with a reality show? Good grief, why?????

That will be short lived. Not enough subject matter and we are all over what happened to him.

1337 days ago


This guy has a reality show like i have a gold nugget up my rectum. You know TMZ is lying when they don't even mention the network.

1337 days ago


This is a bad choice. Most reality shows focus on people being disfunctional and constantly fighting. This will not help his sobriety. He would have been better staying in the rehab program that was provided to him and then trying to pursue the opportunities that were offered.

1337 days ago


what is this world coming to?

1337 days ago


Good God I hope he gets his teeth fixed, it is so hard to look at him...YUCK!!

1337 days ago


another loser to avoid on TV
puleeseee........such bull****.

1337 days ago


Pretty sad when Golden Voice can get a reality show faster than Lindsay Lohan.

1337 days ago
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