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Charlie's Bahama Mamas

Brooke and Goddesses

2/23/2011 10:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen boarded his private jet this afternoon along with his two new girlfriends and ex-wife Brooke Mueller ... and took off for an island near the Bahamas for a private adult vacation ... TMZ has learned.


Sources close to Sheen tell us ... the actor, his porn-star GF Bree Olson, model Natalie Kenly and Brooke will spend the next few days together ... sans Charlie's kids.


Remember, Charlie is expected back on the set of "Two and a Half Men" on Tuesday.

Fingers crossed.


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normal person    

What a sad and empty life he must have. Money just does not buy happiness. Sad story really.

1306 days ago


Interesting...the boat off the shore in California, the plane ride to AZ. and now this. I wonder if a lawyer told him to do his drug deals in air or waters for less chance of getting caught.
Also, WHY can't CPS investigate?? Two drug abusers leave their kids? If they were poor, they'd already have lost their kids. Nannies don't replace parents!!!!

1306 days ago


I feel so sorry for his kids.

1306 days ago

steven katona    

bravo charlie! time for some R&R its obvious just enjoy the time charlie don't over do it! catch some rays and bring forth the good life! i love your choices in women!! bree's a knockout! xo

1306 days ago


I feel so sorry for his kids.

Posted at 7:36 PM on Feb 23, 2011 by Janny

i do too. they have a pos for a sperm donor.

and when he offs himself they'll be influenced by the likes of martin peen.

1306 days ago



4 young kids and this guy is partying thru his Rehab.
Renting private planes to bring MLB players for a private showing of films. Yachting, now off to Bahamas WITHOUT any kids!!!
Not like he's been spending 24/7 parenting them all this time and needs a vacation.
He's doing this to Spite everyone, incl CBS, and his Kids lose and SOON So will he!!!

1306 days ago


Anna Nicole Smith took her "loved ones" to the Bahamas. Worked out well for her.

1306 days ago


Whoa. I hope he has enough man-jam stocked up for the weekend.

1306 days ago

Chris L. Harris    

At this point, it's safe to say the home "rehab" didn't work. The best thing CBS can do right now is to fire his ass!

1306 days ago


I thought Brooke was also recovering. That's sad. Where are the kids? Maybe she's upset Denise Richards is been getting all the attention. She wants to be on TMZ too.

1306 days ago


tee hee...Charlie should start his own reality show, and call it
"The REAL Big Bang Theory".
He could have a production logo screen at the ending saying take THAT Chuck!

Sad thing is, when he does take one too many lines, we'll have to listen to all those people say, I told you so, I knew it was his last straw, no matter when it happens.

1306 days ago


So he and Brooke are back together...?

1306 days ago


Are we being punked? I mean this really happening?

Charlie's behavior is OUTRAGEOUS! And not in a good way! Brooke's behavior isn't much better. Someone please step in and save those kids from their awful parents!

1306 days ago

steven katona    

you know i read these comments and i'm disgusted. charlie i got your back buddy! i'm your #1 fan!!!!! like who are these losers putting you down and accusing you of drugs and stuff? they are all jealous charlie don't listen to em!!! you're ex is hot and your gf is a knock out and i dunno who that other woman but who cares. i got 3 girlfriends too charlie. so who cares! party on and when do we get to see the pictures of you on the party boat and on the beaches????? your fans want some pics charlie!! where's tmz's exclusive? lets see the behind the scenes!!! i'm doin stats homework in snowy canada and i deserve to see how my hero's livin the good life! charlies livin the dream while the jealous losers diss him cause of it. they can all blow! i'd have his seconds in an instant! we love you charlie! xo

1306 days ago


God I hope he keeps spending and spending and spending. It's the only thing keeping him going right now and able to do these idiotic things in the past week - MONEY. He'll probably die first, but if he loses his job or spends all his dough on cars, trips, drugs, etc., for his whatever they are women, child support, etc., hopefully he will end up broke and unable to galavant the way he does.
I don't understand...He took time off for rehab and he's done nothing but talk to TMZ, watch movies, fly everywhere and possibly impregnate a porn star. If he's not in rehab and doing all of this, why isn't he just back at work? Is that why he freaked out that one day b/c after a week he was ready to work and the studio needs time to prep and thus set the start date?
Unbelievable. TMZ please stop reporting on his at TMZ live and on air, soo sooo boring and ridiculous. I don't care about this person. He, the guy with the golden voice and Lindsay need to stop making more money through you all paying them to talk.

1306 days ago
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