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Charlie's Bahama Mamas

Brooke and Goddesses

2/23/2011 10:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen boarded his private jet this afternoon along with his two new girlfriends and ex-wife Brooke Mueller ... and took off for an island near the Bahamas for a private adult vacation ... TMZ has learned.


Sources close to Sheen tell us ... the actor, his porn-star GF Bree Olson, model Natalie Kenly and Brooke will spend the next few days together ... sans Charlie's kids.


Remember, Charlie is expected back on the set of "Two and a Half Men" on Tuesday.

Fingers crossed.


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ewwwwww. Way to be a mom Brooke....way to be a dad Charlie.....partying with some porn "stars". again, ewwwwwwwww

1307 days ago


WOW... How much more dysfunctional can you get than Charlie and Brooke's relationship??? I mean she was there WITH HER KIDS at the beginning of the whole hotel fiasco and now she's dumping the kids to go to the Bahamas with their baby-daddy, his blow & his s l u t s!!! HELLO.... can you say family services??? PLEASE somebody intervene!!! Seriously, I used to kind of admire this guy but he is truly over the top pathetic. The recent picture of him wearing the shirt with the green dollar sign shows just how self-enamored and misdirected he is. Why anyone in the business would have anything to do with this poor excuse of a man is beyond me. Surely his "people" must understand that he is ruining his career. Stick a fork in his a s s and turn him over... he's done.

1307 days ago


Brooke's parents had the kids when she was in rehab and the sober living place. Let's hope they are somewhere safe.

1307 days ago


You know, maybe Charlie really doesn't care about his well being. So why should anybody else.

1307 days ago


He is a PIMP...
Don't hate the player. Hate the game.

His game is: He has money to spend and there is plenty of people who want that money. From the porn stars to the drug dealers and even his assistants he pays that keep telling him, "go baby go." They all get what they want ($money$) and Charlie gets what he wants. SEX, DRUGS, ROCK'N'ROLL... WHY HATE ON THAT. IT DOES NOT EFFECT ANYONE OF US HER AT ALL!

He is not hurting anyone but his own health and reputation. And who cares? not me!

If he wants to drink booze, do dope, and bang hott chicks more power to him. This is America. As an adult, We should be able to do what we want with our bodies with who we want! All while not having to be judged by anyone for it. If it kills him it is his own damn fault. Not anyone else, and no one should care otherwise. He knows what he is doing and he doesn't care... Why do you?

Come on people, pull your heads out of your make believe reality and get some common sense. We are all going to die in the end anyway. Why worry about how someone else is killing them self? You should look at your own lie and say is this how I want to go out... That's all that matters. Not how another person goes out.

So get over it dummies. He is PIMP and he will die like a pimp.

1307 days ago


You know at least Hugh Hefner built an empire out of sex...and having a harem around him 24/7...he did it with class...took care of his children and ex wives in style...and kept everything on the Q.T.

Chuckie is just a snaggle tooth drug addict with a perverted sense of can ANYONE think of him as a "pimp" "livin' the life"? If you do? you're as sick as this sick F*ck.

1307 days ago


I know he has had this problem off and on for years but now he seems to throwing it in the publics face. Did he do that before? I find this alarming. Like this is how I want to be and I don't care what you think. And you have his shows execs who keep giving him a free pass as long as he makes money. Do you think he will be able to turn it around?

1307 days ago


So get over it dummies. He is PIMP and he will die like a pimp.

Posted at 9:00 PM on Feb 23, 2011 by Erikson
Hey STUPIDO...what if ALL men acted like this ASS? How about YOUR DAD? Your GRANDFATHER...YOUR SON? is that the life you would want for them? would you then want them to treat your MOTHER, SISTER, and most of all DAUGHTER like this?

What an idiotic diatribe you wrote..."pull your head" out and realize that idiots like Sheen are what is wrong with American society.

1307 days ago




1307 days ago

Thorley smith    

I think that He is one of the flirty man because he has 3 girl friend.This person has play the love game with any girl.He is very fraud with girl
South Beach java

1307 days ago


I usually don't wish for the downfall of people, but I hope his azz gets busted in the Bahamas and he can't make it back to work Tuesday for filming and he looses his fu*king acting job. This guy is out of control and is setting a bad example for his kids.

1307 days ago


Ya'll are forgetting... they've got Kacey to do the babysitting!!!

Personally, I'm just waiting for the bolt of lightning to strike Charlie & company, it'd be well deserved.

Surely none of his fellow actors on 2 1/2 Men want to even be around this creep. Sad thing... he couldn't care less... 'cause in his mind he's Charlie " Da Man! " You're a loser dude and you don't have a clue what life is all about.

1307 days ago


Chuckies dead already...problem ones told him...LAY DOWN CHUCKIE, you're like those zombies from a low rent just don't know your dead yet.

1307 days ago



Hey Lori it is called survival of the fittest. Let the idiots kill them selves if they choose. Idiots breed idiots that is a fact. We need to stop blaming choices on so called sicknesses like drug addiction or sex addiction or blah blah blah... People that have problems making common sense choices such as to not waste your life on drugs and whatever else then they will meet what ever consequences that will become of their life style.

You ask what if he were my dad mom brother sister blah blah blah... Well he is not and it doesn't matter to me. Does it to you. Is he your brother father sister etc.? NO! So what do you give even a second of your time to care. He is happy and doing what he wants. So again, more power to him.

1307 days ago


Tell you the truth 96 I was answering the idiot who said this fool was "the man".

As for these trumped up "diseases" like "cancer" it's a load of CRAP...Sheen is an addict because he CHOSE to be an addict. A "disease" is M.S., Luekemia, Brain tumors...people do not CHOOSE those diseases...and to compare Sheen's CHOICES to pa person with a REAL illness is disgusting.

So....I'm right there with ya buddy...

1307 days ago
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