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Kim Kardashian -- Up for Role in New Gotti Flick

2/23/2011 7:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is on the verge of scoring the role of a lifetime ... opposite John Travolta -- as John Gotti's daughter-in-law in the new biopic about the mafioso's life.

Kim Kardashian Gotti
Sources connected with the movie tell TMZ, Kim recently met with executive producers on the film to discuss the possibility of playing Kim Gotti in the movie.

Nothing's been signed yet -- but we're told KK's a front-runner to land the role ... and producers have expressed strong interest in casting her ... to act.

Stranger things have happened.



No Avatar


By the she showing us her horse TEETH that goes along with her horses ASSSSSS?

1346 days ago


WTF is WRONG w/those ppl out in Hollywood!? Do they not realize by now, the entire rest of the country is disgusted with and tired of, those skanky, no-talent Kardashians. Kim K couldn't act her way through that sex tape (OooOoh, baby, ooh, uuh. GAG.)--clearly, she lacks talent of any kind; hence, every guy she dates dumps her. Why not give the role for the Gotti movie to a REAL actress--you know, those regular people who actually work hard at their craft and don't take their clothes off then cry the media is taking advantage? Wise the f up, Hollywood...

1346 days ago


As some others have posted, I was considering going to see this film...but not now. I'm not gonna pay $9 or $10 to see some overexposed, no talent person. Sounds like the producers and/or director are trying for the publicity by casting her.

1346 days ago


Will never go see this movie. I refuse to support anyone who got their start by making a sex tape. Hollywood should stop rewarding skanks who are a bad influence on children adults and our Country. They reward skanks with millions.

1346 days ago

Old Dog    

They won't cast her if they don't think it will fly AND make MONEY. She has the looks, close enough. Maybe she can act. Wait for the previews before you scratch.

1346 days ago


Dear TMZ, I would like to know how much Kim (skank)Kardashian, pay you to put her on TMZ every day. Better yet how much do we have to came up with, so you guys don't talk about her any more.

1346 days ago


I think that would be just great, for real. I like Kim better than most everyone else in the fam, except probably Bruce. She and HER MOM have done incredible things with her career, kuddos to them both for making A LOT out of next to nothing. There're a lot of people with good looks, and they parlayed it all into an empire. The good ol' American dream.... Hopefully she can act...

1346 days ago


Best of luck Kim. I hope you get the role. You'd be great!!!

1346 days ago


Why? Does the part call for taking off her clothes? That is the only thing she seems to be good at!

1346 days ago


Nothing against her, but I would never cast Kim in this. She overshadows the role. No one will see Kim Gotti, just Kim Kardashian pretending to be her.

1346 days ago


Did any of you see her in CSI: NY Kim Kardashian's 'CSI' Cameo CBS News Video
Dec 14, 2009 · CBS News video: Kim Kardashian's

She did okay but she didn't have that many lines to say. I just I thought I would just throw this end for fun!!!

1346 days ago

river rat    

Anyone remember Sofia Coppola in "Godfather 3"? OMG, one of the most miscast characters of all time. Thanks for the advance warning, will have saved me the price of a ticket!

1346 days ago


I thought this was going to be a good movie to see, BUUUUUUT thanks for the update. I will save my quarters! STOP giving the Kardashians attention. They DO NOT DESERVE ANY OF IT! They do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!

1346 days ago


Who did Kim sleep with to get that part? People can say what they want about John Travolta, but at least the man is a talented, experienced actor, unlike his reality co-star. Ugh.

1346 days ago

weird al yankovich    

dude are you serious ? I actually was looking forward to the film until now. Don't get me wrong Kim's ass is fine as all hell and she's cool but please this movie is so dope why would you ruin it with using a non seasoned actress? The movie is going to get enough attention you don't need her following to make that movie a success. All the producer is doing is looking desperate for attention. Shows me he's more desperate than professional IMO


1346 days ago
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