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Lindsay Lohan's Court Get-Up -- Very Black & White

2/23/2011 1:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just arrived at court to face Judge Schwartz in her felony grand theft case -- except unlike her last appearance, she really mixed things up today ... with a low-cut black top and white pants.

For the record -- Lindsay wore ALL white last time to represent "innocence."

So we gotta ask ...



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God Lindsay - you look like a washed up porn star, Now you can play Linda Lovelace, Get some real help, you are a train wreck in the making... What a damned shame

1337 days ago


What part doesn't she get?

1337 days ago

Enough Already    

Dear Lindsay:
Today when you appear in court, please be sure to wear something very conservative that shows you RESPECT the law and not mocking it. Going braless with a low cut shirt so when you lean over Judge Schwartz may get a glimpse of those ill-fated, disease infested breasts of yours is NOT dressing conservatively. Ever hear of a SUIT? A button-up blouse? NO jewerly. Noone cares if your clothes are D&C or Walmart. I think what you need is to go see the Wizard of Oz and get a brain. You're such a clueless fake blonde. And worse, your paretns are morans for even allowing you to dress like for a court appearance. You don't stand a snowballs chance in hell of surviving "the real world"........See ya! Don't wanna be ya!

1337 days ago

Enough Already    

There should be an option for: Neither!!! Both getups suck...

1337 days ago


@Lou wrote: Delmar, you don't get puffy under the chin from crying, you just don't. Normally this sort of bloating isn't seen in a woman unless she's overweight

Lou. Barbara wrote she was drinking. She's being tested and people can ask why but should not spread their speculations without stating clearly it is their opinion and only their opinion. Why is Miley Cyrus's face bloaty? I don't know. I do see young people with puffy or bloated faces that are thin and there's a variety of causes or reasons for it. I'm saying Lindsay is testing clean for substances and people should not claim that any aspect of her appearance right now is because she is currently drinking or taking drugs.

1337 days ago


@Barbara I'm not buying she's cheating. The probation department I would think would be able to detect that. Maybe consider that she's clean.

1337 days ago


I wonder where she got those necklaces. If I were on trial for stealing a necklace, I sure wouldn't wear a necklace to court. And the poor girl has no taste, regardless of where she bought her clothes.

1337 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Trout lips & tits... great combination.

1337 days ago


i don't know about products you can buy to clean your urine, but the old skool way is to secrete a foil-stoppered bottle of clean urine (which you have purchased from somebody "clean") upside down in the vajajay and pierce the foil with your finger during the test.

and, i think these outfits indicate how very far from any kind of sane or sober she is. she really has no clue, and i hope she gets one soon, i agree with lou et al that she is looking way too bad for someone so young who is allegedly sober.

y'all did make me laugh, i hafta say.

1337 days ago


RE: LiLo

It's really a matter of what's appropriate and respectful when going to court. The tight little white dress, I felt, was not right for court. Ridiculous!

1337 days ago

Brett P    

What about a 3rd option for "Who'd You Rather?"? I vote "Neither"!!

1337 days ago


She's a spoiled brat. On monday she was pulled over for going 59 mph in a 35 mph zone. Obviously she thinks she can do whatever she wants. You would think she'd be acting on her best behavior but then again she's never been punished.... Oh well her career is washed up. It's only a matter of time before she dies of an O.D..

1337 days ago


I'd bang her. She probaly let's you do everything. Dina Lohan can join. She probaly be down for that.

1337 days ago


She looks FAB!!!!
Lindsay you are one beautiful chic!!!!

1337 days ago


She needs to spend the next thirty nights in the Drunk Tank in LA's City Prison.

1336 days ago
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