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I Tried to Dress Conservative,


2/23/2011 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was adamant about NOT creating a stir today with her court outfit ... telling friends, the last thing she wanted was another white dress fiasco -- so she went the conservative route ... kind of.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, the actress was deciding between a handful of outfits -- and ultimately picked the one she thought was the most reserved ... a low-cut black and white pant suit thing.

And just in case you're interested, here's today's breakdown -- Chanel top and pants, YSL shoes, Lanvin clutch, and Tres Glam jewelry.

Revealing outfit or not, the actress is desperate to save her own skin.


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Can someone please explain to this ditz the true definition of dressing conservatively???????? She can't help it, look at her sluggo parents. Can't someone help this girl appropriately???

1276 days ago


I'm glad someone appreciated the steps to dress for court. True, you can probably go in JC Penneys and pick up a suit like I described for 49.99 to 150.00 depending on the sale. Then the pumps (which if you buy at Penneys, and I think are fairly expensive, would be from 40.00 to 90.00 dollars, hose, slip, bra, probably could cost 60.00 together, a purse 50.00, and earrings and necklace, 75.00. Add in a shirt for 35.00 - 50.00, you can come up with a respectable outfit for 360....00 to 475.00 without having to really look for the sales. But they and the other department stores have real nice looking suits for 200 and up, and nice purses and blouses and accessories aren't always that inexpensive at those stores.
Too bad that someone like LL who definitely needs someone to dress her for court probably won't dress in the way she should, because she seems to think that court is just another way to strut a cat-walk, or as a way to "audition" her cleavage or nether regions to the judge as a way to try to pursuade the judge to not be "harsh" on her. So guess my words are really for naught. Oh well, can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

1276 days ago


Plus I really liked the idea of her donating the proper outfit to a good charity in like-new condition, would be a deductable for her and probably garner some good charitable attention instead of the garbage stuff she pulled at that place last fall and in India, etc.

1276 days ago


btw, looks like her friend patrick may be either in very hot water soon with the law, or he will have to decide whether he is going to back LL in her bid for not guilty. The law may have evidence he helped her out or, barring that provability, that LL used him as her decoy for the necklace.

1276 days ago


Wonder if he will say she used him as a way to get back at him for his alleged (by her) stealing of her 6126 designs about a year ago. If so, and this man stays out of trouble, that could really lead to problems with her having friends that will stick with her.

1276 days ago


The fact that Patrick is not charged with anything probably means that he has come clean with the police.

She took it and when she found out a search warrant had been executed she asked him to return it to them and he did. He's in the clear. He will corroborate that he did not borrow it on her behalf with any verbal agreement.

Would he testify on her behalf. Since Lindsay called him a thief in a magazine interview for allegedly stealing her legging designs, that wouldn't be so effective. Mmm?

1276 days ago


i think she should wear ZERO jewelry.. it kind of distracts people... people are too busy wondering if she stole any of it...

1276 days ago


@Mary. Thank you for the link.

lol, "With her estimated net worth for 2010 a paltry $105,000, in September..."


" Forbes magazine reporting in 2007 the actress had earned only $3.5 million that year.

In that year of spending dangerously, Lohan reportedly blew $7.5 million, including $1 million on her hotel bill for LA’s Chateau Marmont (she resided there in 2005-06), $350,000 on luxury cars, another million on clothes, $70,000 on tanning and hairstyling and over $500,000 on partying."

Not that we didn't know but the news she only is worth $105,000 is the best estimate we've heard lately.

I wonder what happened to that $60...0,000 amex or credit card bill she had last year or in 2009?

1276 days ago


@smashley I agree no jewelry at all, except maybe some pearl studs.

She lacks common sense or else is deliberately acting out; I believe it is the latter.

1276 days ago

Jim M    

Actually she looks like a conservative, prostitute.

1276 days ago


I am not saying what she wore was right but there is no rules on what the girls wear, if the dress is to short or the shirt is to low blame the courts. they let it in.

1276 days ago

steven katona    

we all love you in canada lindsay!!!!! don't worry about doin some time!!! my brother's been in and outta jail all his life! you're a gypsy spirited princess who's gonna do some hard time. its ok. it turns canadians like me on. i love bad girls! xo

1275 days ago


My God! I can't process this! Guess I'll just sit back and enjoy the show.

1273 days ago


If you got it flaunt it, right :)?

But my mom would never want me to show up in anything so sexy or inappropriate in a court room defending myself, no matter how young and beautiful I look.

You never know who you r going to get anyway, as in Judge/Commissioner...

1270 days ago


Yum yum, I like what she is wearing, but conservative- - only by Hollywood's very liberal-left standards.
Personally I like what she was wearing Feb 9th, for that outfit hugs her two enormous talents.

1218 days ago
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