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D.A.'s Offer: Six Months in Jail for Lindsay

2/23/2011 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Lindsay Lohan case tell TMZ ... the offer Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers made to Lindsay's lawyer in chambers was SIX MONTHS in jail.


Judge Keith Schwartz said in open court he had a feeling Shawn Holley would pass on the D.A.'s offer.  That's because Lindsay will not accept jail time -- at least not now.

But here's why we're almost positive Lindsay will eventually cop a plea.  She is going to jail no matter what.

The judge ruled Lindsay's preliminary hearing and probation violation case will be heard at the same time.  At the end of the preliminary hearing, if the judge feels it's more likely than not that she stole the necklace, Lindsay will be thrown in jail immediately while she awaits trial on the grand theft case.

So even if Lindsay is ultimately found not guilty at trial, she'll still be in jail for the probation violation.

Short story ... it's likely Holley will plead guilty or no contest on behalf of her client, and then hope the judge gives Lindsay less than 6 months.


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Lindsay's Coke Dealer    

LMAO Lindsay won't even malke to a trial without violating probation, she is on probation until august and she won't make that either. and if she has another violation, she will end up in jail until her trial. Please take this to trial Lindsay, with how backed up the CA courts are Lindsay will do 2 years before her case comes up.

1338 days ago


If she goes to jail (big IF) she will be out in 2 weeks. No room for non violent offenders and/or celebrities. There are no repercussions for the wealthy that violate the law. Even when they do serve time, their money makes it a vacation with perks. Even OJ plays golf every day.

1338 days ago


I predict a well timed "relapse" blamed on pressure by the DA that allows her wrap up all her time into one neat ball......

1338 days ago


If your Lindsay or a rapper you go to jail, if your Paris doing coke you go to japan or china I forget
Makes sense Lindsay bad Paris Good IT'S CALLED WHO HAS MORE CLOUT

1338 days ago


I don't understand why you guys can't get this. Probation is TOTALLY different than a new charge. It is given as a luxury to people. The judge can revoke it for any small offense because you have already plead guilty to the charge it is attached to. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE FOUND GUILTY for the new charge. If the judge finds there is a PLAUSIBLE amount of evidence to revoke her probation at the new hearing--he will revoke the probation.

As for his words that he will send her to jail with a plea...a plea is admitting guilt or pleading no contest. He was saying that IF she pleads guilty (which means she doesn't need to prove anything she is disposing of her case), he will impose jail time. He wasn't saying he will impose jail time no matter what. She has the option to go to trial.

1338 days ago


Put her in Jail.The average girl off the street would be sitting in jail now.

1338 days ago

Rabinowitz The Hebe    

Lindsay looked stunning as she walked the carpet to the courtroom.

1338 days ago

john smith    

@68 Shanon, you called it, six months in jail for non violent offenders in LA is about two weeks in jail..........all the haters will so pissed!!!!

1338 days ago


@ kp
"If your Lindsay or a rapper you go to jail, if your Paris doing coke you go to japan or china I forget
Makes sense Lindsay bad Paris Good IT'S CALLED WHO HAS MORE CLOUT"

No, it's called Paris learned her lesson. After her first debacle, she dressed like a lady, she plead, did her sentence and kept her freakin mouth shut.

1338 days ago


I'm in no way team linsday, but honestly-I don't think she stole that necklace. It's not even cute-just a plain ass gold chain......

1338 days ago


john Nicole told us a million times, six months in jail is 24 days. And, she would also get six months for the theft. If 48 days is what we get fine, but let her go away for awhile.

1338 days ago


TO: No. 57. [Rabinowitz The Hebe] who wrote:
"LiLo has to many friends who are power brokers in Hollywood. LiLo won't do one day. LiLo is calling in her markers...She will skate on the unjust charges. LiLo's Army also announced mass protests that are threatening to shut down LA."


You must be talking about Lindsey Graham, the United States Senator, not Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan doesn't have ANY clout in LA. I live here, and I know.

If Lindsay Lohan had any clout, she would have never been charged in the first place.

You've got to have Charlie Sheen money and you have to be very well liked and well connected in LA to get away with stealing.

In Lindsay's case, she's none of the above.

1338 days ago

Alan Carver    

And we all collectively sighed a HUGE sigh of relief as we are finally seeing true and proper JUSTICE for Lohan. Deputy DA Meyers is getting it right for this offense. The evidence will prove that Lohan stole that necklace. Regardless of what other evidence that Pastor Jay has, it will not sway Judge Schwartz, nor the DA. When you leave a STORE, any STORE without paying for the merchandise, you are committing an act of THEFT! In this case because of the stated value of the merchandise (necklace valued at $2500), Grand Theft.

So at this point, what needs to happen is Holly need to come to a decision about what is in the best interest of Lohan. Jail time is going to happen. She is not going to get off of this case with Judge Schwartz, nor her violation for the remaining time on the DUI's. He does not give a flying rats butt that she is Lindsay Lohan. She is a US Citizen, dealing with the judicial system just like everyone else does.

The quick-fix should be this:

1. Jail time = 6 months
2. Credit for Time Served = 21 days
3. Mandatory day-for-day / No Early Release
4. No Credit for Good Behavior
5. Total time = 160... days / 5 months give or take
6. Probation = 1 yr / both cases closing them out in 3/2012
7. Convicted Felon for Grand Theft
8. Conviction 2 Misdemeanor DUI's

For Lohan to say, "I didn't steal", is like an alcoholic reeking of booze going to an AA meeting and saying, "I didn't drink".

I feel for Holly because she has to deal with a client that believes her own lies. Lohan is just like any other addict that thinks that they are above the law, nothing can harm them, and that they are invincible. Lohan has cracked that WIDE open for the whole world to see that just because you are a former celebrity, it does not make you entitled nor above the law. Judge Schwartz gets this and is making all to CLEAR to this repeat criminal offender, that she is going to do jail time for her actions!

Hats off to Judge Schwartz for up-holding JUSTICE regarding Repeat Criminal Offender Lindsay Lohan!

1338 days ago


Re: poster #73:

Can you please remove the poster writing in as:
"Rabinowitz The Hebe"? They are posting here under the Lindsay Lohan stories. That is a racial slur. Would you allow someone to write in as: Leroy The NI**ER? Or, Paco the "Sp*c? Or, Tojo The J*p?

1338 days ago


is she still in the court house?

1338 days ago
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