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Lindsay Lohan:

I'm Going to Trial!

2/23/2011 2:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan told a confidant minutes ago after leaving the courtroom ... she will not cop a plea in her grand theft case, and she's going to trial ... TMZ has learned.

Lindsay Lohan Trial
Lindsay said bluntly, "I didn't steal" and made it clear she will not accept a plea bargain that involves ANY jail time.

Judge Schwartz made it clear ... Lindsay will do jail time if she she cops a plea.



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It wont be so bad if Lindsay goes to prison. She can eat ***** all day and the good news is its
low in calories!

1303 days ago


After hearing her father speak, I am actually starting to feel sorry for her. OMG, he is just awful, awful, awful!

On the other hand, she could plead "not guilty by reason of insane parents."

1303 days ago


Maybe I'm clueless but I don't recall her judge today giving her the option of a trial. His words seemed to be to either cop a plea with him or go before another judge, who might find her in violation of probation.

Did I miss something along the way?

Posted at 9:59 AM on Feb 23, 2011 by lou

The judge said if she doesn't accept the plea deal that will be the last time he sees her.. She will be remanded infront of another judge for a pretrial hearing regarding this charge.

1303 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

Linsday's claim that she is innocent and that she is going to go to trail is just smoke and mirrors. By the time March 10th rolls around she is going to cop a plea deal. I am 100% certain of that!

1303 days ago

Lindsay Lohan    

Whew, what a day already. Out in time for a nail, lip and dye appointment. Thank you Nicole (mom) wink* wink* for your continue support.

Look everyone, I didn't steal that necklace. It was a loan I mean I forgot a mistake that I tried it on and forgot to take it off. Ask anyone, I don't steal. :)

I think you all need to get a life, I am Lindsay Lohan and you know I do what I want. Tonight, I am going to meet up with Sam around 1AM and live like I normally do. This does not faze me. Not in one bit but I know that all of you will be just sitting here waiting for another post about me because you are all losers. Ha.

In the end, this will go away like the other stuff and I ROCK!

1303 days ago


Go Lindsay
Yep Shawn will this at trial and i hope Danette Meyers retires in disgrace

Dina's back from court!

1303 days ago


I'm just loving that she's an out lesbian and it never gets mentioned. We live in the future at last.

1303 days ago


Hell folks she'll choose the a trial cause it will take a few more months for her to be free...they will delay as long as they can and drag this out for a very long time...

She's guilty as hell and loving all the attention she is getting ...did you see the smirk on her face when the judge was finished speaking...the only thing she hear was she wasn't going to jail today....her people know how to work the system to keep their little money maker free...
she just doesn't realize that slick rope she sliding down don't rearch the ground and when she get to the bottom she is going be left hanging with no toe hole....

Stupid Woman ....You should take the plea.........

1303 days ago


Thank you, Sonja. That's exactly what I heard. So there may be no jury involved whatsoever. Don't know why the Trollhans keep insisting there will be. Too much time watching tv?

If she refuses to cop a plea and goes to Judge #2, and if he finds her in violation of parole, into the pokey she goes. Judge Scwartz said she's facing jail, either way. The only way she isn't is if Judge #2 decides she hasn't violated parole. I would be surprised if that were found to be the case. I don't believe that judges like to see the word of the law trod upon - in other words, when Lindsay put the FU on her nails, when she refused to return from Cannes, when she refused to finish her alcohol courses, when she violated parole the first time...

I think she's looking at jail, plain and simple. She simply can't face or accept it because in Lindsay's world she gets to do whatever she wants without consequence.

1303 days ago

Nancy "O"    

Beyond the fact that LiLo needs a shrink and a non-family member alcohol sponsor...the Judge should have insisted that she get a proper bra fitting.She looked like a coked-out slut. Nice job Dina! And what was with the interview that your Dad is paying all your bills?

1303 days ago


lock her up, she's so effed up she's a danger to society and herself.

1303 days ago


I wonder if Lindsay is STILL stupid enough to get into even more trouble with the law before she heads off to jail for this thing.

Never know. With some people, cluelessness knows no bounds. Someone might have to tie her to a chair all day to keep her out of trouble. If I were Lindsay, I wouldn't even drive. It ain't worth it. She should just give her car keys to someone else or get rid of the car. Lindsay better not spit on the sidewalk, park illegally, jaywalk or dump trash in a public place. Nothing.


1303 days ago


Boy the judge made no bones about the fact that he thinks Lindsay is a few fries short of a happy meal. He not only said she needs a therapist but a sponsor should she accept the plea deal.

1303 days ago


Good! With any luck she'll be found guilty and fget lost for awhile.

1303 days ago


lou -

the way I heard it was:

1) agree to a plea deal in his court on March 10th and be sentenced by him for both the theft and the probation violation.

2) no plea deal and she goes to another judge for a preliminary hearing on the theft charge and a determination on the probation violation.... i.e. If the 2nd judge determines during the preliminary hearing that there is sufficient evidence to indicate that she most likely stole the necklace, then 2 things would happen.... 1)a trial date would be set and 2) she would be sentenced for the probation violation.

1303 days ago
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