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Lindsay Lohan -- The Law Gets Her ... Again

2/23/2011 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan can find trouble pretty much anywhere ... most recently on the streets of West Hollywood, where she was corralled by L.A. County Sheriff's deputies.


Lindsay was going twice the speed limit  -- allegedly -- when she was pulled over Sunday at around 9 PM.  According to the ticket, Lindsay  -- who was driving a Porsche -- was clocked going 59 mph in a 30 mile zone.

File under the category -- The Least of Her Problems.


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This never ends. giver her 2 years in prison so she will be set up for a reality show.

1336 days ago


It seems Lindsay makes a profession for being a public neusence!!

1336 days ago


Lindsay has made a profession on becoming a permenant public nusence!!!

1336 days ago


if this was that night at nine why isn't it dark out?

1336 days ago


They will never do anything to her. She is living proof that as long as you have plenty of money you are above the law. I know if i was rich i would do all kinds of stupid **** so i could get special treatment too. I went to jail for 2 grams of marijuana. it would take to tons for her to get in trouble, then they would only send her to a rehab center and say shes sick. Police wonder why people think they can do anything...the answer is the police prove u can do anything. like Lindsay

1336 days ago


29 over is wreckless driving territory in many states. In my state anything 24 MPH more than the posted speed limit is an automatic license suspension.

This ticket would seem to be in violation of the judge's warning to her about breaking the law meaning jail time with no bail. We shall see how justice applies for Lindsay. I'm going to have faith that the system will treat her fairly and with compassion, just the exact same way they would treat me (and have treated countless others who have gotten a ticket at double the posted speed).

1336 days ago


so sad good ol charlie can tear up a hotel room act like a drunk all over town and they slam the girl.
I feel for her had she been a man none of this would have happened she would just be another playboy acting out.

Life sucks for a woman

1336 days ago


I could have sworn the judge said during her last court appearance that if she broke -any- laws he was going to put her in jail.

Last time I checked speeding was against the law. Did the judge not know ? Did Lilo's lawyer not inform him ? She get special treatment again ?

1336 days ago


It's supposed to look like a crappy photoshop job... duh... it's called parody. And I bet it was Sam's ride she was in... you know, the "I didn't know she lived there when I moved in next door" neighbor.

1336 days ago


uhhh, where does she get the money to afford a porsche? maybe a '76 chevette, but definately not a porsche. I'm guessing that its a Vivid Entertainment courtesey car.

1336 days ago


Wow, reading some of the replies here it's no wonder China is beating us.

Of course the picture is photo shopped-more so it was purposely done badly as to not suggest they had pictures of the actual incident. I guess that is obvious enough for some of you-that you need an actual disclaimer.

To 28.

You have to be the dumbest of the bunch-unless you are just a troll- then you must be the most bored and pathetic.

If LiLo was actually ticketed for this, there is no ground for libel "The truth is the best defense".

1336 days ago


I don`t know about there, but here speeding is not a criminal offense, get so far over the limit. 59 in a 30 zone is some close. I believe doubling the limit is a criminal offense. It really doesn`t matter she`s a complete moron anyway and shouldn`t be behind the wheel of any vehicle. Hopefully this will get her license suspended at the least. Too bad she just wouldn`t drive away, far far away.

1336 days ago


Wow! look at the size of her head on her body in this pic, something's not right.

1336 days ago

james hart    

Photo-shopped much?

1336 days ago


Yeah I know it's photoshop, but really something is not right up there, all the trouble she keeps getting in.

1336 days ago
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