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Charlie Sheen's Dad: His Disease Is Like a Cancer

2/23/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's father, Martin Sheen, says his son has a problem -- and it's as bad as cancer.

"He's an extraordinary man," Martin says of his son to Sky News, "He's doing well, we pray for him. If he had cancer, how would you treat him? This disease of addiction is a form of cancer. You have to have an equal measure of concern and love and lift him up."

Charlie himself doesn't appear too worried -- he was spotted on a yacht date with two "goddesses" Monday night.


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When your daddy is a bs spouting, self-serving, stupid jerk how can he possibly be of any help towards making his son come to terms with his destructive, dangerous addictions that re due to his son's behavior and personality problems? How loathsome that Martin Sheen tried to link Charlie's perversions and addictions to cancer.

1338 days ago


Martin Peen...another azzhole.

He should off himself along with his POS son.

1338 days ago

Mr. X    

Poor choice of words Martin, but you've always been something of a kook anyway.

1338 days ago


What's wrong with you people???? Martin SHeen was making a comparison between two serious illness, that's all! Charlie SHeen has no control of his addiction. Cancer patients they can get treatment but Charlie Sheen is not aware how dangerous his illness is and he refuses to be treated. See the difference?


Posted at 7:41 AM on Feb 23, 2011 by NICOLE


1338 days ago


I agreee with #31
Oh posters - Don't you know how difficult, if not impossible, it is to involuntarily commit someone to a treatment facility without their consent? With any substance abuse problem, the person either can't see the problem or is in denial. This family is no different than others. Even with all their money, influence, and talent, they are helpless. The laws in most states restrict their ability to get Charlie help. Love this family and hope for a positive outcome for Charlie and his kids. You guys have made me laugh for years....all the best!

1338 days ago


"(Charlie's) doing well."

- Martin Sheen

Looks like Daddy is in as much denial as his son Charlie is.

Charlie is NOT doing well.

Pay attention, Mr. Sugar Coater.

Face the brutal facts for one in your life.

You're enabling Charlie with such ignorant, false statements.

Head in sand much?

1338 days ago

northern gypsy    

ok everybody settle down...i've had 2 family members who died of cancer and i'm not offended my M.S. statement...
i think he's trying to say is his inability to help his son as he watch's him slowly die...

1338 days ago


Addiction is a disease. Cancer is also a disease.

Charlie is NOT receiving treatment for his disease.

To use cancer as a metaphor for addiction, you'd have to honestly say that charlie is not receiving cancer treatements.

That said, how can you also say that "Charlie is doing well"?

His own statement contradicts itself.

That's the definition of not living in reality.

Daddy no living in reality only serves to deepen Charlie's enables it.

This isn't a movie, Martin.

Get with the program.

1338 days ago


ok everybody settle down...i've had 2 family members who died of cancer and i'm not offended my M.S. statement...
i think he's trying to say is his inability to help his son as he watch's him slowly die...

Posted at 8:03 AM on Feb 23, 2011 by northern gypsy

oh so since you're not offended no one else can be???

"(Charlie's) doing well."

- Martin Sheen

sounds like something dumbazz dina loserhan has said.

imo, he's not talking about his inability to help his son. he's making excuses for him.

1338 days ago


Addiction can kill, just like cancer. Until you have walked a mile in someone's shoes, don't judge. Addiction, like cancer, cost $$$$$ for treatment......and, it is not always successful. Yes, the addict chose to use, but they are not aware they are an addict until it is too late......not everyone that uses alcohol or drugs is an addict...not everyone that gambles is an addict....once you use---it is too late!!

1338 days ago


remember when martin peen said he was a religious atheist?

he said he didn't believe in God but he thinks mary is His mother.

sounds like marty has had more than his fair share of charlie's goods.

1338 days ago


And this is exactly why Charlie is the way he is. Martin has enabled him out of his own guilt of being an absentee parent all of his life. Pathetic man.

1338 days ago


I'm sure he didn't mean it as an insult to cancer patients, don't get so touchy. Some people do get cancer from their lifestyles like SMOKING CIGS and drinking too much.

1338 days ago


Funny how people take things out of context and A.S.S.U.M.E
the comparison between charlie's addiction and cancer.

First off people on these comments who say cancer is not a choice need to realize ..... SOME forms of cancer are not a choice OTHER forms can be avoided and are a choice.

For example smoking = lung cancer,throat cancer and so on.... AVOIDABLE. Chewing tobacco = mouth cancer, throat cancer.....AVOIDABLE. Forms of skin cancer = sun bathing, tanning salons and so on ARE AVOIDABLE.

I do not believe Martin Sheen is comparing this to the likes of lukemia cancers, breast cancers and so on, to me he's comparing them to the addiction cancers of the world such as NICOTINE which is a drug and is an addictive chemical found in cigarettes & smokeless tobacco. Nicotine doesn't cause the cancer but the other stuff does and people have a CHOICE to quit it or face the consequences if they rise.

This is his comparison, not what you people think, think outside the box for once and stop trying to politically correct everyone's opinion on a matter.

I've had family pass away because of cancer and this in no way offends me, because i know how the guy thinks, and i don't A.S.S.U.M.E

1338 days ago


The last time I saw Martin he was hurling himself over a chain link fence along with his Greenpeace buddies at a proposed
waste treatment incinerator in Ohio. He was too busy with his 'causes' to care what Charlie was doing and Charlie filled the void with addictions. Man up, Martin and stop trying to find some deep philosophical explanations for the mess you created.
For the record: the waste incinerator is still doing great. Can the same be said for your son?

1338 days ago
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