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Charlie Sheen's Dad: His Disease Is Like a Cancer

2/23/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's father, Martin Sheen, says his son has a problem -- and it's as bad as cancer.

"He's an extraordinary man," Martin says of his son to Sky News, "He's doing well, we pray for him. If he had cancer, how would you treat him? This disease of addiction is a form of cancer. You have to have an equal measure of concern and love and lift him up."

Charlie himself doesn't appear too worried -- he was spotted on a yacht date with two "goddesses" Monday night.


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Hey Now    

You guys - this is his son! What the f are you all mad about?? Turn off your computers! lol It's his SON! Once you have it in your head that this is a dad talking about his son - why would you even get mad? Regardless of whether you agree or not. And TECHNICALLY what he said was true. But it's just that Charlie seems to be addiction + many dysfunctional personality disorders. But geez, get off his dad's back. That's still his baby.

I wanna do his other baby Emilio tho. lol He just looks so cute there.

1307 days ago


If anything, it's like chain smoking and getting lung cancer, or using tanning beds for years and getting skin cancer.
Addiction may be a disease, but taking the first hit is a choice.

1307 days ago

Hey Now    

I like what Emilio has going with the hair. A new look without the blonde. He looks very nice. He looks 8 to 10 years younger than what he really is. #WIN

If they wanted to me to see their new movie, I'll go see it (if its actually in theaters and not one of those 'released in a handful of theaters across the country' deals) Otherwise, I'll catch it on netflix whenever its out on DVD.

1307 days ago


He shouldnt compare addiction to cancer, period. One is brought about by your own actions, cancer can strike anyone living a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle. To be fair though, I dont think Martin Sheen was saying its the same as cancer, I think he was trying to say that addiction is a mental and pyhsical disease that needs to be treated by a doctor, how and why you are addicted though is entirely your fault. Telling Martin Sheen to "burn in hell" is a little extreme. That is a phrase id reserve for the Tuscon shooter or something. I have had family members striken with cancer and I wasnt offended by how his dad said that, though I know may people, and for good reason are. He should apologize for it.

1307 days ago

mark hill    

Sexual addiction is as bad as heroin.

1307 days ago

Frank Mills    

Sheen is so wrong when he states Charlie has the same as cancer, does he have no medical knowledge whatsoever. People with cancer would love to have the opportunity, just to go to rehab and give it up. Would that be wonderful, have cancer and go into rehab and you are cured. But guess what, not possible. I think is a disgrace to compare an addiction like Charlies ( which can be stopped instantly, put him in jail) to cancer (try to give up cancer.) Comparing drug addition ( which is voluntary) to cancer is absolutely an insult, and should be stopped.

1307 days ago

Bill Leslie    

Emilio!! WTF has he been doing?

1307 days ago


I find this whole issue with Charlie Sheen the saddest thing I've ever seen. He is an abusive addict and we are supporting his habits by watching his show. You want him to wake up and smell the roses, then boycott his show and send him to rehab for 6 months. Otherwise, he will be stuck six feet under the roses...

1307 days ago


I still love you, Emilio. Quack quack.

1307 days ago

JLo on Steroids    

Unlike his brother Charlie, Emilio and his other siblings did not adopt their father's stage name

1307 days ago

Hey Now    

I want to take Emilio to my bedroom.

1307 days ago

Hey Now    

Not all of us watch his show . . .

But I would like to see more of Emilio.

1307 days ago


I can tell you from experience with Cancer Charlie's addictions are not any where near like having cancer, you have no choice with cancer you live at the mercy of it and those who try to save you from it's death grip, you don't have a few hours of fun before barfing your guts out from cancer treatments, you don't have the energy to bed multiple partners, snort a line and bed some more.

Charlie has something cancer doesn't give it's victims, he has a choice to live healthy and enjoy life, eat what he wants when he wants, he just chooses to live sick instead.

My heart understands a fathers pain in watching his son take life for granted and live to die, I cannot be mad at the father for such a desperate reach as to compare an illness with choice with one that has none but the comparison is wrong.

1307 days ago


Emilio looks better because Emilio is a homosexual who has always been careful to take good care of herself.

1307 days ago


How dare the nerve of this communist elitist pig bastard ! His son made all these choices in life ! People do not choose to get cancer. Everyone is so hot to see Linsay Lohan in jail, and this ******* gets away with pulling a life on his wife, and why cause he is Martin commi Sheen ? Give me a break Charlie ! Try some tough love on that waste of a human being son of yours ! And oh by the way, try apologizing to the millions of people who fight the disease of cancer everyday of their lives along with their suffering families !

1307 days ago
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