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'Teen Mom' Rethinking Custody after Baby Dad's Arrest

2/24/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" star Kailyn Lowry might soon seek sole custody of her kid ... all because of her 19-year-old baby daddy's pot arrest last week in New Jersey -- but we're told, she hasn't made up her mind just yet.


Sources close to Kailyn tell TMZ, she "doesn't know what to believe" anymore -- because her baby dad Jonathan "Jo" Rivera continues to deny that he was ever arrested for "being under the influence of marijuana" ... despite reports to the contrary.

According to sources, Kailyn confronted Jo about the arrest and he insisted it didn't happen ... even though law enforcement sources confirmed to TMZ Jo was booked on the pot charge alongside his older brother Edward.

Kailyn and Jo currently share custody of their baby son Isaac ... but after Jo's arrest, we're told Kailyn is strongly considering a move toward full custody.



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Common Sense     

Uhh Helloooo - This Innature young man is so disrespectful and wound extrememly tight!! His momma needs to set him free and QUIT TEACHING HIM TO BE SOO ABUSIVE TO THE baby momma!! That's where he gets it!! He isnt even smart enough to accept the fact that she IS doing this BY HERSELF!! He didn't have the B@((S to encourage her to be on her own - INSTEAD .... His selfish, SELF SERVING ATTITUDE was what he used to TRY and MANIPULATE HER INTO MOVING IN WITH HIM !! THANK GOD SHE DIDN'T!! CAUSE - "YOU'RE JUDGED BY THE COMAPNY YOU KEEP" hE A LOOSER...... L. L. L. L.
KEEP YOUR HEAD ON STRAIGHT KAYLYN.... LET HIM GO... JUST WORRY About keeping that baby safe...........

1315 days ago


I've seen two episodes of this show and that kid just seems evil. Crazy controlling and he gets it from his parents.

1315 days ago


Let's promote teen pregnancy. Good move.

1315 days ago


Moral of the Story: USE A CONDOM

Seriously, people should use these people as a example to be more picky about who you open your legs for. BE PICKY about the people you sleep with and if you don't want to be choosy, that's fine, it's your choice, but at least, for the love of everything holy, USE A FRIGGIN CONDOM.

These teenagers have unprotected sex, get pregnant, get a TV show, get "famous" and then we (meaning, ME, someone who doesn't care that they were too dumb to use protection) has to hear about it all the time. Stupid decision. boom. Stupid decision. boom. Stupid decsion..over and over again. That's all it is. One dumbass choice after another with these people and really, the only ones who suffer are the babies that are exploited for MTV. All the money these people are making will be long gone before that baby ever gets a chance to benefit. And the parents of these teens benefit just as much. I mean, afterall, the parents are the ones who have to sign the releases for their teens to even appear on this show since they're not old enough to do it themselves. The parents are clearly getting paid too.. woo hoo.. getting paid to show everyone that you FAILED to teach your child the value of self respect and using protection if you're going to have sex at 14, 15 and 16 years old. Good job.

So yeah, once again, I'll say it loud and proud...


1315 days ago


Because having teenage unprotected sex and creating children with lowlife is fine, but smoking weed, well, that's just plain wrong.

1315 days ago


Since the guy is a Mexican, I wouldn't call him White Trash. More like Hispanic Trash, the girl on the other hand is just trash period.

1315 days ago


please do not criticize the rivera family. if not for his parents her and her kid would have been living under a bridge somewhere. mr and mrs rivera have a beautiful home which I am sure they work very hard for. fyi: I am caucasian.

1315 days ago

The whole thing is a joke

1315 days ago


#2 Lori. you must be White trash also and at the same mall!!!!!

1315 days ago


Lol @#2 white trash at the mall very funny. I though we were the only ones that noticed ha ha ha around christmas they always come out the wood works lol thats so true.

1315 days ago


those are two seriously unattractive people and the baby looks just like them. I can't watch their segments either. They look like frog people, all of them.

1315 days ago


Love Teen Mom, but Isaac is THE UGLIEST baby I have ever seen. We fast forward through their segment of the show, just so we don't have to see that kid!

Posted at 6:45 AM on Feb 24, 2011 by Heather_B

I soo agree with you I thought I was the only one that thinking that way. The kid looks like a GARBAGE PAIL BABY...

1315 days ago


REALLY???....NOT! Who cares?? Now you get to be a celebrity for being a TEEN MOM?? What's this world freakin coming to? I mean yea I had my daughter at 19 but GEEZ this is nuts!

1315 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

Sorry but the Riveria family DOES need to be criticized. The Riveria parents, with their holier than now attitude, need to LOOK IN THE MIRROR.

It was YOUR SON that didn't use a condom. It is YOUR SON that hasn't taken responsibility for HIS child. It is YOUR SON that is buying and smoking weed and not being a father. It is YOUR SON that isn't paying child support. It is YOUR SON that has no ambition to go to college or start a carreer.

So to the Riveria parents, great job you did raising your son. Your family must be proud. Try looking in the mirror if you can.

1315 days ago


Well, she apparently thought it was ok to break up with him, stay at his house with him and his parents, and start dating again. I know it's been a year now, and she has an overwhelming need to get impregnated again, but she should at least wait until she gets her own place. None of these teen moms have turned out to be even passable parents. Babies shouldn't have a never-ending stream of "fathers" and "mothers" in their lives. Get a hotel room! You just don't bring strangers into the house, no matter how horny you may be. And be realistic. Young men don't want to take responsibility for some other guy's mistake.

1315 days ago
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