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'Teen Mom' Rethinking Custody after Baby Dad's Arrest

2/24/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" star Kailyn Lowry might soon seek sole custody of her kid ... all because of her 19-year-old baby daddy's pot arrest last week in New Jersey -- but we're told, she hasn't made up her mind just yet.


Sources close to Kailyn tell TMZ, she "doesn't know what to believe" anymore -- because her baby dad Jonathan "Jo" Rivera continues to deny that he was ever arrested for "being under the influence of marijuana" ... despite reports to the contrary.

According to sources, Kailyn confronted Jo about the arrest and he insisted it didn't happen ... even though law enforcement sources confirmed to TMZ Jo was booked on the pot charge alongside his older brother Edward.

Kailyn and Jo currently share custody of their baby son Isaac ... but after Jo's arrest, we're told Kailyn is strongly considering a move toward full custody.



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I watch Teen Mom with my girlfriend and after the last few episodes, we have both started to dislike Kailyn. She is so selfish and takes advantage of EVERYONE in her life. I'm going to assume this is a survival mechanism since her mom is a loser too....that's probably where she gets it from. Jo is not the nicest guy in the world, but Kailyn basically crapped on him and his parents. She lied about dating someone else, and took the child with too. All experts say you wait at least 2 months before introducing a child to your new significant other. I honestly believe she is a selfish person and the last few episodes have proved it to me. The preview for next week is her going back to the guy from earlier this season, and lying about it..... and whoever called Jo a you don't know anything. Jo has a career running a printing press dum dum! That is actually a really good job to have, especially at his age. I should know, thats what I do! And he has 2 parents that actually care unlike Kailyns mom

1346 days ago


I finally see how this gossip crap works. I've seen people on TV before and passed judgement on them without knowing them or there situations. Well this time I know Jo personally and what your seeing on the show is a lot of editing. Remember he's only nineteen so you have to give a little room for error.
WORK? Yes he does have a job and he works extra hard to pay the crazy amount of child support money the court orders him to pay for one child.
*******? At times we all could be,depending on the wrong situation.Don't be so harsh, he's a good kid.
To make a short story shorter, Jo is a great DAD:)

1346 days ago


GreyStroke!!!! Thank you! Of course Teen Mom 2 is going to be edited to make all the "Moms" (which most dont even act like), look like total saints and everyone else like sinners. I think I am a good judge of character and I like Jo. He has put up with A LOT from Kailyn and he is standing up for himself. Good for him

1346 days ago

A Real Lawyer    

I have watched a few episodes of Teen Mom and I said in the very beginning that I was surprised MTV picked Kailyn and Jo to be on Teen Mom because they are basically boring. All of the other teen moms are at least somewhat entertaining, whether it be through being a douchebag mom (e.g. Amber or Jenelle) or some decent quality (Maci). Kailyn and Jo are not entertaining at all and aren't attractive in the least bit. I think Jo is a disrespectful, mean and foul mouthed LOSER and Kailyn is a user. To MTV: dump these 2 for next season.

1346 days ago


I know this kid from day one because I'm his Uncle. And I really hope all these negative comments are from young teens who are still somewhat misguided. Because if your a grown up hating on a kid then your the one with the issues.
What day and age are some of you people living in. These things happen in all families no matter what color you are. Jo is no trailer trash and the Rivera are very accomplished people with great morals. Remember this is all about Isaac not Jo and Kailyn. And Isaac is just fine.

1346 days ago


It is sooo disgusting to read all these comments people are making about how ugly A BABY is! How shameful

1345 days ago


I really like this couple out of all the couples! He wanted his family to be together again and she didn't. I understand what she went through, but it's not about her, its about the kid. We all make mistakes and I think she is still a child and wants to continue to be a child!!

1345 days ago


Regardless of whether we like him or hate him..............they are going to *uck up this guys life because he smoked a joint? RIDICULOUS!!!

This shouldn't be! Some big brave cop pulled him in for smoking a natural growing substance? SICK! Totally sick,

1345 days ago

WHOREtneyKardASS hian    

These teens are trash! ALL OF THEM! Yes Isaac is an ugly baby well look at the Mom. That teen whore Mom Leah's baby has the permanent sign of a WHORE inked on here forehead..the V because her whore Mom spread her legs up in the V and got preg's with twins...they are ugly twins too!

1345 days ago

WHOREtneyKardASS hian now when she looks at that twin (with the red V inked on her forhead)she will be reminded for life what a STUPID REDNECK WHORE she is...ROFLMFAO!!!!

1345 days ago


A Puerto Rican that smokes pot? That's not news.

1344 days ago


To the person who wrote comment 7...

You have no right to say "all" teen moms. The reason these people are featured on the show is because they have so much drama. If they din't have so much going on the show wouldn't get so much attention. Not every teen parent is like that. I used birth control, but found out I was pregnant the night before my 18th birthday. I do agree that is too young, and most young mothers are not responsible, but you saying all is very incorrect. From the way you say it there is no way my HUSBAND of over a year,our 9 month old son, and myself don't live just as good of a life as your snobby self. He has worked for the county since I was pregnant, I graduated, and we had an amazing healthy boy. I have the plesure of being a full time mom. We have a great apartment and both drive nice cars. My son has never had a want or a need go unattended, and has two fully devoted parents there to support him. We are just the average american family. We do not party,go out,or have people over. Our home is always clean and peaceful. We are with each other almost anytime my husband is at work. Our son has learned everything earlier then most babies. So is there any way you could explain to me how it is my son who is always so happy and smiling will somehow become so miserable? Maybe you could even tell me why we are so immature. Is it because we worked to make a successful home for our child? Because we gave up our teenage years? Or could it just be that you don't want to accept that some young people have what it takes to be better parents then most "adults"?

1341 days ago


I think Joe really treated her like garbage. He taunted her to move out, get out of his life, and never wanted to spend time with her when she was pregnant.
So she meets someone else and wants to get on with her life. Now Joe calls her really crude names and he is the victim?
Good for her get moving and do not look back. Joe is a big baby!

1336 days ago


Comment #41-something is really screwed in your head!
anyone who can say something like that is a complete dirt head.

1336 days ago


Okay let's just be real, NOBODY'S PERFECT but Jo's family is crazy. Yes she was living in their home but she is grown and she doesnt have to be unhappy because of him and on account of his family. His family should be ashamed of themselves for acting in such a way and not only that but on NATIONAL TELEVISION. ANE FOR YOU PEOPLE THAT'S TALKING ABOUT HOW UGLY HER BABY IS NEED TO GET IT TOGETHER ASAP. HE'S A BABY AND CLEARLY CAN'T HELP THE WAY HE WAS BORING. P.S. I HOPE IT DON'T COME BACK ON YOUR CHILDREN.

1332 days ago
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