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'Teen Mom' Rethinking Custody after Baby Dad's Arrest

2/24/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" star Kailyn Lowry might soon seek sole custody of her kid ... all because of her 19-year-old baby daddy's pot arrest last week in New Jersey -- but we're told, she hasn't made up her mind just yet.


Sources close to Kailyn tell TMZ, she "doesn't know what to believe" anymore -- because her baby dad Jonathan "Jo" Rivera continues to deny that he was ever arrested for "being under the influence of marijuana" ... despite reports to the contrary.

According to sources, Kailyn confronted Jo about the arrest and he insisted it didn't happen ... even though law enforcement sources confirmed to TMZ Jo was booked on the pot charge alongside his older brother Edward.

Kailyn and Jo currently share custody of their baby son Isaac ... but after Jo's arrest, we're told Kailyn is strongly considering a move toward full custody.



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I can't believe the IDIOTS that say Joe is a looser. From all the fathers on Teen Mom he is by far the BEST one. He is the only one I've seen bathing his son, spending time with him and putting him to bed even after coming home from work. He obviously works a lot and has a good job. Kail is a DUMBASS! It was clear that she was more worried about going out after work than taking care of Isaac. She could've fixed things with Joe but was too busy being a WHORE introducing baby Isaac (who is a cutie btw) to Jordan. And for those of you who are saying Joe's white trash are retarded because its clear that he is Latino and has one of the best families I've seen on Teen Mom.

1320 days ago

jessica pedraza    

Joe im all here for you boy..your a great daddy and deserve your babyboy!! U have a babymomma that dont know what she is losing with have the potentual to have a great family with her bt she wants to go mess with these ugly messed up dudes with nothing going for them. You deserve better than her anyway so go get you a good girl bt just always stay by your babyboys side and not be a worthless dad like I have. I wish mine was more like you and gave a **** bt hey life goes on. You do what you do cuz you deserve the best and so does your son..

1320 days ago


I wish that I could slap Jonathan, as well as his parents. He is a petty, immature, and COMPLETELY disrespectful boy; and his parents ALLOW this foolishness. What kind of parent lets their son treat a woman that way- especially the mother of his child??!! He's called her all types of horrible names, and he seems violent. The fact that he even feels comfortable cursing around his parents and Kailyn's mother speaks volumes about the type of morals and values he was raised with. He's behaving like a wounded little boy who's feelings are hurt because his girlfriend decided not to put up with his crap anymore. He needs to get over it, grow up, and focus on his son. I thought that I was blown away with (a few episodes back) him saying that he didn't want to be with Kailyn anymore, but then getting an attitude because someone else was interested in her. Then, his mother enabled this line of thinking!! "If you're going to live here, you can't be in another relationship." What the heck difference does it make?? If they're not together anymore, then let the girl move on with her life! If your doors are open to her and your grandson until she can get a job and afford a place of her own, then one shouldn't have anything to do with the other! Now, seeing the last episode with him completely blowing up and calling Kailyn a "stupid b!tch" and all of the other horrible things he said; I'm dumbfounded. All with three adults in the area. He has a nerve to say, "get the f*ck outta my house"! HIS house??? Smh. They are all a MESS!

1320 days ago


First off who gives a **** if he was arrested **** happens and no one person is perfect GOD will judge the day you die and for anyone to judge anyone is bull****...second kail doesnt deserve full custody after all the **** she did to JO and his family she is white trash..your SON comes first before any man and your ass rushed into a rlatioship what does that tell you, you have no morales and no repect for yourself and others. She should have waitied to be in a relationship after moving out not while living in your ex's house and hiding it from them and showing that on national tv what trash she could be a good mom but her morals are all ****ed up. whos to say "she isnt gonna do that to the next guy". Im all for JO and his family!!it dont matter if he got arrested or not who cares people make mistakes!!

1319 days ago


OMG dont mean to be mean, but this the ugliest baby I have ever seen, wonder why? oh I know look at Joe! Same thing, kinda looks like Jos dad, makes me wonder...I think she is tryin so hard for her baby, and the douchbag Jo is just a punk kid, poser loser...u know it, I know it, and his mom who does she think she is, with her glass of wine, poor ass trailer trash, being all caring...just for the cameras.I hate them acting all concerned. Bull....!!!

1316 days ago


This show is an epic waste of time and makes you dumber.

1311 days ago


Isaac is a very funny looking child, I have to agree. Regardless of that, he deserves the best just like any other child and it is so sad that his family is a circus.

1310 days ago


well anyone who watchs teen mom 2 knows jo but do we truly know the whole story. alot of places print things that always arent true. the only person who knows the whole story is jo and his brother. im not sayin i care much for jo but there are two sides to every story.

1310 days ago


wow! first of all, you morons who are hating on a baby saying he is ugly should be ashamed. and as far as jo and kailyn go all we see is what is shown on the show! you can't judge by what you see on tv. each person has their own reasons for doing things the way they do. everyone is entitled to their own opinion but the way people say things on here really shows why america is so screwed up. i was a teen mom at the age of 15. i finished school, got a job, my husband owns his own business, we have nice cars and i am in school full time. so just because someone has a baby young does not make them trash. it depends on how mature they are and if they are ready for the responsibility. people make mistakes and mess up and it is their choice of how they want to handle it. it's sad that people on here are so hateful. just remember; what goes around comes around and one day you could be in a similar situation.

1307 days ago


Joe is terribly disrespectful to her and to his parents.The way he talks to her is just horrible and I can see him being abusive.He has even been disresptful to her mother. I think his behavior is terrible. Now,he got busted and I'm sure it's public record somewhere but he is doing like Janelle saying he didn't do anything. Be a man damnit and admit u messed up and while he's at it learn a lil respect. These ppl act like they some big celebrity and can do whatever they want. It's not the way real life is...Idiot.
Thosse that are taking up for him need to take a look at it and ask yourself if you would want to go out with the way he treats women. I'd bet he wouldn't talk to a man like he does to women.
It's just disgusting.

1306 days ago


maybe if she'd keep her ass in line he wouldnt have to talk to her like that. im a female and i find nothing wrong with the way he talks to her. I would LOVE to go out with jo. he seems really sweet and cool as helll!!

1295 days ago


ok first off, some of you need to watch what you say. i was a teen mom that was on birth control. yes i shouldnt have done it in the first place but i did and i wouldnt change a thing. my son is now 5 yrs old and i love that boy with all my heart. my family adores him and his sperm donor wants nothing to do with but we are so much better off because he cant get away from his alcohol and drugs. the kid is a natural in sports. not all of us are stupid, we work our a$$es off to support our children. i wasnt planning on being a single mom but i got smart and said enough is enough. some of these girls are doing the same thing. they take care of thier children and they work. they are doing just fine. i can see why she would want full custody. i can see smoking every now and then and im not saying hes a bad dad but if she doesnt do something and it catches up that she knew and didnt do anything about it and he gets busted again, they will both have that baby takin away. but idk jersey's law with all that. but here in michigan if i would have had my sons donor around and in his life i could get my son takin away. please watch what you say because some of us do what we are supposed too, we arent all bad

1277 days ago


At first I thought Kailyn was unattractice, but then I saw Lori on 16 and Pregnant. That girl looks like a fat cavegirl. The only thing that bad about Kailyn was the acne on her chin, and her being a little but, but after some episodes her skin has actually gotten better, might even be cleared up.

1001 days ago


I think Jo is a better man then Jordan. And we all know she still loves Jo. Girl, stick to your baby daddy and give baby Issac the family you didnt have.

996 days ago
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