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'Two and a Half Men'

Shut Down After TMZ Story

2/25/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned "Two and a Half Men" will immediately stop production for the rest of the season ... because of Charlie's escapades in the last few days ... most recently what he said to TMZ.

Two and a Half Men Shutdown
CBS and Warner Bros. say, "Based on the totality of Charlie Sheen's statements, conduct and condition, CBS and Warner Bros. Television have decided to discontinue production of 'Two and a Half Men' for the remainder of the season."

The decision comes several hours after TMZ posted a story in which Charlie Sheen challenged creator Chuck Lorre to a fight, calling him "a stupid, stupid little man and a pu**y punk that I never want to be like."

Sources connected with the production tell us ... Charlie's comments to TMZ were the final straw.

No word on whether production will resume next season.


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I have never watched the show.
girls like me who have full lives like who SURF play guitar, etc think sitcoms like this are boring and retarded.
I think charlie sheen is a retard too ..
he never will rate, he's a loser!

1273 days ago


Thanks TMZ for ruining a great show, jerks!

1273 days ago

Robert Man    

Charlies 100% correct. The but heads think there GOD. Pay the crew and put them back to work. I'd like to kick ther ases too.

1273 days ago


Charlie can you say rock-bottom!

1273 days ago


Wait... Nobody else sees that TMZ got Sheen fired? LOL!

1273 days ago

Juan Carlos    

I used to like Charlie until he became an Ass. @ ur age haven't you learned "never to bite the hand that feeds you". So much for "highest pais Actor". I just feel bad for the crew, and Charlie Effed it up by trying to party to feel as if he was 20. He looks much older then his own dad... U DUMBASS...

1273 days ago

Charlie Sheen    

**** all you haters.

1273 days ago


Chuck sucks. The only losers here are the crew and the fans. I hope you loose everything Chuck.

1273 days ago

Harvey's Momma    

At some point, all this is gonna come back to bite my boy Harvey. Harvey can't keep doing this to these big Hollywood stars without consequencies.

1273 days ago


I am a big fan of the show but, you got to admit charlie has been like a crazy person for the pass 2 weeks!, rambling on and on....most of us doesn't like our boss (he's blaming his boss for everything that's happening on 2.5 men, when in fact it's all charlie's fault...he's in denial) We don't go around talking trash about our boss (again especially if we are in the wrong) he's not better, CBS is giving him a chance to clean up (more $$ for them, more $$ for him). What is he doing?, how can you be doing rehab at home and you're off with hookers on vacations?. Calling morning shows and again rambling on and on. His brother (emilio) said he's been dealing with it for over 30 years, you can get "well" with that type of addiction in 2 weeks!. CHARLIE IS IN DENIAL!
I like charlie but he is not well, if he doesn't get help....i have a bad feeling...

1273 days ago


Shame on Charlie. I wonder if didn't say all those stupid statements just so the execs would cancel the show so he would be free to pursue other ventures. If so, then he is a selfish jerk. It's one thing if the show was canceled due to low ratings, then everyone on the show would have started preparing themselves and start seeking work elsewhere but no! Thanks to Charlie they were all left in limbo with no opportunity to find work elsewhere. And what about his kids? He actually had audacity to say there is nothing wrong with casual crack? Even if that moronic statement was just to get out of his contract, that statement will haunt him for the rest of his life. And who in their right mind want to watch anything with him now? At least not until he gets his head out of his rear-end and get REAL HELP! His family isn't helping much. Comparing his addiction to cancer? Ludicrous. He's a smart guy making a whole lot of stupid choices!

1273 days ago


sorry charlie HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA its about damn time you whiney ass crybaby now grow the hell up!

1273 days ago


sorry Charlie HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA its about damn time you whiney ass crybaby , grow up!

1273 days ago


I don't care what everyone says ,,, it is one of the best shows on the air,,,and Lore knows it,,, thats why Charli was getting 1.8 million per season.

1273 days ago


This is further proof - don't insult a jew or you will be fired (i.e. Rick Sanchez on Jon Stewart). They didn't seem to care much about his behavior as long as he was bringing in the ratings until he insulted Lorre (aka Levine). I wish you the best, Charlie, but keep off the phone and be careful what bridges you are burning.

1273 days ago
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